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It’s Been Awhile- Pt. 4

I took a little hiatus from the world of sports/music blogging. I started a new job, been spending time with my girlfriend, and I was just exhausted. I missed the blog and think that I need to update more. I have recently been accepted as a contributor at
Gunaxin and I hope that I will be a great addition there. I will still update this blog often, just Gunaxin will be a place to feed my hunger of writing.

I just want to list some things that I have learned since I’ve been gone. Just to catch everyone up on what has been confusing and amusing me.

For those wondering why I have a picture of Blake Lively up, well, I don’t have many times where I can post a picture of a pretty gal, so I took this chance. I hope you’re a little happier now.

– I love Green Day’s new album, but I kind of wish they wouldn’t to a concept album next time.

– I found out that “Frisky Dingo” will not be coming back, since the studio went under.

– Manchester Orchestra’s new album has been in rotation constantly in my head.

– I have came to a conclusion that the Chicago Cubs will not win the World Series this year.

– I cannot remember a season as boring as this past year’s NCAA Basketball season.

– I would like to become more of a soccer fan.

– My love for Podcasts has grown. I listen to Dan Patrick, Baseball America, Fantasy Focus, and The B.S. Report religiously….Adam Carolla’s podcast has jumped the shark.

– I have become addicted to Twitter. Follow me @

– I hate to admit it, but I do go to almost daily.

– I hope the Indiana Pacers pick Eric Maynor and not Gerald Henderson.

– I still think Adam Morrison can have a 10-year career in the NBA.

– I saw the Tim Floyd scandal coming, the guy has always looked like a guy who was one day away from getting fired. He was a desperate man.

– My passion bucket is always full.

– My fantasy baseball teams this year are horrible. I blame Geovany Soto, lack of Pedroia’s power, and B.J. Upton.

– Mike Brown will be fired as the coach of the Cavaliers by the end of June.

– Notre Dame will probably go 10-2 this year, the 2 losses will be to USC and whomever they play in a bowl game.

A Sports & Entertainment blog that focuses on absurdity in sports, snarky banter, updates on Tim Tebow’s virginity, and decent sports gambling advice.

Everybody Hates Skip Bayless

I am guilty of hating Skip Bayless, but isn’t everyone guilty of that? I watch ESPN First Take most afternoons and I can see why some people like to start the morning off with alcohol. Skip Bayless says some of the most absurd things just to get an argument out of someone. He constantly dogs Tiger Woods by saying that he is the best front-runner in sports. He is insinuating that unless he has a lead going into sunday, he can’t win. It’s something that runs parallel with what he states about Lebron. Day after day, Skip stated that Lebron disappears in the 4th quarter. He has quieted his stance quiet a bit after Lebron’s 4th quarter solo-act against the Pistons in last year’s playoffs.

Skip has a West Coast bias, since he covered bay-area sports for most of his professional career. ESPN has so much of an East Coast bias that naturally people are going to dislike Skip. He is so arrogant, I think someone needs to tell him on a regular basis that he is a sports writer from Vanderbilt, not exactly a sports mecca. At least he doesn’t have a Duke crush like Dick Vitale. I’m sure Dicky-V is crying somewhere and counting the days until Midnight Madness.

I am going to miss Skip for a few weeks since I am taking a temp job for awhile. I think I will need to at least DV-R “1st & 10,” so I can avoid Dana Jacobson.

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A Sports & Entertainment blog that focuses on absurdity in sports, snarky banter, updates on Tim Tebow’s virginity, and decent sports gambling advice.