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Lions Can’t Take A Joke

I guess when you’re going “defeated” all year, your job has a 0% chance of going past this week, and you’ve been slung through the mud since Week 1, you don’t have much of a sense of humor. Rob Parker, a columnist for the Detroit News, made a joke during a post-game press conference about Detroit’s defensive coordinator. It usually wouldn’t make national headlines, but this joke made fun of the coach’s wife and son-in-law.

The defensive coordinator for the Detroit Lions is Joe Barry, the son-in-law of coach Rod Marinelli. Parker has been a critic of Barry’s all season. He asked “On a light note, do you wish your daughter would have married a better defensive coordinator?”. Apparently, Parker didn’t mean it as a personal attack, he actually meant to lighten up a down moment during the press conference. Marinelli didn’t like the question and after many attempts by Parker to apologize to the coach, Marinelli will not accept.

FOX Post-game show aired the clip of Parker’s question and Terry Bradshaw called Parker a “disgrace to his profession.” I think that is a little strong coming from Bradshaw, who’s press credentials are colored in crayon.

The only disgrace Rob Parker has done to his profession is appearing on ESPN’s “1st and 10” with Skip Bayless. Other than that occasional lapse in judgment, Parker is an amazing journalist and hopefully this story will blow over once the Lions go 0-16.

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