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NBA: Top 10 Best White Boy Dunks Ever

Josh+McRoberts+Dunk+NBA+White+BoyThe movie “White Men Can’t Jump” didn’t help the stereotype that most white guys are un-athletic.I have had this blog for a few years and I cannot believe that I have never thought of posting ‘white guy slam dunk’ videos. There have been a lot of pale NBA players have graced us with fantastic dunks. Tom Chambers and Rex Chapman had awesome dunks and helped pave the way for Brent Barry to win the Slam Dunk contest…but let’s not fool anyone, the stereotype still exists.

I scoured YouTube in search of the best videos of white boys throwing it down in the NBA. I picked a few iconic dunks and a couple that have happened recently. I excluded many amazing dunks that happened in college, because I could make a top 50 post with those.

Here’s the ten best videos of “white guys dunking in the NBA”…I added a special video at the end. Continue reading

Drunk Athlete: Tyler Hansbrough

It is rare that I come across a photo that represents everything this site is about…then Deadspin smacks me in the face with it.

I give you Tyler Hansbrough drinking a 40oz. at a bar…yes, THAT Tyler Hansbrough. I’m sure the Indiana Pacers PR department will have fun with this one.

Two photos of Hansbrough schwasted are after the jump…


Tyler, keepin’ it hood with the paper bag…that’s how we do, son!

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