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2013 NFL Week 17 – Betting Picks Against Spread

drunk-kyle-orton-cowboysI had to wait until the last minute to post my NFL picks against the spread. There was so many things that were unknown earlier this week. We know know the status of Tony Romo, Aaron Rodgers, Eddie Lacy and even Jon Kitna…yep, THAT Jon Kitna.

I have a 124-88-10 record against the spread so far this season.

There are five games with double-digit point spreads and playoff spots and seeds are still up for grabs. This is an odd Week 17, since we have two ‘loser leaves town’ games.

I hate betting in Week 17, but it’s the last shot at betting a full slate of games. There is no such thing as a ‘sure thing’ this week, weird shit will happen, my friends.

We pick every NFL game against the spread and throw out a few upsets in Week 17 of the NFL season.

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NFL Storylines: Week 3

Joe Pasquali is back with another post here on America’s White Boy. He had stopped by a few times to rattle off some analysis and critique. He writes some thoughts about week 3 of the NFL season. Who are the pretenders and contenders this season? Which teams have a quarterback controversy brewing?

It’s only Week 3 of the NFL season and it seems like some of the same quarterbacks are getting injured. The fashionable injury these days is the “rib injury.” I think it would be a great time for McDonald’s to add the McRib back on the menu permanently, but that’s me.

Contenders and Pretenders

San Francisco (2-0)- Love the rushing attack of Frank Gore, but time has shown NFL backs take a ton of wear and tear, need someone to step up as a second option for a 16 game season. Also, Shaun Hill is NOT going to get the job done if you want to play with the big boys. Like the defense and the physical nature Coach Singletary has brought, but they aren’t there yet. Pretender

Denver (2-0)- Moreno is a great back and has this team rolling, but wins at Cincinnati on a fluke play and blowing out the hapless Browns at Mile High won’t impress anyone. The defense seems much improved, but we won’t really know how good they are till week 4 against Dallas. Kyle Orton isn’t a playoff caliber QB. Pretender

New Orleans (2-0)- Everyone knew the Saints would be good, but THIS GOOD?? Yeah, yeah, they stomped on the terrible Lions, but THEN went to Philly and smoked a pretty good Eagles defense. Drew Brees is firing on all cylinders and the running game doesn’t look to shabby either. The Saints defense is forcing turnovers and coming up with some big plays, something this team wasn’t doing the past few years. Contender

Cincinnati (1-1)- The only 1-1 team I am going to mention, and this is because I think a lot of people have them under the radar. They should be 2-0 right now and got their one victory at Lambeau field. The Bengal’s have shown they can run the ball AND stop the run, two things good football teams do. Add a veteran QB with that and you got the chance to do anything. Only problem is, they still play Baltimore and Pittsburgh twice…. Contender

QB Controversies

Detroit- You gave the team to the rookie, let them sink with him. It can’t get worse than last year and he needs time to grow.

Cleveland- You have scored one offensive touchdown in two games, and Brady Quinn has been sacked nine times. You got three options, try a new QB, buy a new O-Line, or fit Brady for a body cast.

Dallas- Tony Romo can’t win big games? Ok, maybe he can’t. But you think Jon Kitna can? Yeah, shut up.

Things to watch in Week 3

Detroit has a good shot at getting it’s first win in 19 games. Washington has looked bad and it’s in Ford Field.

Green Bay should destroy St. Louis by about 20+ points

Frank Gore may have a tough time running against the Vikings this week, expect a lot to fall on Shaun Hill.

Tennessee must win at the Jets. No team has ever started 0-3 and made the playoffs.

Michael Vick will play against the Chiefs. If the Eagles offense sputters, you’ll start to hear the Vick chants from angry Philly fans.

The Cardinals and Colts may score a combined 5012091 points in the Sunday Night Game.
Can Jay Cutler keep up the winning ways in Chicago? It was a close game against Pittsburgh, but was the game against Green Bay just nerves? We will see this week against Seattle.

Could the San Francisco/Minnesota contest be the game of the week? Frank Gore has been the only offensive weapon for the 49ers and Minnesota stops the run. Can Shaun Hill step-up and get his team to 3-0?

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Unused NFL Nicknames

I’m growing tired of the nicknames players either give themselves or announcers coin a nickname by used first initial and the beginning of last name (A-Rod). Also, enough with the recycling of nicknames, LaDanian Tomlinson is not “LT,” that nickname should only be used for Lawrence Taylor. My list of nicknames are ones the players never use, because most of them I made myself.
Use them in sentences and blog posts, let’s get these in the vernacular of sports fan and establish them in the sports lexicon. Okay, I’ll stop using words that I learned in Linguistics class.

Maurice Jones-Drew – The Hyphen

Peyton Manning – The Good Son

LaDanian Tomlinson – The Forgotten

Hank Baskett – The NFL’s Rick Fox

Terrell Owens – The QB Killer

Tony Romo – Page Six

Matt Schaub – 10-Game All Star

Brian Westbrook – Day-To-Day

Plaxico Burress – Six Shooter

Michael Vick – The Postman

Steve Slaton – The Mosquito

Brandon Jacobs – Diesel

Kurt Warner – The Octo-Dad

Pierre Thomas – The French Tickler

Vishante Shiancoe – The Kickstand

Chris Cooley – The Streak

Wes Welker – America’s White Boy (I’ll let him use it)

Brandon Marshall – Fast Food

Darius Heyward-Bey – Unlucky

Knowshon Moreno – Leapfrog

Shaun Rogers – BBQ Rib Combo

Jay Cutler – Huggies

Beanie Wells – Injured Reserve

Jerricho Cotchery – Armadgeddon

Torry Holt – I’m A Jag?

Steve Breaston – Bouncing

Kyle Orton – The Hillbilly

Sage Rosenfels – Paprika

Chris Brown – 3rd String