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‘Olbermann’: The Smartest Show to Ever Air on ESPN

Olbermann ESPN smart television show keith olbermann canceledKeith Olbermann was never supposed to be back at ESPN. He’s burned bridge after bridge at every television job he’s ever had…yet he has been rehired again and again by companies that have shoved him out the door.

Why do these large meda corporations always bring back Olbermann? It’s because he’s great at his job and despite the frustrations of employing him, the positive outweigh the negative…until they don’t, then he’s out the door.

ESPN announced mid-July that they would not extend Keith Olbermann’s contract and his show ‘Olbermann’ would end on July 31st.

I would like to share some of the great moments during the show’s 13-month run on ESPN.

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Martin Jacobson Wins 2014 WSOP Main Event

MartinJacobsonWSOPMainEventWinnerESPNPOKERESPN hasn’t ‘really’ covered poker since Poker’s Black Friday online shutdown in 2011. The sport was hurt and numbers began to dwindle, in players and ratings. ESPN would show it from time to time, but without much fanfare.

The 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event final table was covered ‘live’ on ESPN (with a 30 minute delay). The drama was intense. Sweden’s Martin Jacobson, 27, won his first WSOP bracelet and took home $10 million dollars.

Jacobson defeated Felix Stephensen with pocket tens. He was quick to call Stephensen after going all-in. He ended up winning with three tens.

Jacobson had the chip lead for the last few hours, but only had seven big blinds left early on in the final table. It’s not exactly ‘a chip and a chair’, but it’s pretty darn close.

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Sports Crush: Britt McHenry

hot sexy Britt McHenry blue sundress bikini ass tits boobs beautiful ESPN sideline reporter NFLWe’ve written a handful of ‘Sports Crush‘ posts since we launched America’s White Boy. We’ve spotlighted female MMA fighters, WWE Divas and female sports reporters like MLB Network’s Heidi Watney and NFL Network’s Erin Coscarelli. We decided to profile another female sports reporter, current ESPN sideline reporter Britt McHenry.

Not only is McHenry beautiful, but she has a brains (she graduated from Northwestern). ESPN hired her away from WJLA, a Washington D.C.-area ABC affliliate.

We are crushing on Britt McHenry and once you look at our photo gallery, you will understand why.

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ESPN Suspends Bill Simmons After Roger Goodell Rant

ESPN suspends Bill Simmons sad Roger Goodell Grantland Sports GuyIf you’re a sports fan, you know Bill Simmons. He started as a blogger in Boston as ‘the voice of the common sports fan’ and then somehow morphed into an occasional blowhard and talking head on ESPN. He’s also the creator of the 30 for 30 documentary series and is the editor at Grantland.

Simmons used to write a lot more, but now he’s mostly just does his ‘The B.S. Report’ podcast and is a member of ESPN’s studio team during NBA games. He writes a weekly million-word NFL picks column during NFL season and random NBA articles (his NBA preview with Jalen Rose is about to drop).

Well, on ‘The B.S. Report’ this week, Simmons went off on a tangent and called Roger Goodell a liar (while using a few adult words). He then dared ESPN executives to punish him for his rant. ESPN did just that and suspended Simmons for three weeks.

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Please, Stop Giving Kevin Durant Horrible Nicknames!

Kevin Durant Bad Nickname Slim Reaper The Servant NBA Oklahoma City ThunderNBA fans, and those who make a living covering the NBA, have been trying to make a nickname stick on Kevin Durant since his rookie season. Attempts have ran the gamut from just his initials ‘K.D.’ to the horrible ‘Durantula’ moniker.

This is Durant’s seventh season in the NBA. I cannot remember a time when an athlete in any major sport got a nickname to stick this late into their professional career. A nickname is usually something a player receives at a young age and sticks throughout the rest of his career. If the nickname doesn’t stick, it’s not a good nickname.

Well, basketball fans (especially ESPN‘s Bill Simmons), are still obsessed with a Durant nickname. On The B.S. Report podcast, Simmons even asked Durant what he wanted to be called. His answer was worse than expected…

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The Ladies of 2013 ESPY Awards [PHOTOS]

selena-gomez-espys-2013-red-carpet-montageThe ESPY awards are often filler on a day when no major sports play games…like zero games.

I don’t often watch the ESPYs, but I watched the entire thing, even part of the pre-show, because you all know how much we love Samantha Steele (we don’t call her Samantha Ponder on this site).

We surfed the internet and cherry-picked the best of the best photos from the ladies who attended the 2013 ESPYs.

One lady specifically came out of nowhere and was stunning. Here’s a hint…she’s a former Winter Olympian for the United States. Here are the red carpet photos from this year’s ESPYs. Continue reading

10 Videos of Skip Bayless Being a “Douchebag” [Updated]

Skip Bayless Douchebag Lebron JamesLast year, I posted a collection of ten videos of Skip Bayless either being a gasbag or getting called out for being a comment troll. During the transition from Blogger to WordPress, the videos were lost in the process. It gives me a chance to update the post.

It was great timing since Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman hit Skip Bayless with a verbal piledriver this week on ESPN ‘First Take. Sherman went from speaking facts on why he’s better than Darelle Revis to attacking Bayless personally. I have a feeling many professional athletes around the country are giving Sherman a standing ovation.

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