Review – Doc’s Sports 2009 Football Journal

Doc’s Sports sent over their 2009 Complete Football Journal which has the complete schedule of college and NFL football and much more. I looked through this publication from cover to cover and there are is a ton of information that anyone who is in a fantasy football league, casual or avid sports betters, or even just a casual fan that is in a pool at their workplace can use. Check out this review and see where you can get a copy of your own.

Doc’s Sports, which has been in the sports betting business for 38 years, has issued their 38th annual guide for the hardcore football fan. The information that is compiled in this book is extremely useful. You have the scores from the entire 2008 college football season, 2008 trends from the NFL season, and some tidbits for each week of the season for college and NFL games.

As this book is about 70% NFL and 30% information, it will help you out in either one. The NFL information is very handy, since it has roster changes, 2008 rankings, and past trends. There is even a breakdown of betting lines against teams within their own division. This is extremely useful since some of the hardest games to bet are when teams play their division, since they know each other very well. This book breaks down teams that do well against the spread after the bye weeks, if a team does well in a certain month, and even a team that does well if they are underdogs in a betting line.

Lastly, the Doc’s Sports Football Journal is very handy. The way that it is put together and compact, it can even fit in someone’s back pocket. It’s taller than it is wide, almost like a Zagat restaurant guide, if anyone is familiar with them.

If anyone is interested in purchasing Doc’s Sports 2009 Football Journal, you can either go to or call 1-800-356-9182. You can get them for $10 bucks a piece, or if you buy them in bulk, you’ll get an even better deal. They are good guys and have your best interest in mind. They have researched a lot of things to help you win your games each weekend and check out their website for up-to-date betting lines from the best online sports books.

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