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ESPN Suspends Bill Simmons After Roger Goodell Rant

ESPN suspends Bill Simmons sad Roger Goodell Grantland Sports GuyIf you’re a sports fan, you know Bill Simmons. He started as a blogger in Boston as ‘the voice of the common sports fan’ and then somehow morphed into an occasional blowhard and talking head on ESPN. He’s also the creator of the 30 for 30 documentary series and is the editor at Grantland.

Simmons used to write a lot more, but now he’s mostly just does his ‘The B.S. Report’ podcast and is a member of ESPN’s studio team during NBA games. He writes a weekly million-word NFL picks column during NFL season and random NBA articles (his NBA preview with Jalen Rose is about to drop).

Well, on ‘The B.S. Report’ this week, Simmons went off on a tangent and called Roger Goodell a liar (while using a few adult words). He then dared ESPN executives to punish him for his rant. ESPN did just that and suspended Simmons for three weeks.

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10 Videos of Skip Bayless Being a “Douchebag” [Updated]

Skip Bayless Douchebag Lebron JamesLast year, I posted a collection of ten videos of Skip Bayless either being a gasbag or getting called out for being a comment troll. During the transition from Blogger to WordPress, the videos were lost in the process. It gives me a chance to update the post.

It was great timing since Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman hit Skip Bayless with a verbal piledriver this week on ESPN ‘First Take. Sherman went from speaking facts on why he’s better than Darelle Revis to attacking Bayless personally. I have a feeling many professional athletes around the country are giving Sherman a standing ovation.

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Mark Cuban Destroys Skip Bayless on ‘First Take’ (Video)

I have made my fair share of “Skip Bayless is a Douche” posts on this site. I even posted 10 videos of him being a douche bag earlier this month…hell, I even compared him to Glenn Beck.

ESPN’s “First Take” is usually broadcast out of a studio in Bristol, Connecticut, but the show traveled to Miami for the NBA Finals. So it was easy to get Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban as a guest on the show.

“First Take” is usually a decibel battle between Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless. I hear they play the show to torture inmates at Guantanamo Bay, but that is beside the point.

Cuban absolutely destroys Bayless for making blanket statements and speaking in generalities when he bashes players. The video is amazing and quite possibly my favorite video of someone calling out Skip Bayless.

The video is after the jump…

Let me know if this video gets taken down…I’m sure ESPN will do that very soon.


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10 Videos of Skip Bayless Being a ‘Douchebag’

Over the last three years, I have written three separate posts about Skip Bayless. I believe that he is the Glenn Beck of ESPN and I am proud to have went on a rant about it on this blog.

YouTube is full of Skip Bayless videos of him doing Skip Bayless things. He plays the role of devil’s advocate and makes empty opinions about polarizing athletes. He was once a very respected journalist, but he has turned into a ‘talking head’ on a television show where the loudest person wins the argument. When he shares the debate desk with Stephen A. Smith on “First Take”, I instantly change the channel and watch some “Party of Five” re-runs on Lifetime.

*We updated this post with new videos, please click on the link below*

10 Videos of Skip Bayless Bring a ‘Douchebag’


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Skip Bayless Is "The Glenn Beck Of ESPN"

I was unfortunate this morning and flipped the channel to ESPN’s “First Take.” I was lucky enough to only deal with a few moments of Skip Bayless trolling America. He is one of the reasons why ESPN programming is no longer viewed as being elite. Bayless drains an ounce of what’s left of their journalist integrity every day that he is on the air. Can a write-in campaign stop his madness? Here’s some of what I witnessed today and why ESPN needs to get rid of Skip Bayless.
The few moments that I witnessed of today’s show blew my mind. It wasn’t the kind of mind-blowing television that I enjoy, it blew my mind that someone can make such stupid uninformative opinions on a mainstream outlet. The single thing that he said was that “the best place for Tim Tebow is Cleveland. Bayless added, “he would flourish there because they don’t have any decent quarterbacks on their roster.” Lets analyze this insane comment and dissect it.
First, he believes that Tebow has a shot in Cleveland. If you look at the Browns roster, they lack a running game and have been adding parts in their receiving corps for the last few season. Greg Little has a shot at being an elite wide receiver, but not with Tebow at quarterback. I understand that Colt McCoy isn’t the long-term answer there, but Tebow would be taking a step backward. Also, the Browns have two first-rounds picks this year, their early pick won’t likely be a QB, but there will a few nice options with their later pick. Ryan Tennehill may still be available or they could trade down, gain some other picks, and pick either Brandon Weeden, Brock Osweiler, or Kirk Cousins.
Secondly, he’s assuming that Tim Tebow is more than a system quarterback. John Fox helped design a system that fit Tebow’s strengths. They relied on their defense to generate favorable field position, which the Browns currently lack. The Broncos would be asking for a high draft pick for Tebow, which I don’t see that happening.
I know that Skip Bayless says nothing but contrarian statements in hopes of drawing ratings. From all accounts from people who have met him, they have nothing but positive things to say about his personality. It sounds like the exact same thing that you hear about Glenn Beck. They both go on television & radio and say things to cause a stir. Once the microphone is off, they put their characters away and become sane people.

I don’t agree with ESPN changing their “First Take” format. I don’t enjoy hearing Stephen A. Smith yell over Skip Bayless for a few hours. ESPN needs more programming like “Outside The Lines,” “E:60,” & “The Sports Reporters.” I understand that those shows aren’t exactly ratings monsters, but they need more of those shows to bolster their image. I’m saying that ESPN should feature a guy like Bob Ley over Colin Cowherd (no offense Michelle Beadle, you’re still my girl).
I don’t want “First Take” very often, because it just raises my blood pressure. More sports radio shows are getting their own morning/afternoon television shows, so there are more options to watch. I’m a big fan of “The Dan Patrick Show” and have been a listener since before they took the show to DirecTV. I would rather hear a guy be honest, who tells both sides of the story, and have guests on who are knowledgeable about specific topics (Chris Mannix, Bruce Feldman, Tony Dungy, etc). Don’t even get me started on “Mike & Mike In the Morning,” that is an entirely different post.

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A Sports & Entertainment blog that focuses on absurdity in sports, snarky banter, updates on Tim Tebow’s virginity, and decent sports gambling advice.

22 Sports People You Must Follow On Twitter

I was apprehensive to join Twitter because I knew that I would become addicted to it. I was out with some friends, about a year ago, and my friend talked me into signing up with her phone. I just posted a few “tweets” and then that turned into multiple “tweets” and now I’m on there all the time. I have around 1700 followers and it fluctuates daily. My Twitter name is @sweetbob and you can follow me by clicking here.

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Lions Can’t Take A Joke

I guess when you’re going “defeated” all year, your job has a 0% chance of going past this week, and you’ve been slung through the mud since Week 1, you don’t have much of a sense of humor. Rob Parker, a columnist for the Detroit News, made a joke during a post-game press conference about Detroit’s defensive coordinator. It usually wouldn’t make national headlines, but this joke made fun of the coach’s wife and son-in-law.

The defensive coordinator for the Detroit Lions is Joe Barry, the son-in-law of coach Rod Marinelli. Parker has been a critic of Barry’s all season. He asked “On a light note, do you wish your daughter would have married a better defensive coordinator?”. Apparently, Parker didn’t mean it as a personal attack, he actually meant to lighten up a down moment during the press conference. Marinelli didn’t like the question and after many attempts by Parker to apologize to the coach, Marinelli will not accept.

FOX Post-game show aired the clip of Parker’s question and Terry Bradshaw called Parker a “disgrace to his profession.” I think that is a little strong coming from Bradshaw, who’s press credentials are colored in crayon.

The only disgrace Rob Parker has done to his profession is appearing on ESPN’s “1st and 10” with Skip Bayless. Other than that occasional lapse in judgment, Parker is an amazing journalist and hopefully this story will blow over once the Lions go 0-16.

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Everybody Still Hates Skip Bayless

I have written about Skip Bayless in the past and my opinion of him has not changed. I think he’s overly-opinionated, takes stands on issues that is purposely against the minority, and he’s a pompous jerk. This week we are “lucky” to have Stephen A. Smith as Skip’s opponent on ESPN’s 1st and 10. Having Stephen A. and Skip on the same show is like having the Iron Sheik vs. Nikita Koloff going against each other. Sorry to reference an old-school WWF reference to describe the scenario, but it fits. I don’t like either of these guys and I really want Skip and Stephen A. end up hitting each other with a steel chair.

Today’s episode was insane. Skip screamed for the first 15 minutes and then tagged Stephen A. in and he screamed for the rest of the show. I can’t imagine these guys eating dinner with each other, they would have to put them in their own food and give each other riot masks to protect themselves against flying spit. The highlight of the show was when they got in a heated argument against and for Brett Favre in New York. I will DV-R the episodes on Tuesday and Wednesday in hopes of Stephen A. finally pulling out a folding table and sending Skip through it via Powerbomb.

Here is an old clip of the two going at it, I hope it gives you an idea of how insane it is to have both of these guys on the same show. You may need earplugs, the decibels alone could do some ear damage.

A Sports & Entertainment blog that focuses on absurdity in sports, snarky banter, updates on Tim Tebow’s virginity, and decent sports gambling advice.