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NFL Week 6: What We Learned

A lot of big fantasy football stars had big days today. Tom Brady, Ray Rice, DeAngelo Williams, and Randy Moss all had big days. A lot of good teams looked great and a few bad teams just looked horrible. A few surprises happened, but nothing that would jump off of the page, except for the Raiders beating the Eagles, I don’t know many people who would have predicted that. Here is what we learned during Week 6 in the 2009 NFL season.

– The Cincinnati Bengals aren’t as good as we thought they were. When the Bengals are favored in a game, they are 2-13 against the spread. They love the part of underdog, but when they are supposed to win, they choke.

– Matt Schaub is finally starting to play like a franchise quarterback. Sure, having Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels receiving balls helps, but Steve Slaton hasn’t done anything this year. The Texans are starting to look like a possible playoff team.

– The Patriots look like they are back to their 2007 form. They beat the Titans 59-0 and CBS actually changed the game to a more competitive game in the 3rd quarter. Tom Brady looks like he’s back and that only makes Randy Moss play even harder. Oh by the way, Laurence Maroney is alive, who knew? I liked him when he was a rookie, but he fell out of favor with the coaches and he was in a black void in New England.

– Tennessee needs to start Vince Young. Kerry Collins is nearly as old as Brett Favre and you have a lot of money vested in Young. You need to see what you have, or this season could be a complete loss. If this season ends and you still have no idea if Young can be a starter in this league, you’re not doing your job as talent evaluators.

– The Atlanta Falcons looked just as good as last week. The running game never got going, but Matt Ryan loves Tony Gonzalez.

– Jay Cutler still has some things to work out. He looks like he really loves Johnny Knox, but he can’t rely on him all game. I’m also worried about Matt Forte, he had another rough game against a solid team. It seems like he can only gain yards against the Lions, but I could probably put up a 100+ yard game against Detroit.

– Speaking of the Lions, they were without Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson…did they have a chance against Green Bay? It was a worthless game and the Lions didn’t put up a single point.

– I want to congratulate the Packers on beating up a the B-team that the Lions put out on the field. They should have put up Madden-like numbers in this game, but only beat them 26-0.

– We learned that Ray Rice is the true #1 running back in Baltimore and that the Vikings are a better team.

– The Vikings are truly Favre’s team. Adrian Peterson will not have a great fantasy year, because the gunslinger is calling the plays. Also, thanks to the pre-game, Peterson has a crazy shoe fetish.

– The Saints are a really good team. They beat the Giants and they put up a ton of points against them. I think we can put them as the #1 team in the NFC, they are even better than Minnesota.

– I know Eli Manning isn’t 100%, but the Giants got handed a really bad loss. Their defense should be ashamed, they are better than that.

– Mark Sanchez looked like a rookie today. He threw 5 interceptions and 4 of those were definitely his fault.

– The Bills surprised me today, even if Sanchez won the game for the Bills.

– The Browns are still bad, it doesn’t matter who is playing quarterback.

– Hines Ward had a good game against Cleveland, does that surprise you? The Ohio teams in the AFC have been padding his stats since he came into the league.

– Carolina can win, despite Jake Delhomme. They really put the handcuffs on him in this game. He only threw 65 yards and they clearly don’t trust him. Just keep handing the ball off to Williams and Stewart, Jake.

– Tampa Bay has to win a game at some point, right? I don’t know if I learned that today, but how could they drop this much in one season.

– Jim Zorn should have been fired three weeks ago, but he has job security. I learned that if you want to never be fired, make sure that you’re the only one that knows the passwords to the computers. They can’t get rid of you.

– I predicted that the Chiefs would win 6 games this season. I don’t look as dumb now, only five more to go!

– The Jaguars are bipolar, they need meds. You don’t know which team is going to be on the field.

– We learned that the Rams are almost an NFL team. It took them a little extra time to lose the game this week, congratulations Rams.

– I thought Seattle was back, but Arizona put the brakes on that. The Cardinals played a nearly perfect first quarter and it deflated Seattle’s hopes.

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2009 NFL Preview: NFC North

I recently went through every game on the NFL schedule and predicted every game. I will be using those totals to predict who will win the NFC North this season. Will Brett Favre help the Vikings this season? Will Jay Cutler compose himself? Can the Packets defense step up and help their offense? Will the Lions win a game? Check out out NFC North Preview.

Chicago Bears– (Projected Finish 11-5)

The Bears sold the farm and got their prized quarterback. Jay Cutler is going to be a nice addition to the Bears offense. They haven’t had a decent quarterback since Jim McMahon, Erik Kramer almost had that title, but one good season doesn’t count. Matt Forte is going to have a great season and I would watch Earl Bennett to be catching balls left and right from Cutler. The Bears offensive line is sold and with the addition of Orlando Pace and with Chris Williams having a year under his belt, Cutler will stay upright more than he was in Denver.

The Bears still have a strong defense, but their Achilles heel would be their secondary, especially safety. The linebackers have to hold this defense together and makes sure that they control the running game, so the safeties can cheat a little to make up for the lack of athleticism at the position. They aren’t the same defense that made the Super Bowl a few seasons ago, but they are still very good.

The NFC North play the NFC West and AFC Central this season and they lucked out. Both of those divisions are a bit down, minus the Steelers, but Chicago gets them at home. The other non-divisional games are at Atlanta and they get Philadelphia at home, both should be very tough. The Bears should bounce back and make the playoffs this season and will at least garner a share of the division title this season.

Minnesota Vikings– (Projected Finish 11-5)

Brett Favre made the Minnesota Vikings as popular as the Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers this off-season. There were more stories about them than both of those teams combined. Favre isn’t the quarterback that lead the Packers to a comeback season two years ago, but if he can stray away from the turnovers, he can help this team. All they need to do is give the ball to Adrian Peterson, throw some underneath passes to Percy Harvin and let him run, and go over the secondary and throw deep to Bernard Berrian. It’s a pretty simple plan and it will work.

The Vikings defense has been statistically one of the best defenses over last three seasons. The addition of Jared Allen added the extra pass-rushing presence that they needed to be elite. Pat Williams and Kevin Williams cog up the defensive line and make it near impossible for any running game to be established. The way to beat the Vikings would be to pass on them and allow the running back to help pass block. Antoine Winfield will pick off passes and make quarterbacks pay, but he is the lone star in the secondary.

The Vikings early season schedule is very favorable. It can allow Favre to get seasoned and get into better shape as the season goes by. The five out of the last six games of the year, they play possible playoff teams. They play Arizona, Carolina, NY Giants, and Chicago twice. If Favre can stay healthy all year, they will make the playoffs.

Green Bay Packers– (Projected Finish 6-10)

Packers’ fans have only two games circled on their calendar, at Minnesota, and home against Minnesota. I believe they realize that they won’t be a playoff team, but their season would be considered a success if they can beat Favre. Aaron Rodgers had a decent season last year and should have another decent year, if he can stay upright. Ryan Grant had an off-year last season and needs to produce or Green Bay could be looking for a new running back next season. James Jones and Jordy Nelson should establish themselves and up-and-coming receivers this season.

The Packers have put in a 3-4 defense and Aaron Kampman is going to play linebacker. It’s a change from a defense that looked like swiss cheese last year. The addition of B.J. Raji should help their run defense and look for decent seasons from A.J. Hawk and Nick Barnett. Their secondary is old and they need to get younger. Al Harris and Charles Woodson have been in the league 12 years and are showing signs of age. Teams will be able to pass on them all day. They will need to score a lot of points to win games this season.

Green Bay is a tough place to play towards the end of the season. They get Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Arizona at home the last month of the season. They will need that extra Lambeau-edge to compete with those teams. The Packers are facing another tough season this year and need to re-build their secondary to be a contender.

Detroit Lions– (Projected Finish 2-14)

Good news for the Lions, they will win a game this season. Bad news for the Lions, they will lose a lot of games. It doesn’t matter who plays quarterback for the Lions, they aren’t going to win many games. Matthew Stafford will be starting by mid-season, but Daunte Culpepper might be a decent option to start the year. Calvin Johnson and Bryant Johnson are both nice receivers, but they need a QB to throw them the ball. They should rely heavily on Kevin Smith this year, but their offensive line still needs work.

Head Coach, Jim Schwartz, should help get this defense up to par, but they are still a long way from being good. They have some nice pieces there, but they will need to gel as a unit. Julian Peterson, Ernie Sims, Phillip Buchanon, Anthony Henry, and Stuart Schweigert should all help out. They have at least one good player at every area, but the depth is not there. If the injury bug hits the defense, it will be even worse.

The Lions will be searching for their first win in over a season. The third game against the Redskins could potentially be their first win, but that would be the earliest potential win and it is still a long shot. The sixth game agains the Packers or the seventh game againt the Rams could be when the winless streak ends. One game that I have to watch is the game on October 11th against the Steelers. I don’t think the game will be competitive, but it will be a good litmus test of how this team will react when they are faced with elite talent.
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NFL – Best Available Free Agents (Offense)

It was a mild off-season free agency period this year, it was filled with Brett Favre, Plaxico Burress, and Michael Vick news. There are still some players out there yet to sign with a team, or are borderline retired that would surely come back if a decent contract or a chance to win a ring came there way.On a side note, it saddens me to see two of Indianapolis “triplets” are on this list. Marvin Harrison and Edgerrin James need to be picked up by someone, if not, it’s a travesty. Some of the players may have camp invites, but have yet to sign a contract.

Brooks Bollinger
Gus Frerotte
Quinn Gray (UFL)
J.P. Losman (UFL)
Brett Favre (You Never Know!)

Running Back
Edgerrin James
Tatum Bell
DeShaun Foster
Deuce McAllister
Chris Perry

Wide Receiver/Tight End
Marvin Harrison
Plaxico Burress
Dante Hall
Matt Jones
Ashley Lelie
Jerry Porter
Reggie Williams

This list is subject to change
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What I Learned – NFL Week 1

I try not to speculate on what will happen in the NFL before the first game of the season. I did have an NFL Prediction post last week, but that was just for fun and possibly bragging rights if any of that stuff comes close to coming true. I did predict that Tom Brady will not throw 30 TDs this season, looks like that will come true. Here is a list of things I have learned after watching week one.

– The Carolina Panthers are what many experts thought they would be last season, very good. San Diego will be good, but looks like the NFC South will be more competitive than the last few seasons.

– Matt Forte looks like Eddie George. I know the Colts haven’t historically had good run defense, but they did a great job last season. If Forte keeps this up, the Bears may find the playoffs this year.

– Matt Cassel “could” be good. He hasn’t started a game since high school. He should have a few good weeks since no team has any film to study on the QB. Unless they dust off some sort of high school recruiting video of Cassel, look for him to have a few good weeks coming up, after that, I’m not sure what will happen.

– The Raiders are still bad. I know this team has a few young studs and added DeAngelo Hall this offseason. Denver isn’t supposed to be good this season and they completely dominated the Raiders in every area. It will be another long year in Oakland and could be headed back to L.A. after this season.

– The pre-season is still a little important. I say this from watching Peyton Manning in the Colts first game. He looked completely rusty and out of sync with all of his receivers. Anthony Gonzalez didn’t help him by dropping a couple key passes, but it could be a down year for them. I am a Colts fan and it saddens me to say that, but I still expect them to win enough to make the playoffs.

– Willie Parker’s job is secure. A lot of people read into this year’s draft that the Steelers aren’t sold on Pakers as their running back. Rashard Mendenhall was taken very high, but appears that he could be a 3rd-down back for awhile. Parker looked amazing and scoring three TDs will make his fantasy football owners approve of him.

– Buffalo looks like an AFC East contender. The Bills dominated the Seahawks and looks much-improved this season. Seattle doesn’t have a great history of playing on the road and this could be a one-week wonder for Buffalo, but I think they are legit.

– Michael Turner is finally a starter in the NFL. Atlanta is going to run the ball a million yards this season with Turner and Norwood as a two-headed backfield. They will give Matt Ryan some time to throw the ball and could lead to a few extra wins for the Falcons this season.

– Jacksonville is over-rated. I have never been high on the Jaguars. I think last season they over-achieved and will fall back down to earth this year. The loss of Marcus Stroud will be too much to overcome and they really don’t have much of an offense if Maurice Jones-Drew is stopped.

– Carson Palmer played like Akili Smith. I know that the Bengals played the Ravens, but this is the 2008 Ravens and not the 2000 Ravens. Palmer didn’t even throw for 100 yards and Chad Ocho Cino, I mean, Chad Johnson was a ghost. Marvin Lewis could be coaching Cincinnati for the last season.

– How ‘Bout Them Cowboys! Cleveland did look bad, but I think Dallas made them look worse than they really are. Dallas is already loaded on offense and having a guy like Felix Jones coming off the bench shouldn’t even be fair. I will definitely watch the Cowboys/Eagles games this season, they should be great.

– Brett Favre is still Brett Favre. He is made the Jets look amazing. I know they played Miami, but he didn’t look rusty at all. The Jets should be much-improved, but it is still too early to put them as a playoff team.

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Out On A Limb – 2008 NFL Predictions

Seems like all football analysts want to do is say some random thing that they think may happen this season and if they come true, they are awesome, if they don’t, they never mention them again. It sounds like a fun game, so I want to play. These are some predictions that seems out-of-the-box, but of course I will stay with tradition and brag if any of these become remotely true.

– I want to start off with the man in the picture, Brady Quinn. He will become the starter for Cleveland by week 8. Derek Anderson is a one-year wonder, much like Scott Mitchell was for Detroit in the mid-90s.

– Vince Young will end the season with more touchdowns than interceptions

– Larry Johnson will rush for 1600 yards and 17 touchdowns

– The Jets will win the AFC East

– Chad Johnson will lead the AFC in receiving yards

– Tom Brady will throw less than 30 TDs this season

– Kurt Warner will throw more than 30 TDs this season

– The Houston Texans will make the playoffs

– Matt Ryan will win Offensive Rookie Of The Year

– Adrian Peterson will only play in 10 games this season

– Shawne Merriman will get at least 8 sacks and play in at least 13 games.

– Drew Brees will lead the New Orleans Saints to win the NFC South

– J.T. O’Sullivan will throw for more than 28 TDs

– The St. Louis Rams will be better than 8-8

– The Kansas Chiefs will have the worse record in the NFL

– Marvin Harrison will retire after this season

– Daunte Culpepper will have signed with a team by week 6

– Nate Burleson will lead the Seahawks in receiving and TDs

– Rex Grossman will start at least 5 games this season

– Jerod Mayo will win Defensive Rookie Of The Year

– Marshawn Lynch will have a better fantasy season than Ladainian Tomlinson

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It’s Been Awhile – Part 2

I know the pictures doesn’t fit the blog, but it didn’t with part 1 either. I’ve always thought Lacey Chabert was cute, but then like a couple years ago she got hot, so I like to feel like I was one of the first people on the bus. I need to start a petition online for her to be in more movies. I know she does a lot of voice-over work, but I think she is very nice to look at and seems to be a good actor. That’s my opinion on her and I just wanted to share that.

I haven’t posted since like early July and that is going to change. I’ve been in the middle of starting a new career, moving my corporate office (apartment), and started seeing a new ladyperson, so I guess all those things added up means less nerd time for the blog. I am going to make more time for this since I love writing posts and receiving some pretty creative feedback from readers. Instead of writing a bunch of individual posts about little things, I’m going to have some bulletins on stuff I’ve ran across since my last post.

Before I start posting some small stuff, I have one large thing I’ve noticed. I have had a pretty good month with traffic and I wanted to see where this traffic was coming from. I noticed something a little disturbing and hilarious. A lot of my traffic is coming from search engines when people type in their favorite athlete, but then typing “shirtless” after it. “Ryan Braun shirtless,” “Tim Lincecum shirtless,” and for some odd reason “Josh McRoberts shirtless” is a common phrase to find my website. Maybe I should be shaping my site to cater to male athlete groupies. I know my traffic would double if I had some sort of “Grady Sizemore shirtless” posts…maybe if I just put shirtless in every post this page will rival Perez Hilton. Now, random things…

– Manny Ramirez plaing for the Dodgers makes sense, most L.A. fans don’t show up until the 3rd inning anyways. Sounds like an ideal setting for Manny being Manny.

– Columbus Clippers game can be a lot of fun, especially when guys like Pokey Reese makes a mockery of the sport. I did get to see Ryan Zimmerman during a rehab assignment, he’s going to be very good.

– I enjoy baked goods more than I thought.

– “One Day As A Lion” is very good, Zack De La Rocha and the drummer from Mars Volta will do great things together.

– “Once” is a good movie, even if you’ve seen it more than 10 times.

– “Dark Knight” was the best movie I’ve seen at least 4-5 years.

– I could care less about Brett Favre.

– I kind of want the Bears to get Brett Favre, but I would like ESPN to stop with their hourly “Where In The World Is Brett Favre” segments.

– I hate moving.

– I know more about vinyl fencing than I should. Please go to for all of your vinyl fencing needs.

– The Cubs are much better against the Brewers than they are against any other team.

– While listening to 1460AM THE FAN in Columbus, OH, turn the station with the “Mid-Day Show” comes on. The show was much better than Chris Spielman was on the program.

– I’m still not a fan of Futurama, but I have a feeling that that could change.

– Last.FM is a pretty nice program

– I am still laughing that someone still thinks Kyle Farnsworth is still worth more than a “player to be named later.”

– Maybe I say “shirtless” a few more times

A Sports & Entertainment blog that focuses on absurdity in sports, snarky banter, updates on Tim Tebow’s virginity, and decent sports gambling advice.