Indiana Hip Hop Station Runs ‘Child Support’ Contest

I was scanning radio stations trying to find ‘The Dan Patrick Show’ on my way back from a meeting this morning. I stopped when I heard “Ni**as in Paris” (it’s my jam) and left it on the station. After the song, a DJ read the copy for a contest that made me laugh and scratch my head at the same time.The local hip hop station is running a contest in which they would pay a month of the winner’s child support.

I have heard my fair share of creative radio promotions and contests. I grew up with an older brother who was a radio DJ.. He worked at a country station, so it was a different demographic.

I have the graphic for the contest after the jump…it is, um, different.

I called WHPP 106.3 “” and spoke with J. Hall, the afternoon at the station. I was curious about the rules of this contest. Do they only pay one baby mama or will they pay your total child support payment, no matter the amount of women? He said you just fill out the form and put in your total support payment. When I asked if it was for only one baby mama, he said, “No, that would be too confusing…too much breeding going on.”

The stereotypical hip hop fan is thought to have numerous baby mamas and smoke their fair share of marijuana (think Chris Tucker’s character combined with Shawn Kemp). is not doing their genre any favors by adding to the unfortunate stereotype. The picture promoting the contest on their website speaks for itself.

If you’re interested in signing up for the contest, go to and click on the second flash picture that appears in the middle of the page. The picture will be the same as the image above.

‘’ (WHPP 106.3) is a station controlled by the listeners. You go on the site, click the songs you want to listen to and the top songs get played. You can stream the station online at or catch it on 106.3 in the Northeastern Indiana area.The station has the minimal amount of commercials, which are mostly local promotions read by the DJ.

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