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2015 NFL Team Preview: Dallas Cowboys

crazy Dez Bryant 2015 NFL team preview Dallas Cowboys weird funnyEverything went right for the Dallas Cowboys during the 2014 regular season. DeMarco Murray was a beast, Tony Romo played like an elite quarterback and their defense showed up for the first time in years. It was a perfect storm leading to a 12-4 record. They fell short in the postseason thanks to a bogus referee call.

It will take another season of the Cowboys getting a Pro Bowl-level from the running back, Tony Romo and their defense for them to get to double-digit wins this year. DeMarco Murray is now in Philly, so Dallas could have some issues moving the ball on the ground. Their offensive line is great, so it could all happen again.

Here is the 2015 NFL team preview for the Dallas Cowboys.

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Dallas Cowboys ‘Mean Tweets’ Video…Featuring My Tweet!

As I’m currently focused on the World Cup and baseball, I rarely go to and watch videos (I’m also a Colts fan). A friend of mine gave me the head’s up that one of my tweets was featured in a video they posted on their website. They did a Jimmy Kimmel-esque ‘Mean Tweets’ video in which players like Tony Romo and Jason Witten read mean tweets about them.

Here is a screencap of Anthony Spencer reading my tweet.

Dallas Cowboys Mean Tweets Video Jimmy Kimmel Tony Romo Anthony Spencer Sweetbob

If you want to watch the entire video, click here.

…and if you want to follow me on Twitter, I’m @sweetbob.

2013 NFL Week 7 – Betting Picks Against Spread

Peyton-Manning-Andrew-LuckNeed betting advice for the NFL games this weekend? We pick every game against the spread in Week 7 of the NFL season.

Say goodbye to any value in the points spreads. The value is now in the decent teams with a bad record (Atlanta, NY Giants, Pittsburgh). Those plays are risky, but they’ll payoff this week. Keep those teams in mind in the coming weeks. You could hit on a few home underdog moneyline plays.

We pick every NFL game against the spread and throw out a few upsets in Week 7 of the NFL season.

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2012 Fantasy Football Rankings: Quarterbacks

Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady or Drew Brees have been the top fantasy quarterback picks over the last few seasons. The 2012 season is no different. The same trio is at the top of the preseason rankings and all of the usual suspects following them.

The quarterback situations in Seattle, Cleveland, Jacksonville, and Tennessee have left some question marks on where the value is at the quarterback position in fantasy football this season. Can you wait to pick a quarterback or will you have to grab one early or spend $45 dollars in an auction draft to have an elite QB.

We have some surprises for you in our quarterback rankings. I am not sold on Cam Newton this year and I love Philip Rivers more than most people. How will the rookie QBs fare this season?

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2012 NFL Team Preview: Dallas Cowboys

Hello, Miss Jaime Edmondson. If you become bored with Evan Longoria’s dapper-ness, give me a call, Boo…I told you guys you would see more of her in our NFL team previews.

If the Dallas Cowboys don’t win the Super Bowl, their fans call for Tony Romo’s job and complain that Jerry Jones doesn’t know what he’s doing. I agree with the second statement, but Romo is a top-10 quarterback in the NFL.

They have much bigger issues than Romo and Jones. The Cowboys’ backfield is messy and injury-prone, the secondary has been their Achilles’ Heel and Dez Bryant’s off-the-field problems are the top three issues for Dallas. If they can solve two of those problems, they’ll be a title contender.

Here’s our 2012 team preview for the Dallas Cowboys.

2011 Win/Loss Record: 8-8

Key Additions: CB Brandon Carr, QB Kyle Orton, S Brodney Pool, LB Dan Connor, OG Mackenzy Bernadeau, OT Pat McQuistan, FB Lawrence Vickers, OG Nate Livings, CB Morris Claiborne, TE James Hanna, DE Tyrone Crawford, LB Kyle Wilber and S Matt Johnson.

Key Losses: TE Martellus Bennett, S Abram Elam, CB Terrence Newman, WR Laurent Robinson, S Gerald Sensabaugh, P Mat McBriar, LB Keith Brooking, CB Alan Ball, FB Tony Fiammetta, LB Bradie James and QB Jon Kitna.

Non-Division Schedule: AFC North and NFC South

Fantasy Sleepers:¬†TE James Hanna & RB Phillip Tanner –¬†Jason Witten has played ten seasons and is 30 years old. The Cowboys run plenty of 2-TE sets and Hanna is the next best tight end on the roster. He was impressive in college at Oklahoma and is in line to be Witten’s successor. He is a big target for Tony Romo and has nice hands. As far as Phillip Tanner goes, DeMarco Murray and Felix Jones are both injury risks. If Murray goes down at any point this season, Tanner will assume his role. Jones will stay as the change-of-pace back this year.

Team Analysis: I have been high on the Cowboys for the past five seasons, but I always change my mind by July. They make stupid signings and let key veterans walk in lieu of ‘sexy free agent’ signings. This past off-season, Dallas refrained from throwing a bunch of money at the best available free agent wide receiver and wisely used their available cap space. They added depth to their team by signing Orton to backup Romo and signed Pool and Carr to strengthen their secondary…smart moves. Dallas has some nice young pieces on offense. If Bryant can keep his nose clean and their running backs stay healthy, they will be one of the top-scoring offenses in the league. Their upgraded secondary will be tested this season. The NFC East has firepower at quarterback, but so does the NFC South, which they’ll be playing against this season. A lot of things have to go right for the Cowboys to win twelve games this season, but I think everything finally lines up for Romo.

2012 Wins Over/Under Line: 8.5 (Prediction: OVER)

2012 Projected Win/Loss Record: 12-4

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Can Carolina Pull Off An Upset In Dallas?

Carolina were 12-4 last season and it would be unfathomable for the team to start out the year at 0-3. They relied on the running game and defense to win games, but this season nothing has been working. Jake Delhomme’s play has not helped them at all, he’s been a turnover machine. Carolina are huge underdogs in tonight’s Monday Night Football showdown against Dallas, but could they pull off the upset and send Jerry Jones 0-2 in his new stadium? Here are some reasons why Carolina is going to win tonight’s game.

The Cowboys Have Yet To Score A Turnover So Far This Year – I know that Dallas won’t go an entire season without getting an interception or fumble recovery, but if Carolina refrain from doing so, they can win this game. Dallas hasn’t even notched a sack either. Their defense hasn’t been very good, since they allowed Tampa Bay to score 23 points in Week 1, and the Giants scored 33 last week on Sunday Night Football. Dallas needs a few turnovers if they plan on winning this game.

Carolina’s offensive line will push Dallas’ defensive line back every play – DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart will be seeing the ball all night. Tampa Bay ran the ball all over Dallas and the Giants had a decent game last week. They will give up yards on the ground and Carolina can build with some play action and give Delhomme some time to hit Steve Smith on a few occassions.

Tony Romo has been known to give up some games on Monday and Sunday Nights – Romo had three interceptions last week and he tries to thread the needle, just like Delhomme. They are the same kind of quarterback, but people forget that because Romo can date Jessica Simpson and Delhomme looks like he was an extra in “The Waterboy.” Delhomme and Romo will both throw around 50% tonight, but with Marion Barber hurt, the Cowboys will have to rely on him more than Carolina will rely on their QB.

The Cowboys will feel the pressure, Carolina has nothing to lose – I know this seems kind of off, because if the Panthers hit 0-3, John Fox could be feeling the heat, but this is a road game. If this same game was in Carolina, it would switch, but the Panthers want to go in to the “Death Star,” which is more commonly known as Cowboys Stadium, and upset the party in Dallas. They don’t want the Cowboys to get their first win at home, and the stadium could prove to be the anti-home field advantage. Fans are stuck watching the game on the giant screen and not paying attention to the game. I think this is an advantage for Carolina.

Carolina are 8.5 point underdogs and if you bet the moneyline, you can get 3:1 odds in your favor. I’m not guaranteeing a win for Carolina, but this game is going to be a lot closer than people expect. You will see more of the 2008-09 Carolina team than what you have witnessed so far this season. Are we forgetting that Dallas cracks under pressure and they will until they get a win at home. Wade Phillips is a lame duck coach and Jason Garrett can’t feel too great about his standings as the “coach-in-waiting” at this point either. Their offense has been inconsistent and the defense have regressed every season since Phillips has been head coach. This Dallas team isn’t the one that was favored to win the NFC a few years ago, this team will probably go 10-6 or 9-7 this year. Can Carolina win tonight? Absolutely. Will they win? We’ll see, but don’t count them out just yet.

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Is Tony Romo Dating Candice Crawford?

I have to give it up to Tony Romo, he is racking up an impressive resume off the field. He hasn’t hit Derek Jeter level, but he’s shooting up the charts. The latest rumor is that Tony Romo is dating Candice Crawford, currently a reporter for KDAF in Dallas, TX. I can see a trend, Romo loves pretty blondes, well I guess he’s normal. More pictures of Candice Crawford after the jump…

Tony Romo has dated Carrie Underwood, Jessica Simpson, and now rumored to be with Miss Crawford. He loves Southern blondes and he looks to have picked a smart one. She won Miss Missouri in the USA Pageant and competed for Miss USA, but came up short. She went to the Univerisiry of Missouri and also writes with our pal J-Rod over at She seems to be pretty impressive and it’s nice to see that she knows her stuff when it comes to sports.

Here are a few pictures of Candice Crawford.

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Unused NFL Nicknames

I’m growing tired of the nicknames players either give themselves or announcers coin a nickname by used first initial and the beginning of last name (A-Rod). Also, enough with the recycling of nicknames, LaDanian Tomlinson is not “LT,” that nickname should only be used for Lawrence Taylor. My list of nicknames are ones the players never use, because most of them I made myself.
Use them in sentences and blog posts, let’s get these in the vernacular of sports fan and establish them in the sports lexicon. Okay, I’ll stop using words that I learned in Linguistics class.

Maurice Jones-Drew – The Hyphen

Peyton Manning – The Good Son

LaDanian Tomlinson – The Forgotten

Hank Baskett – The NFL’s Rick Fox

Terrell Owens – The QB Killer

Tony Romo – Page Six

Matt Schaub – 10-Game All Star

Brian Westbrook – Day-To-Day

Plaxico Burress – Six Shooter

Michael Vick – The Postman

Steve Slaton – The Mosquito

Brandon Jacobs – Diesel

Kurt Warner – The Octo-Dad

Pierre Thomas – The French Tickler

Vishante Shiancoe – The Kickstand

Chris Cooley – The Streak

Wes Welker – America’s White Boy (I’ll let him use it)

Brandon Marshall – Fast Food

Darius Heyward-Bey – Unlucky

Knowshon Moreno – Leapfrog

Shaun Rogers – BBQ Rib Combo

Jay Cutler – Huggies

Beanie Wells – Injured Reserve

Jerricho Cotchery – Armadgeddon

Torry Holt – I’m A Jag?

Steve Breaston – Bouncing

Kyle Orton – The Hillbilly

Sage Rosenfels – Paprika

Chris Brown – 3rd String