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Interview: Ken Dilger

I had a chance to speak with former Indianapolis Colts and Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight-end, Ken Dilger. We spoke about NFL Playoffs, what happened to the Colts this season, and who was a better high school quarterback, him or Jay Cutler. It was great to speak with him and he was in Peoria, Illinois doing some great work for a charity. See what he’s up to now and find out how you can contact him.

Me: I want to ask you about the Colts. I I want to asked you about the Colts. It was tough to see them struggle with injuries all season. What could they have done differently against the Jets in the playoffs? Continue reading

2010 NFL – Week 15 Betting Picks

I had a pretty average week with my picks last week. I was .500 and hopefully I’ll hit my stride. Some games aren’t on any sportsbook due to injuries, so I’ve picked the games that lines were available for. A few great games, but some real stinkers on the schedule this week. No one should watch Arizona vs. Carolina unless they have money on the game. Here are my betting picks against the spread for Week 15 of the 2010 NFL season.

San Francisco (+10) at San Diego Chargers (-10)My pick is San Diego Continue reading

2010 NFL – Week 14 Betting Picks

The 2010 season has been unpredictable. The underdogs have covered more than they have lost this season. The Colts and Titans start off the week on Thursday and the rest of the schedule is pretty loaded. It should be an interesting week. There are a lot of road favorites this week, which could mean a tricky week. Here are my betting picks against the spread for Week 14 of the 2010 NFL season.

Indianapolis Colts (-3.5) at Tennessee Titans (+3.5)My pick is Indianapolis

The Colts haven’t looked very good the last two weeks, mostly because of Peyton Manning. They are banged up and he’s trying to do too much. The Titans are coming into this game with a divided locker room and getting nothing from their passing game. Manning loves playing back in Tennessee, expect a bounce back and they will cover.

Oakland Raiders (+4) at Jacksonville Jaguars (-4)My pick is Oakland

The Raiders are one of the most difficult team to forecast their performance. They are up and down, but they played one of their best games last week against San Diego. I know that a team from the West Coast traveling East doesn’t do well, but the Raiders have hit their stride with Jason Campbell at QB. The Jaguars have looked good the last few weeks, but this game will be close, I’ll take the points.

Cincinnati Bengals (+8.5) at Pittsburgh Steelers (-8.5)My pick is Pittsburgh

The Bengals are bad and you know the Steelers will handle their business against a division opponent. Big Ben is banged up, but Carson Palmer is bad. I expect them to cover and for the Steelers defense to score some points.

Cleveland Browns (+1) at Buffalo Bills (-1)My pick is Cleveland

Both of these teams have been playing over their heads the last six games. Cleveland have been winning big games as an underdog and Buffalo has been taking legit playoff teams to overtime. Peyton Hillis will have a big game and expect Cleveland to cover and win outright.

New York Giants (-2.5) at Minnesota Vikings (+2.5)My pick is Minnesota

The Giants ran all over Washington last week, but Tom Coughlin has a way of losing games in December. Leslie Frazier has the Vikings playing like a team that should be playing for the division, but it’s too late for that. I expect the Vikings to win this game outright and take care of business at home.

Green Bay Packers (-7) at Detroit Lions (+7)My pick is Green Bay

The Packers, even with all the injuries, seem to have learned to play with replacements and have looked very good. The Lions look to be playing Drew Stanton again at quarterback and the Green Bay defense could make him look like a novice. The Packers will cover on the road.

Atlanta Falcons (-7.5) at Carolina Panthers (+7.5)My pick is Atlanta

Matt Ryan is awesome at home, but he has struggled on the road. Roddy White is a little banged up, but the Carolina defense is bad. The Panthers have a quarterback carousel going on and the Falcons have a stout defense. Atlanta will end up getting a lead early and force the Panthers to pass, which could turn ugly.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-2) at Washington Redskins (+2)My pick is Tampa Bay

The Bucs were dealt a big blow by putting starting DB Aquib Talib and starting OL Jeff Faine on injured-reserve. They shouldn’t need them when they face the Redskins, who have their own problems. Tampa still aren’t getting much respect with the line and they should cover with a two-point spread. Josh Freeman has turned into a pretty quarterback and has a knack for winning close games.

St. Louis Rams (+9.5) at New Orleans Saints (-9.5)My pick is New Orleans

The Rams are currently leading the NFC West, I repeat the Rams are currently leading the NFC West. That should give them respect, but the division is bad and the Saints are defending Super Bowl champs. The Saints are finding their way back to their winning formula and Drew Brees has been finding receivers downfield. This will be close, but the Saints will cover.

Seattle Seahawks (+5) at San Francisco 49ers (-6)My pick is San Francisco

This is going to be an ugly game to watch. Seattle and San Francisco have laid stinkers this season. This is a hard game to call, but with Seattle playing poor on the road, you have to give San Francisco the nod in this contest, no matter who is at quarterback.

New England Patriots (-3) at Chicago Bears (+3)My pick is New England

I can’t explain who the Bears are winning games this season. I can explain how the Patriots have been winning their games. New England is a balanced offense and their secondary are playing much better than earlier this season. If the Patriots can get pressure on Jay Cutler, this game could turn ugly. The Patriots will cover this game on the road.

Miami Dolphins (+5.5) at New York Jets (-5.5)My pick is NY Jets

45-3 is all I have to say. The Jets won’t let that happen again and not at home. The Dolphins looked bad last game and Chad Henne could be playing his way off the team. The Jets will bounce back and the Dolphins will be the perfect opponent to right the ship.

Denver Broncos (-5.5) at Arizona Cardinals (+5.5)My pick is Denver

Josh McDaniels is out and the consensus is that he wasn’t liked by many of his players. Now that he is gone, expect the Broncos to respond and beat a very bad Cardinals team and cover.

Phildelphia Eagles (-3.5) at Dallas Cowboys (+3.5)My pick is Dallas

I watched every minute of the Cowboys game last week and they made the Colts look, well, like the Cardinals. Jason Garrett has the Cowboys playing well and their defense has kept up. Michael Vick has been amazing this year, but the Eagles defense appear to have holes in it. Garrett will watch tape all week and should make this game closer, I’ll take the points.

Baltimore Ravens (-3) at Houston Texans (+3)My pick is Baltimore

Joe Flacco gave away the game against the Steelers last week. He faces one of the league’s worst ranked pass defenses this week, so it will be his time to redeem himself. Andre Johnson and Arian Foster will have trouble against the Ravens defense, so they will not be able to keep up. The Ravens will cover against the Texans.

These picks are for entertainment purposes.


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2010 NFL Week 1 – Fantasy Football Sit/Start

I’m back with this season’s weekly post when I announce who will be fantasy football studs and duds. I made it to the championship game in every fantasy football league I was in last season. I helped a lot of people last season and I got a lot of great feedback from readers. Here are my players to sit and start for Week 1.

I want to explain what I mean by “sit” and “start.” Of course you are going to start some of the guys i say to bench this week, because you probably used high draft picks or a lot of money in an auction for them. I am just not completely sold that they will have good weeks. If you have a guy that you are on the fence about, maybe this will help you pick between the players.


Adrian Peterson – Favre isn’t 100%, Peterson should see a lot of work against the Saints.

Drew Brees – Vikings run defense is solid, but secondary can be throw on, if he’s given time.

Both Steve Smiths – They face each other this week and they are both solid starts. I think Matt Moore is an upgrade over Jake Delhomme.

Chad Henne – If Brandon Marshall can make Kyle Orton look good, imagine how good he will make Henne look this season.

Michael Turner – The Steelers defense will focus on stopping him and making Matt Ryan throw to beat them, but Turner is difficult to contain.

Rashard Mendenhall – Dixon is the QB and he will need a rushing attack and an option to dump the ball off, Mendenhall will have a nice game.

Calvin Johnson – When healthy, Johnson is a freak…he’s healthy and the Bears secondary is bad.

Matt Forte – I could be in the minority in thinking that Forte will have a nice season. He has nice hands and can catch the ball out of the backfield. Cutler will have to checkdown a lot to keep from throwing picks.

Cedric Benson – The Patriots front four is getting old and Benson should get the ball a lot.

Pierre Garcon – The Texans secondary is weak, all the Colts wide receiving corps should do well. Garcon has the hands and speed to do damage.

Chris Johnson – You used the #1 pick in the draft, you have to start him no matter the situation.

Jason Campbell – Redskins had him in handcuffs and the Raiders will let him use his cannon, even if his wideout options are weak.

Vernon Davis – He has turned to be Alex Smith’s #1 target and Seattle gave up a ton of TDs to tight ends last year.

Arizona Cardinals Defense – You have to start any defense that face the St. Louis Rams this season.

Tony Romo – He’s on the road in a big game, he has to be hyped for a game like this. He has many options to throw to and defenses will have to plan to stop Jones and Barber.

LaDanian Tomlinson – I know, I know…a bit risky. Shonn Greene is the #1 back, but I think LT gets in the end zone.

Green Bay Packers defense – Kevin Kolb looked good filling in for McNabb last season, but the Packers are going throw the kitchen sink at him.

Phillip Rivers – The Chiefs will be energized with a home Monday Night Football game, but their secondary is weak.

Both Mike Williams – DEEP LEAGUE START – You should start these in a standard league, but both Mike Williams (Tampa Bay and Seattle) are the only solid options on their teams at wideout.


Brett Favre – He has to prove to me that his ankle is well enough to do anything of importance before I can start him in a standard league.

Pierre Thomas – He will lose some carries to Reggie Bush and the Vikings run defense is top notch.

Brandon Jacobs – He seems to have a scaled back role in 2010 and Ahmad Bradshaw is set to take over #1 duties.

Any Buffalo Bills player – I know C.J. Spiller is a sexy pick this year, but they need so much help on offense, they can’t just rely on him.

Dennis Dixon – The Steelers would rather have Byron Leftwich at QB…that should tell you something.

Jay Cutler – The Bears O-line is bad, if the Lions can get pressure on Cutler, he’s going to throw picks.

Any NE Patriots RB – The backfield for the Patriots is so congested, it’s a crapshoot in trying to choose who to play.

Arian Foster – Steve Slaton and Derrick Ward are both on the roster. Slaton has had good games against the Colts, but Foster is a different type of back, a back that the Colts can stop.

Sam Bradford – He’s a rookie and has zero options at wide receiver. It will be a long season for the young quarterback.

Donovan McNabb – He’s a question mark to even play, so he’s too risky to take a chance.

Derrick Mason – Not sure why so many people are on his bandwagon this season. He’s up their in age and Boldin should get the most targets.

DeSean Jackson – The Packers secondary is good and will play against the big play. Jackson only seemed to score last season on big plays, he’s not a red zone target.

Ryan Matthews – I don’t trust a rookie running back in his first game, plus it’s on the road.

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2010 NFL Football – Week 1 Betting Picks

The 2010 season starts on Thursday with a great game. It’s a rematch of the NFC Championship game when Brett Favre and the Vikings was one or two plays away from going to the Super Bowl. The Saints ended up winning the game and went on to win their first Super Bowl. The rest of the schedule is pretty loaded and should be an interesting week. Here are my betting picks against the spread for Week 1 of the 2010 NFL season.

Minnesota Vikings (+5) at New Orleans Saints (-5)My pick is New Orleans

Brett Favre hasn’t had much practice and he’s still having ankle issues. The Vikings will miss Chester Taylor’s pass catching ability out of the backfield and Sidney Rice as a deep threat. The Saints appear to be the same team on paper this season and I see them covering this game, because the Super Bowl champ always wins and covers the next season’s opener.

Carolina Panthers (+7) at New York Giants (-7)My pick is Carolina

This line seems kind of off. I know that Carolina wasn’t great last season and they lost Julius Peppers, but Matt Moore showed promise and they still return DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart. The Giants had defensive issues last year and I’m not sold on either Ahmad Bradshaw or Brandon Jacobs to help make the Giants offensive attack balanced. I see the Panthers ruining the Giants home opener and not only win against the spread, but win outright.

Miami Dolphins (-3) at Buffalo Bills (+3)My pick is Miami

The Dolphins is a darkhorse to win the AFC East this season, if they can take care of their own business. They need to win their divisional games and the rest should play itself out. The Bills lack blue chip players are nearly every position and will have trouble winning games this season, Miami should thank the scheduling Gods for not having this game in December. The Dolphins win and cover this game.

Atlanta Falcons (-2.5) at Pittsburgh Steelers (+2.5)My pick is Atlanta

This line should be higher in Atlanta’s favor, but the Steelers are a “public team,” so homers for the team bet blindly on their team. The Steelers are without Big Ben and trot Dennis Dixon out there to start. Dixon looked “good” in garbage time last season, but Atlanta is a good football team. The Steelers defense will have to play out of their minds to keep this one close. I am picking the Falcons to cover this game big.

Detroit Lions (+6.5) at Chicago Bears (-6.5)My pick is Detroit

I really don’t feel great that I am picking the Lions. It’s not that I don’t feel comfortable in doing so, but the franchise has been synonymous with losing for the last decade. The Lions have had a couple decent drafts in a row and some of their younger players are starting to turn the corner. The Bears add Mike Martz in as Offensive Coordinator, but that will a disaster if they can’t get better at protecting Jay Cutler. Martz’s plays take longer to develop and Cutler will end up on his back more times than any other time in his career. I see the Lions keeping this game close and winning against the spread.

Cincinnati Bengals (+4.5) at New England Patriots (-4.5)My pick is new England

I know the Bengals made the playoffs last season and I should like them more, but the AFC Central teams didn’t show up to play them last season. They swept their division and backed into the playoffs. New England does well when they have plenty of time to study their opponent. Since this game was announced months ago, I see the Patriots taking care of business at home and covering the spread.

Cleveland Browns (+3) at Tampa Buccaneers (-13.5)My pick is Cleveland

The Browns played themselves out of a top 3 pick last season by winning their last few games of the season. Jake Delhomme steps in at QB and adds a few new weapons on offense and defense. Tampa Bay was another team that scraped the bottom of the league in 2009. Josh Freeman gained a lot of experience last season, but they have a lot of youth on their team as well. The Browns should be able to keep this close and pull out a victory and cover, if Delhomme takes care of the ball.

Denver Broncos (+2.5) at Jacksonville Jaguars (-2.5)My pick is Denver

Denver’s training camp reads like a MASH unit. Everyone from Elvis Dumervil to Knowshon Moreno have been injured. The Broncos started out red hot last season, but cooled off and didn’t even make the playoffs. They added some pieces, but lost Dumervil for the season with injury and traded away Brandon Marshall. The Jaguars had trouble scoring points last season and could be the last year in Jacksonville for head coach Jack Del Rio and for starter David Garrard, if they don’t pull out a winning season. I see Denver winning a close game, I would pick them with the money line.

Indianapolis Colts (-2) at Houston Texans (+2)My pick is Indianapolis

I realize that everyone picks Houston to finally make the playoffs before every season, but having the spread at only 2 points in favor of the Super Bowl runner-ups, is ridiculous. I know that Sage Rosenfels is no longer on the Texans and can’t fumble away victories, but the Colts are going to cover this one big.

Oakland Raiders (+6) at Tennessee Titans (-6)My pick is Tennessee

I realize that one of these years the Raiders will win games like this, but not in 2010. The Titans are still a dangerous team with the speed of Chris Johnson and Vince Young. The safeties have to play in the box to stop the running attack and that could leave Kenny Britt open a few extra times a game. The Titans should win and cover this game at home.

Green Bay Packers (-3) at Philadelphia Eagles (+3)My pick is Green Bay

The Packers have looked great this preseason and I look for them to keep adding to their resumé this season and cover in Philadelphia. Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennings should have big games against the Eagles secondary. Kevin Kolb looked impressive last season for the Eagles, but the Packers defense is very tough and will throw out a ton of different looks to confuse the young QB. The Packers are my pick to win the NFC this year.

San Francisco 49ers (-3) at Seattle Seahawks (+3)My pick is San Francisco

The 49ers are the favorite to win the weak NFC West this season and Seattle looks to be in full rebuilding mode. The Seahawks don’t have many blue-chip players yet and will have issues this year winning games. If Alex Smith can hit his receivers and Frank Gore stays healthy, they should have a big season. The Niners will cover this game on the road.

Arizona Cardinals (-4) at St. Louis Rams (+4)My pick is Arizona

The Cardinals is another team in transition, but won’t get much of a test during Week 1. The Rams haven’t done much to improve their team in the off-season and lost their best wide receiver (Donnie Avery) to injury for the season. The Cardinals have Derek Anderson as their starting QB and some key pieces were traded or signed elsewhere in the off-season. Arizona should win this game and cover the spread against an even weaker Rams team.

Dallas Cowboys (-3.5) at Washington Redskins (+3.5)My pick is Dallas

I struggled with this pick the most out of any of the other games on the schedule this week. The NFC East is a toss-up at this point and it will all come down to which team has a better divisional record. The Cowboys have their eyes set on the Super Bowl and the Redskins are definitely improved, but to what extent is still to be determined. This is a true rivalry game and should be intense, since it’s also opening weekend. The Cowboys offense is improved and looks like a team ready to take the next step. Both teams have issues at left-tackle, so both teams should be able to pressure the quarterback. The Cowboys are a stronger team, so I am picking them to win and cover.

Baltimore Ravens (+2.5) at New York Jets (-2.5)My pick is NY Jets

This should be one of the better games during Week 1, since both teams have been picked by experts to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl this season. The Ravens improved their offense by adding receivers to a prolific rushing attack. The Jets improved their team on both sides of the ball, but adding veterans at skilled positions. If Darrelle Revis wasn’t playing, I would pick the Ravens to win against the spread, but since he just ended his holdout, I will pick the Jets to cover, it will be that close of a game.

San Diego Chargers (-4.5) at Kansas City Chiefs (+4.5)My pick is San Diego

It’s been a long time since a Monday Night Football game has been played in Kansas City. I can see that energizing the Arrowhead crowd, but that can only do so much for the team. I believe KC is an improved team, but San Diego, even without Vincent Jackson, is a much better team. The Chargers should win this game big and cover this spread at halftime.

These picks are for entertainment purposes.

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