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2017 March Madness: #11 Play-in Game – Kansas State vs Wake Forest

2017 John Collins Wake Forest Demon Deacons NCAA Tournament March MadnessWe are here to help you fill out your brackets and finally beat your cubicle neighbor in your office pool this year.

The Kansas State Wildcats were lucky to be invited to Dayton. They’ve played poorly since the beginning of the calendar year. They’ve been a doormat in the Big 12.

Wake Forest has some nice wins on their résumé. They just beat Louisville over a week ago. They even have a star with NBA potential.

Can Kansas State wipe the slate clean and beat Wake Forest in the play-in game?

Who do you think will win? We help you fill out your bracket.

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2012 College Football: All-Name Team

Not everyone can have the last name ‘Manning’ or ‘Montana’, some of us have to go through life with a pretty ridiculous name. Most of these names are pretty rough to grow up with, but some are names you wish you had…especially if you are named something bland like Joe Smith or Bobby Roberts (my name).

Some of the name are easy laughs that you’ll get instantly, but a few may take you a few moments to get the humor.

2012 NCAA Football’s All-Name Team consists of the funniest names in college football this year…and one specific one that I wish I had.

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