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Drunk Athlete: Tyler Hansbrough

It is rare that I come across a photo that represents everything this site is about…then Deadspin smacks me in the face with it.

I give you Tyler Hansbrough drinking a 40oz. at a bar…yes, THAT Tyler Hansbrough. I’m sure the Indiana Pacers PR department will have fun with this one.

Two photos of Hansbrough schwasted are after the jump…


Tyler, keepin’ it hood with the paper bag…that’s how we do, son!

By: TwitterButtons.com

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Sweetbob’s Storytime: My First Drunken St. Patrick’s Day

Before I tell you the tale of my St. Patrick’s Day nightmare of 2000, the picture next to this is not me. There isn’t any photo evidence of this event and I thank God that the invention of the “camera phone” wasn’t around yet. I didn’t change the names of any of my friends in this post, because I am the only one who looks like an ass in this story. I hope young men will read my adventure and note what I learned during my first drunken St. Patrick’s Day.

The first time that I got drunk was in October of 1999, just a few days after my 19th birthday. I was a freshman at Ball State University and was still trying to figure out the world. I came from a very small town in Indiana and I looked like I was 14 years old. I just came off a growth spurt and I started to shave once a week…things were looking up for me. Continue reading