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Drunk Athlete: Tyler Hansbrough

It is rare that I come across a photo that represents everything this site is about…then Deadspin smacks me in the face with it.

I give you Tyler Hansbrough drinking a 40oz. at a bar…yes, THAT Tyler Hansbrough. I’m sure the Indiana Pacers PR department will have fun with this one.

Two photos of Hansbrough schwasted are after the jump…


Tyler, keepin’ it hood with the paper bag…that’s how we do, son!


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22 Sports People You Must Follow On Twitter

I was apprehensive to join Twitter because I knew that I would become addicted to it. I was out with some friends, about a year ago, and my friend talked me into signing up with her phone. I just posted a few “tweets” and then that turned into multiple “tweets” and now I’m on there all the time. I have around 1700 followers and it fluctuates daily. My Twitter name is @sweetbob and you can follow me by clicking here.

Here are the 22 sports people that you must follow on Twitter. Continue reading