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Weekly Crush: 10 Videos of Kate Upton + Photo Gallery

It’s Father’s Day weekend and it seems appropriate to give our dad readers a treat. After you open your gifts (probably ties and golf balls), relax and watch some Kate Upton videos.

The Sports Illustrated cover model has appeared in movies “Tower Heist” and “The Three Stooges” and even made a small cameo in an episode of “Saturday Night Live” last season. I assume that she will soon host an episode herself.

Upton is the current ‘it’ girl in modeling. She has been connected to New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez and Detroit Tigers Justin Verlander, and she will probably be connected to a few more before she settles down.

Here are 10 of the best YouTube videos of Kate Upton… Continue reading

Must Watch: NBA TV’s ‘Dream Team’ Documentary

There wasn’t a definitive documentary about the most important basketball team ever created. HBO was rumored to be working on a documentary about ‘The Dream Team’, but nothing materialized.

ESPN’s ’30 for 30′ documentary series raised the bar for sports documentaries. Bill Simmons once said in a podcast that he wanted to make a ‘Dream Team’ documentary, but the rights to the video from the 1992 Olympics were too expensive.

NBA TV stepped up to the plate and is debuting their documentary The Dream Team tonight at 9pm EST. I have viewed parts of the movie which is certain to be an instant classic. It contains never-before-seen video of a scrimmage that you will never believe the outcome. I list a few of the intriguing moments you will see tonight and post a video of the movie trailer. Continue reading

Indiana Hip Hop Station Runs ‘Child Support’ Contest

I was scanning radio stations trying to find ‘The Dan Patrick Show’ on my way back from a meeting this morning. I stopped when I heard “Ni**as in Paris” (it’s my jam) and left it on the station. After the song, a DJ read the copy for a contest that made me laugh and scratch my head at the same time.The local hip hop station is running a contest in which they would pay a month of the winner’s child support.

I have heard my fair share of creative radio promotions and contests. I grew up with an older brother who was a radio DJ.. He worked at a country station, so it was a different demographic.

I have the graphic for the contest after the jump…it is, um, different.

I called WHPP 106.3 “” and spoke with J. Hall, the afternoon at the station. I was curious about the rules of this contest. Do they only pay one baby mama or will they pay your total child support payment, no matter the amount of women? He said you just fill out the form and put in your total support payment. When I asked if it was for only one baby mama, he said, “No, that would be too confusing…too much breeding going on.”

The stereotypical hip hop fan is thought to have numerous baby mamas and smoke their fair share of marijuana (think Chris Tucker’s character combined with Shawn Kemp). is not doing their genre any favors by adding to the unfortunate stereotype. The picture promoting the contest on their website speaks for itself.

If you’re interested in signing up for the contest, go to and click on the second flash picture that appears in the middle of the page. The picture will be the same as the image above.

‘’ (WHPP 106.3) is a station controlled by the listeners. You go on the site, click the songs you want to listen to and the top songs get played. You can stream the station online at or catch it on 106.3 in the Northeastern Indiana area.The station has the minimal amount of commercials, which are mostly local promotions read by the DJ.

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Michelle Beadle Leaves ESPN, Appears on ‘Dan Patrick Show’

Michelle Beadle  has been the co-host of ‘SportsNation’ with Colin Cowherd since its inception three years ago. Her contract with ESPN ended on May 31st and she announced that she has signed a contract with NBC.

She didn’t waste any time before she appeared on the ‘Dan Patrick Show‘. She appeared during the last hour on Friday, June 1st. She discussed her time at ESPN, her rumored feud with Erin Andrews, and what she will be doing at NBC. She also announced that she will be receiving her own sports show that will appear this fall.

Now that Beadle has left the network, what is the fate ‘SportsNation‘? Who will be replacing her as co-host. We also have video of Beadle’s appearance on the ‘Dan Patrick Show’ and her final segment on ‘SportsNation’.

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Skip Bayless Is "The Glenn Beck Of ESPN"

I was unfortunate this morning and flipped the channel to ESPN’s “First Take.” I was lucky enough to only deal with a few moments of Skip Bayless trolling America. He is one of the reasons why ESPN programming is no longer viewed as being elite. Bayless drains an ounce of what’s left of their journalist integrity every day that he is on the air. Can a write-in campaign stop his madness? Here’s some of what I witnessed today and why ESPN needs to get rid of Skip Bayless.
The few moments that I witnessed of today’s show blew my mind. It wasn’t the kind of mind-blowing television that I enjoy, it blew my mind that someone can make such stupid uninformative opinions on a mainstream outlet. The single thing that he said was that “the best place for Tim Tebow is Cleveland. Bayless added, “he would flourish there because they don’t have any decent quarterbacks on their roster.” Lets analyze this insane comment and dissect it.
First, he believes that Tebow has a shot in Cleveland. If you look at the Browns roster, they lack a running game and have been adding parts in their receiving corps for the last few season. Greg Little has a shot at being an elite wide receiver, but not with Tebow at quarterback. I understand that Colt McCoy isn’t the long-term answer there, but Tebow would be taking a step backward. Also, the Browns have two first-rounds picks this year, their early pick won’t likely be a QB, but there will a few nice options with their later pick. Ryan Tennehill may still be available or they could trade down, gain some other picks, and pick either Brandon Weeden, Brock Osweiler, or Kirk Cousins.
Secondly, he’s assuming that Tim Tebow is more than a system quarterback. John Fox helped design a system that fit Tebow’s strengths. They relied on their defense to generate favorable field position, which the Browns currently lack. The Broncos would be asking for a high draft pick for Tebow, which I don’t see that happening.
I know that Skip Bayless says nothing but contrarian statements in hopes of drawing ratings. From all accounts from people who have met him, they have nothing but positive things to say about his personality. It sounds like the exact same thing that you hear about Glenn Beck. They both go on television & radio and say things to cause a stir. Once the microphone is off, they put their characters away and become sane people.

I don’t agree with ESPN changing their “First Take” format. I don’t enjoy hearing Stephen A. Smith yell over Skip Bayless for a few hours. ESPN needs more programming like “Outside The Lines,” “E:60,” & “The Sports Reporters.” I understand that those shows aren’t exactly ratings monsters, but they need more of those shows to bolster their image. I’m saying that ESPN should feature a guy like Bob Ley over Colin Cowherd (no offense Michelle Beadle, you’re still my girl).
I don’t want “First Take” very often, because it just raises my blood pressure. More sports radio shows are getting their own morning/afternoon television shows, so there are more options to watch. I’m a big fan of “The Dan Patrick Show” and have been a listener since before they took the show to DirecTV. I would rather hear a guy be honest, who tells both sides of the story, and have guests on who are knowledgeable about specific topics (Chris Mannix, Bruce Feldman, Tony Dungy, etc). Don’t even get me started on “Mike & Mike In the Morning,” that is an entirely different post.

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Will Dungy Cut Ties With Vick?

Dick Ebersol, the head of NBC Sports, has recently met with Tony Dungy about his relationship with Michael Vick. Dungy is a football analyst for NBC’s “Football Night In America.” A possible conflict of interest could be taking place with Dungy’s involvement with Michael Vick’s career. He has been instrumental in landing him a job with the Philadelphia Eagles and his spiritual guidance over the last few months. Do you think Dungy’s relationship would interfere with his job at NBC?

I was listening to the Dan Patrick Show and he mention that Ebersol told Dungy that he needs to end his relationship with Michael Vick, due to conflict of interest. It is reported that Dungy has obliged and will end the professional relationship with the trouble quarterback. Now that he has a job, Ebersol thinks that Dungy’s job is over. I believe he would still help Vick spiritually, since he preaches religion in all of his public speaking engagements and in his book, “Quiet Strength.”

Dungy did have a conflict of interest with Vick, but it would be the same conflict that would happen if Peyton Manning would call him about information on an opponent. It’s a double-edged sword and NBC didn’t want that to muddle up the broadcasts.

I believe that Dungy would be critical of Vick if he had to on a national broadcast. If he ends up playing and made a horrible play, I believe Dungy would call him out on it. He has integrity and knows that he has a job to do, even if he has a strong personal or professional relationship with Michael Vick. I hope he can keep his nose clean without Dungy checking up on him. I know he has done horrible, horrible things in the past, but I believe in second chances. I haven’t posted much about Michael Vick in the past, because I believe that everything about him, was overly-opinionated and so one-sided, it wasn’t fair. I hope he turns around his life and can find piece without the competition of dog fighting forever.

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A Sports & Entertainment blog that focuses on absurdity in sports, snarky banter, updates on Tim Tebow’s virginity, and decent sports gambling advice.

Song Of The Day – The Arcade Fire (Wake Up)

I am bringing back an oldie with this post. I used to post a different “Song Of The Day” everyday and I got a good response. I am not a huge fan of the band The Arcade Fire, but I do love this song. I didn’t hear of the song until about a year ago, I actually heard it on The Dan Patrick Show. They sing the yelling part at the beginning of the song every Friday to close out the show.

I was turned off by The Arcade Fire for awhile, because I knew a girl who liked crappy art-rock and she loved them. I hated about 95% of the bands that she liked, the only one that I remember liking was Interpol. I was surprised when I found out that “Wake Up” was by The Arcade Fire, I had to re-think my stance on hating that girl’s favorite bands. I listened to some their other stuff, but I’m still not a huge fan.

Well, here’s the video for The Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up.” As a tribute to the Dan Patrick Show, please all sing along to the beginning. 1, 2, 3, Go!

A Sports & Entertainment blog that focuses on absurdity in sports, snarky banter, updates on Tim Tebow’s virginity, and decent sports gambling advice.