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NBA Betting Props: Effects of Rudy Gay Trade

The Toronto Raptors, Detroit Pistons and Memphis Grizzlies completed the biggest NBA trade so far this season. The six-player deal will almost certainly be known as the “Rudy Gay trade”.

Toronto received forward Rudy Gay and backup center Hamed Haddadi, Detroit received point guard Jose Calderon, and Memphis received forwards Tayshaun Prince and Ed Davis and Toronto’s second-round pick.

Detroit and Memphis both look at the deal as salary relief and Toronto was in need of a franchise player since Vince Carter played north of the border.

Here are the latest betting props relating to the effects of this trade, provided by Continue reading

2012 NCAA Football – Week 11 Betting Picks

I’ve had a very successful college football season. The spreads have been easy to work with and the favorites have covered in a lot of games I picked. Notre Dame has been fairly dependable to cover the spread (except last week), so their game against Boston College looks like a quality play in Week 11.

Will Oregon State keep surprising Vegas? They have done very well in the Pac-12 against the spread. They are on the road and play in Palo Alto on Saturday. Is Stanford up to the task of stopping the Beavers from winning a moneyline play?

We breakdown the bets and pick some NCAA college football games against the spread.

Florida State (-14.5) at Virginia Tech (+14.5) – My pick is Virginia Tech +14.5

Both of these teams are under .500 against the spread this season. I think this line is too high for Florida State to cover on the road. Blacksburg is a tough place to play at night. Even though VT is having a down year, the crowd will be into this one.

Louisville (-3) at Syracuse (+3) – My pick is Louisville -3

Louisville is coming off a tough loss to Cincinnati. They will be motivated to keep their great season alive. Syracuse is no pushover, but Louisville is 14-4 ATS (against the spread) in their last 18 road games.

Massachusetts (+17) at Akron (-17) – My pick is Akron -17

This game will be ugly. UMass has yet to win a game and Akron has only one win under their belt. In their last three games, UMass has been outscored 136-7. Akron will cover in this contest. 

Arizona State (+9) at USC (-9) – My pick is USC -9

USC is coming off of two losses against Pac-12 opponents…in games they could have won. The are coming into this game with a chip on their shoulder. ASU is a good team, but I see USC winning this game large.

Notre Dame (-19) at Boston College (+19) – My pick is Notre Dame -19

The Fighting Irish know they are lucky to come out of last week’s game unbeaten. They were leapfrogged by Oregon in the BCS polls and need to start winning games with extra style points. I don’t expect Notre Dame to lay off the accelerator in this contest. I know 19 points is a big number to cover on the road, but I expect them to cover the spread.

Wyoming (-1) at New Mexico (+1) – My pick is Wyoming -1

I have long had a love affair with the Wyoming Cowboys…from a betting standpoint. I spent most of the 2009 betting with them and I had a nice season. They are 6-2 against the spread in their last eight road games. New Mexico is an improved team, but Wyoming will leave Albuquerque with the upset.

West Virgina (+7.5) at Oklahoma State (-7.5) – My pick is Oklahoma State -7.5

I have been burned by West Virginia too many times this season. They are coming off three losses in which they looked pedestrian at times. Oklahoma State is 8-1 ATS at home following a loss. I trust them much more than the Mountaineers at this point in the season. The O/U is currently 79, which could easily be blown out of the water by the beginning of the fourth quarter.

Texas A&M (+14) at Alabama (-14) – My pick is Texas A&M +14

Texas A&M and Alabama both have close games against Oregon this season. The Aggies have done very well against the SEC this season. They are an unfamiliar opponent and have taken advantage of the unknown. They had a stretch in the middle of the season that was rough, but rebounded in the last three weeks. If Texas A&M can get their passing game going again, this game could be very close.

Mississippi State (+14.5) at LSU (-14.5) – My pick is LSU -14.5

MSU haven’t played very well the last two games. They were down to Texas A&M by five touchdowns by halftime. LSU is coming off a tough loss to Alabama last week. They always play every team well and never play down to the other team’s talent. LSU should have this spread covered by halftime.

Vanderbilt (+3) at Mississippi (-3) – My pick is Mississippi -3

Ole Miss is 7-2 ATS this season. Vegas and the betting community doesn’t seem to give them much respect. Vanderbilt has looked impressive the last two weeks, but it was against winless UMass and a Kentucky, who look like a high school team. This is close to a lock, since this line should stay around -3, with the public looking at the box scores from the last two Vandy games.

The betting lines are courtesy of These picks are for entertainment purposes.


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2012 Heisman Trophy Betting Odds & Predictions

Robert Griffin III and Cam Newton were the last two winners of the Heisman trophy. What do these two men have in common, other than their position? Neither were listed on any preseason Heisman Trophy shortlists.

When you look back over the last few years, the player listed as the preseason favorite to win the Heisman, went home empty. You could blame the changing offenses in college, how people believe the best NFL prospect should be the favorite (even though that doesn’t always translate into dominance in college) or the emergence of non-BCS schools that come out of nowhere.

Will one of the favorites win the award in 2012-13 or will a darkhorse win again? Which betting odds have the most value? We give you the current Heisman betting odds and help you handicap which player has the most value. Continue reading

2012 NFL: Win Totals Over/Under

It’s that time of the year again, football-related sports gambling!

I went through every game this season and picked which team would win. The process took much longer than I anticipated but it is something that I enjoy doing every year. You should expect a lot of sports betting posts from me during the football season. I have had a lot of betting success with both NFL and NCAA college football. I like doing high-risk parlays that pay off well. I am looking forward to analyze the Week 1 point spreads as we get closer to the season.

I pick the over/under win totals for every NFL team this season. I pick a few underdogs and why Vegas has me confused by a couple over/under win totals. The 2012 NFL season will be a lot of fun. Here are my picks… Continue reading

2010 NFL Football – Week 1 Betting Picks

The 2010 season starts on Thursday with a great game. It’s a rematch of the NFC Championship game when Brett Favre and the Vikings was one or two plays away from going to the Super Bowl. The Saints ended up winning the game and went on to win their first Super Bowl. The rest of the schedule is pretty loaded and should be an interesting week. Here are my betting picks against the spread for Week 1 of the 2010 NFL season.

Minnesota Vikings (+5) at New Orleans Saints (-5)My pick is New Orleans

Brett Favre hasn’t had much practice and he’s still having ankle issues. The Vikings will miss Chester Taylor’s pass catching ability out of the backfield and Sidney Rice as a deep threat. The Saints appear to be the same team on paper this season and I see them covering this game, because the Super Bowl champ always wins and covers the next season’s opener.

Carolina Panthers (+7) at New York Giants (-7)My pick is Carolina

This line seems kind of off. I know that Carolina wasn’t great last season and they lost Julius Peppers, but Matt Moore showed promise and they still return DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart. The Giants had defensive issues last year and I’m not sold on either Ahmad Bradshaw or Brandon Jacobs to help make the Giants offensive attack balanced. I see the Panthers ruining the Giants home opener and not only win against the spread, but win outright.

Miami Dolphins (-3) at Buffalo Bills (+3)My pick is Miami

The Dolphins is a darkhorse to win the AFC East this season, if they can take care of their own business. They need to win their divisional games and the rest should play itself out. The Bills lack blue chip players are nearly every position and will have trouble winning games this season, Miami should thank the scheduling Gods for not having this game in December. The Dolphins win and cover this game.

Atlanta Falcons (-2.5) at Pittsburgh Steelers (+2.5)My pick is Atlanta

This line should be higher in Atlanta’s favor, but the Steelers are a “public team,” so homers for the team bet blindly on their team. The Steelers are without Big Ben and trot Dennis Dixon out there to start. Dixon looked “good” in garbage time last season, but Atlanta is a good football team. The Steelers defense will have to play out of their minds to keep this one close. I am picking the Falcons to cover this game big.

Detroit Lions (+6.5) at Chicago Bears (-6.5)My pick is Detroit

I really don’t feel great that I am picking the Lions. It’s not that I don’t feel comfortable in doing so, but the franchise has been synonymous with losing for the last decade. The Lions have had a couple decent drafts in a row and some of their younger players are starting to turn the corner. The Bears add Mike Martz in as Offensive Coordinator, but that will a disaster if they can’t get better at protecting Jay Cutler. Martz’s plays take longer to develop and Cutler will end up on his back more times than any other time in his career. I see the Lions keeping this game close and winning against the spread.

Cincinnati Bengals (+4.5) at New England Patriots (-4.5)My pick is new England

I know the Bengals made the playoffs last season and I should like them more, but the AFC Central teams didn’t show up to play them last season. They swept their division and backed into the playoffs. New England does well when they have plenty of time to study their opponent. Since this game was announced months ago, I see the Patriots taking care of business at home and covering the spread.

Cleveland Browns (+3) at Tampa Buccaneers (-13.5)My pick is Cleveland

The Browns played themselves out of a top 3 pick last season by winning their last few games of the season. Jake Delhomme steps in at QB and adds a few new weapons on offense and defense. Tampa Bay was another team that scraped the bottom of the league in 2009. Josh Freeman gained a lot of experience last season, but they have a lot of youth on their team as well. The Browns should be able to keep this close and pull out a victory and cover, if Delhomme takes care of the ball.

Denver Broncos (+2.5) at Jacksonville Jaguars (-2.5)My pick is Denver

Denver’s training camp reads like a MASH unit. Everyone from Elvis Dumervil to Knowshon Moreno have been injured. The Broncos started out red hot last season, but cooled off and didn’t even make the playoffs. They added some pieces, but lost Dumervil for the season with injury and traded away Brandon Marshall. The Jaguars had trouble scoring points last season and could be the last year in Jacksonville for head coach Jack Del Rio and for starter David Garrard, if they don’t pull out a winning season. I see Denver winning a close game, I would pick them with the money line.

Indianapolis Colts (-2) at Houston Texans (+2)My pick is Indianapolis

I realize that everyone picks Houston to finally make the playoffs before every season, but having the spread at only 2 points in favor of the Super Bowl runner-ups, is ridiculous. I know that Sage Rosenfels is no longer on the Texans and can’t fumble away victories, but the Colts are going to cover this one big.

Oakland Raiders (+6) at Tennessee Titans (-6)My pick is Tennessee

I realize that one of these years the Raiders will win games like this, but not in 2010. The Titans are still a dangerous team with the speed of Chris Johnson and Vince Young. The safeties have to play in the box to stop the running attack and that could leave Kenny Britt open a few extra times a game. The Titans should win and cover this game at home.

Green Bay Packers (-3) at Philadelphia Eagles (+3)My pick is Green Bay

The Packers have looked great this preseason and I look for them to keep adding to their resumé this season and cover in Philadelphia. Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennings should have big games against the Eagles secondary. Kevin Kolb looked impressive last season for the Eagles, but the Packers defense is very tough and will throw out a ton of different looks to confuse the young QB. The Packers are my pick to win the NFC this year.

San Francisco 49ers (-3) at Seattle Seahawks (+3)My pick is San Francisco

The 49ers are the favorite to win the weak NFC West this season and Seattle looks to be in full rebuilding mode. The Seahawks don’t have many blue-chip players yet and will have issues this year winning games. If Alex Smith can hit his receivers and Frank Gore stays healthy, they should have a big season. The Niners will cover this game on the road.

Arizona Cardinals (-4) at St. Louis Rams (+4)My pick is Arizona

The Cardinals is another team in transition, but won’t get much of a test during Week 1. The Rams haven’t done much to improve their team in the off-season and lost their best wide receiver (Donnie Avery) to injury for the season. The Cardinals have Derek Anderson as their starting QB and some key pieces were traded or signed elsewhere in the off-season. Arizona should win this game and cover the spread against an even weaker Rams team.

Dallas Cowboys (-3.5) at Washington Redskins (+3.5)My pick is Dallas

I struggled with this pick the most out of any of the other games on the schedule this week. The NFC East is a toss-up at this point and it will all come down to which team has a better divisional record. The Cowboys have their eyes set on the Super Bowl and the Redskins are definitely improved, but to what extent is still to be determined. This is a true rivalry game and should be intense, since it’s also opening weekend. The Cowboys offense is improved and looks like a team ready to take the next step. Both teams have issues at left-tackle, so both teams should be able to pressure the quarterback. The Cowboys are a stronger team, so I am picking them to win and cover.

Baltimore Ravens (+2.5) at New York Jets (-2.5)My pick is NY Jets

This should be one of the better games during Week 1, since both teams have been picked by experts to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl this season. The Ravens improved their offense by adding receivers to a prolific rushing attack. The Jets improved their team on both sides of the ball, but adding veterans at skilled positions. If Darrelle Revis wasn’t playing, I would pick the Ravens to win against the spread, but since he just ended his holdout, I will pick the Jets to cover, it will be that close of a game.

San Diego Chargers (-4.5) at Kansas City Chiefs (+4.5)My pick is San Diego

It’s been a long time since a Monday Night Football game has been played in Kansas City. I can see that energizing the Arrowhead crowd, but that can only do so much for the team. I believe KC is an improved team, but San Diego, even without Vincent Jackson, is a much better team. The Chargers should win this game big and cover this spread at halftime.

These picks are for entertainment purposes.

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NFL Football – Week 6 Betting Picks

I had a pretty good week last week with my NFL picks against the spread. There were a lot of bad games and a few blow-outs, but did fairly well. There are some big games this week with some strong teams coming off bye weeks. A few underdogs look to win ATS and maybe even win against the moneyline. Here are my NFL picks against the spread for Week 6.

Since my Indianapolis Colts are on bye week, I don’t have a sure bet pick this week. I can actually focus more on other teams than worry about Peyton Manning’s knee and Adam Vinatieri’s replacement. Oh God, they freakin’ signed Matt Stover! Okay Bobby focus…..let’s get to the picks.

Kansas City Chiefs (+6) at Washington Redskins (-6)My pick is Kansas City

When two bad teams play each other, always go with the team that has the better coach. I am not sold on Jim Zorn since Day 1 and Kansas City is better than they have played so far this season. I like KC to put Jim Zorn and Washington out of their misery.

Houston Texans (+4.5) at Cincinnati Bengals (-4.5)My pick is Cincinnati

Houston can’t stop the run and I expect Cedric Benson to run all over the Texans. Carson Palmer and Chad OchoCinco can also light up the Texans’ secondary. I love the Bengals in this game to cover the spread.

Cleveland Browns (+14) at Pittsburgh Steelers (-14)My pick is Pittsburgh

The Browns are horrible and I can’t see them putting up more than two field goals against the Steelers. Pittsburgh can play their reserves at this point and win by two touchdowns.

Baltimore Ravens (+3) at Minnesota Vikings (-3)My pick is Minnesota

This is going to be a good game, but Minnesota’s defense is better than Baltimore’s offense. Joe Flacco is good, but he’s still only in his second year, the Vikings will give him trouble. I like Minnesota to win and cover the spread at home.

St. Louis Rams (+9.5) at Jacksonville Jaguars (-9.5)My pick is Jacksonville

I don’t like either of these teams this week, but Jacksonville will have a chip on their shoulder. The Jaguars were blown out last week and Mike Sims-Walker should be back this week to help the passing attack. Maurice Jones-Drew should have a big day and Jacksonville will win ATS.

New York Giants (+3) at New Orleans Saints (-3)My pick is New Orleans

I would love the Giants in this game if Eli Manning was healthy and Brandon Jacobs was running the ball effectively. The Saints defense is better than expected and can hold a banged up Giants offense. The Saints will win a close game, but they will cover the spread.

Carolina Panthers (-3) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+3)My pick is Carolina

Carolina and Tampa Bay have looked very bad this year and if it was possible, they would both lose this game. Carolina was on a bye last week and they are rested and should be able to win and cover against Tampa Bay.

Detroit Lions (+13) at Green Bay Packers (-13)My pick is Detroit

The 2009 Detroit Lions team is not the team that went 0-16 last season. They have stayed in games and have been pretty competitive. They seem to have trouble in the 2nd half of games, but I feel that they can keep this game within two touchdowns. I like the Lions against the spread, but the Packers will win the game.

Philadelphia Eagles (-14) at Oakland Raiders (+14)My pick is Philadelphia

I really like the Eagles and they were my preseason pick to win the Super Bowl this season. Their offense is clicking and they have a solid defense. The Raiders are as bad as can be and I don’t see them scoring many points against the Eagles. I love the Eagles to cover in this game.

Arizona Cardinals (+3) at Seattle Seahawks (-3)My pick is Arizona

Seattle looked amazing last week, but the Cardinals are always dangerous. Seattle has a true homefield advantage, their crowd is insanely loud, but I like Arizona’s passing attack against Seattle’s secondary. I believe that is the battle that will win the game for Arizona.

Buffalo Bills (+9.5) at New York Jets (-9.5)My pick is New York

This could possibly be the last game that the Bills have both their head coach and/or Terrell Owens. The Jets had a rough game against the Dolphins last week, but they bounce back and win this game and cover the spread.

Tennessee Titans (+9) at New England Patriots (-9)My pick is Tennessee

New England is having a hard time on defense this year. It has been good, but the linebackers are banged up and they just signed Junior Seau. Tennessee is on their last legs and Kerry Collins needs to take care of the ball if he doesn’t want to hold the clipboard for the rest of the season. Give me the points and I’ll take Tennessee against the spread, but the Patroits will probably win a close game.

Chicago Bears (+3) at Atlanta Falcons (-3)My pick is Atlanta

The Falcons smoked the 49ers last week and the Bears are coming off of a bye. Chicago has had trouble on offense, if you throw out the Detroit game. I like Atlanta to keep up their winning ways and cover against Chicago on Sunday Night Football.

Denver Broncos (+3.5) at San Diego Chargers (-3.5)My pick is San Diego

I’m not exactly sure why the Broncos aren’t favored in this game, but not many people are buying Denver yet. San Diego is coming off of a bye week and they are fresh and healthy. The Broncos have played very physical games the last two weeks and I like San Diego to actually win this game.

I hope you enjoy our picks. They are for entertainment purposes and please bet responsibly.

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NCAA Football – Week 5 Betting Picks

Week 4 was a great week and a lot of upsets happened. I went 9-3 last week with my betting picks against the spread for Week 4. This week I have a lot of teams that cover and a few underdogs that I pick to win the game. Here are my college football picks against the spread for Week 5.

I once again leave off the Notre Dame game from my picks. I don’t think that they could be in trouble against Washington, but they only play well at home. South Bend could have a decent game going on, but I’m staying away from it.

I want to add another game that I am staying away from and it’s taking place in Bloomington, Indiana. Ohio State is going to play Indiana, which was supposed to be bad. They have impressed me a few times this season and I just don’t know which way to go in that game. If you would have asked me two months ago about this game, Ohio State would win easily and the line would open up at around -20, but it’s a different now and I’m staying away.

Pittsburgh (-6.5) at Louisville (+6.5)My pick is Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is a good team and Louisville didn’t even win with the points last week against Utah. Pittsburgh is going to win this game by a few touchdowns, but the over/under could be nice, since this game will have a lot of points.

South Florida (-6.5) at Syracuse (+6.5)My pick is South Florida

I like this line, since it’s under a touchdown. Syracuse have only looked great in flashes and has barely put an entire game together. South Florida and that new quarterback should take care of business in Syracuse.

Northwestern (+7) at Purdue (-7)My pick is Purdue

Neither of these teams have really impressed me, but Purdue is fairing better than expected. This line open at Purdue -6.5, but has moved. I would get in on this before it moves to -7.5, and a touchdown win would leave you in the loss column.

Toledo (-4.5) at Ball State (+4.5)My pick is Toledo

I hate to pick against my alma mater, but Ball State is bad. They won against the spread in the Auburn game, but they the Cardinals scored some points in garbage time. Toledo played Purdue well, but laid up a goose egg against Ohio State. Toledo will score points against the bad Ball State defense..

Michigan (+1.5) at Michigan State (-1.5)My pick is Michigan

I love the Wolverines in this game. This game opened at a pick’em, but moved towards the Spartans. Michigan will bounce back from a rough outing against Indiana.

Central Michigan (-8) at Buffalo (+8)My pick is Central Michigan

Central Michigan has a star quarterback and should shred the Buffalo defense up. Buffalo has not looked very good at all this season and are much worse than their team from last season. Turner Gill can’t work miracles, Central Michigan wins this game easily.

Penn State (-7) at Illinois (+7)My pick is Penn State

I have had success picking against Illinois all season and I’m not going to stop this week. Penn State is still a good team, they lost to a good Iowa team and Illinois is very, very bad. I still feel that Penn State is a better team than Ohio State and they killed the Illini last weekend.

UNLV (+3.5) at Nevada (-3.5)My pick is UNLV

Nevada’s betting lines are still being swayed by last season’s team. They are bad this year and I’m not buying them at home or on the road. UNLV may not be impressive either, but Nevada can’t do anything right this year.

Wyoming (+3.5) at Florida Atlantic (-3.5)My pick is Wyoming

No matter if it is FIU or FAU, both of them stink. Wyoming have looked good so far this season and I think that they travel to Florida Atlantic and take care of business.

Mississippi (-8) at Vanderbilt (+8)My pick is Mississippi

I was hosed last week when Mississippi played South Carolina. I wasn’t sold on the Gamecocks defense, but I’m officially sold, they’re good. Mississippi will bounce back against the Commodores and Snead will light them on fire.

Oklahoma (-7.5) at Miami (+7.5)My pick is Oklahoma

Miami has beaten some over-rated teams and somehow they shot up the rankings. Oklahoma lost a game when their quarterback was injured and the entire was in shock. The Sooners have looked great since and they will smoke the Hurricanes.

USC (-4.5) at California (+4.5)My pick is USC

It’s a shame that Stafon Johnson was injured in a weight room accident, but USC has depth at running back. Joe Mcknight will run all over and Cal could be over-rated after getting smoked by Oregon last week. Give me USC by at least a touchdown.

LSU (+3) at Georgia (-3)My pick is LSU

Georgia can put up plenty of points, but LSU can stop them a few times this game. Georgia’s defense is bad and it will be a shootout. Give me LSU in this high-scoring game.

I hope you enjoy our picks. They are for entertainment purposes and please bet responsibly.

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Review – Doc’s Sports 2009 Football Journal

Doc’s Sports sent over their 2009 Complete Football Journal which has the complete schedule of college and NFL football and much more. I looked through this publication from cover to cover and there are is a ton of information that anyone who is in a fantasy football league, casual or avid sports betters, or even just a casual fan that is in a pool at their workplace can use. Check out this review and see where you can get a copy of your own.

Doc’s Sports, which has been in the sports betting business for 38 years, has issued their 38th annual guide for the hardcore football fan. The information that is compiled in this book is extremely useful. You have the scores from the entire 2008 college football season, 2008 trends from the NFL season, and some tidbits for each week of the season for college and NFL games. Continue reading