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2018 NBA Trade Deadline Recap

The 2018 NBA Trade Deadline really kicked off when the Los Angeles Clippers traded superstar power forward Blake Griffin to the Detroit Pistons late in the night. The Clippers got a king’s random in return. Many thought DeAndre Jordan would be next to leave the Clippers, but he stayed put.

Other big trades that happened in-between the Griffin deal and today were Nikola Mirotic going to New Orleans for a mess of veteran and picks. I also think Charlotte’s acquisition of center Willy Hernangomez could be huge. He’s a talented guy, but was stuck behind some talented bigs on the Knicks.

Today’s trades didn’t disappoint as much as previous years’ trade deadlines. There were a couple really nice trades and a ton of depth trades.

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Another Year, Another Boring NBA Trade Deadline

Lance Stephenson trade memphis grizzlies los angeles clippers NBA trade deadlineI’m not sure why I always feel a rush of anticipation when the NBA trade deadline approaches.

We hear all these juicy rumors of big names being shopped around and more times than not, the deals never materialize.

In the days approaching Thursday’s NBA trade deadline, we heard names like Dwight Howard, Blake Griffin and Kevin Love being discussed in mega-trades. Those guys are still with their original teams and guys like Chu Chu Maduabum, who isn’t even employed anywhere in the world right now, were involved in trades.

We breakdown the few trades of note that took place at the trade deadline and the few days before.

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Where Will Josh Smith End Up?

Josh Smith cut detroit pistons nba sad houston rocketsJosh Smith finally ‘perimeter shot’ his way out of Detroit. The Pistons decided to cut him and if he clears waivers (and he will), they will be on the hook for the remainder of his contract…a hefty $26 million.

Head coach and team president Stan Van Gundy put his foot down with this move. Smith could get away with poorly shooting long jumpers when his head coach wasn’t involved with personnel. Detroit has a long way to go to rebuild. Dumping Smith was a smart, long-term decision for the franchise.

Even though Josh Smith is one of the worst players in the NBA, teams are lining up to sign him once he clears waivers.

Title contenders will be at the top of the list, since he will most likely sign a one-year deal and then hit free agency this offseason.

Which NBA team will land Josh Smith?

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2014-15 NBA Team Preview: Detroit Pistons

Jennette McCurdy Andre Drummond Detroit Pistons NBA season previewDetroit has a new head coach/president/Ron Jeremy impersonator all wrapped up in one person. Stan Van Gundy steps into those roles after two years of being a radio/television talking head. He doesn’t have either Pat Riley or Dwight Howard there to push him out, so this is the most stable job he has ever had.

Stan Van Gundy’s job might be stable, but it won’t be easy. This team desperately needs blown up. You have two talented big men, but due to salary cap, they might need to move one in order to gain cap space and begin the rebuilding process. Can Detroit surprise us and sneak into the 8th spot in the East?

We will be posting a team preview for every team up until the start of the regular season.

Here is the 2014-15 NBA season preview for the Detroit Pistons.

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NBA Betting Props: Effects of Rudy Gay Trade

The Toronto Raptors, Detroit Pistons and Memphis Grizzlies completed the biggest NBA trade so far this season. The six-player deal will almost certainly be known as the “Rudy Gay trade”.

Toronto received forward Rudy Gay and backup center Hamed Haddadi, Detroit received point guard Jose Calderon, and Memphis received forwards Tayshaun Prince and Ed Davis and Toronto’s second-round pick.

Detroit and Memphis both look at the deal as salary relief and Toronto was in need of a franchise player since Vince Carter played north of the border.

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2009-10 NBA Preview: Detroit Pistons

The Pistons got rid of Allen Iverson and Rasheed Wallace, but added Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva this off-season. The core of this team is still there and an improvement on their 39 win season is in their future. Can Villanueva fill the shoes that Rasheed Wallace left? Can Rodney Stuckey take his game to the next level? How much does Richard Hamilton have left in the tank? Here is the 2009-10 NBA Preview for the Detroit Pistons.

Additions/Subtractions – The Pistons were one of the most active teams in free-agency this past off-season. They signed two of the best free agents available right off the bat. Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva signed the same day for big money and will be slotted into the starting line-up this season. They also went out and signed Chris Wilcox and Ben Wallace, which will fortify their roster depth. I like their draft picks coming in. Austin Daye is a long, athletic player and DaJuan Summers could turn into a useful player for the Pistons. Rasheed Wallace, Walter Herrmann, and Allen Iverson are no longer with the team, but only one of those players they will miss, I’ll let you decide which player that I am referring to.

2009-10 Expectations – After seven straight seasons of winning at least 50 games, they took a step back in 2008-09 and fell to 39-43. Michael Curry was fired as head coach and John Kuester was hired to lead the team. They signed Gordon and Villanueva to be fixtures on this team for years to come, but neither have really lived up to their potential so far in their NBA career. Gordon has proven to be a great sixth-man, but he is being paid “starter money” and Villanueva has only averaged 13.4 points per game since he was a lottery pick. They will miss Rasheed Wallace and his leadership, but Tayshaun Prince, Richard Hamilton, and Rodney Stuckey are still there to become the new leaders on this team. I believe the Pistons are expecting to be a top 5 seed in the East this year and if they don’t make to at least the 2nd round of the playoffs, this season will be a failure.

2009-10 Prediction – The Stuckey/Hamilton/Prince/Villanueva/Kwame Brown starting line-up will lead this team to the playoffs, but they need more PG depth. Prince will end up being an All-Star and Gordon should win the Sixth-Man of the Year award. They will bounce back from the 39-win season and get back near their normal 50 win total.

2009-10 Win Total – 49-33

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