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Out On A Limb: 2009 NFL Predictions

A lot of surprises will happen this season and it’s only normal that I do this post. My 2008 Prediction post had some that were correct and I was happy how it turned out. I was way off on a few, but these are predictions that The 2009 NFL season starts on Thursday and it’s about that time where I take a shot in the dark and try and predict the future, the future Bobby, Yes, all the way to the year 2009. Sorry about the lame homage to Conan, I love that guy.

– I want to start off with the man in the picture above. I believe Matthew Stafford will throw 20 TDs and over half of them will be to Calvin Johnson.

– B.J. Raji will win the Defensive Rookie Of The Year

– Bob Sanders will only play 4 games this year

– Tom Brady will throw 40 TDs this year

– The Detroit Lions will be 0-5, until they win a game

– LaDanian Tomlinson will bounce back and rush for 1600 yards

– Byron Leftwich will lose his starting job by Week 6

– Donald Brown will end the year with more rushing hards than Joseph Addai

– Deon Butler will have more than 7 TDs this year

– The Kansas City Chiefs will win 7 games this season

– The Green Bay Packers will hit a wall and win only 5 games in 2009

– The Arizona Cardinals will go 8-8 and Matt Leinart will start at least two games

– Phillip Rivers will win the Offensive NFL MVP

– Willie Parker will end the year with double the amount of rushing yards than Rashard Mendenhall

– Marvin Harrison will sign with a team by Week 4

– Michael Vick will score at least 8 TDs in some form this season

– The Eagles will be the NFC Champions

– Brady Quinn will throw more than 24 TDs this year

– Chad Ochocinco will lead the league in receiving yards

– The Denver Broncos will win only 4 games and Josh McDaniels will be fired

– Jay Cutler will throw 15 interceptions, but will throw 32 TDs

– The San Diego Chargers will win the Super Bowl

– Adrian Peterson will rush for more touchdowns than Brett Favre will throw

– Dwight Freeney will lead the league in sacks

– The Houston Texans will finish 8-8 again, thus not having a winning season

– The New York Jets will throw more passing TDs than the New York Giants

– Terrell Owens will catch less than 7 TDs this season

– Jim Caldwell will win more games than Raheem Morris and Jim Schwartz combined

– Alex Smith will throw at least 5 TDs this season

– Matt Cassel will throw more interceptions than touchdowns

– Larry Johnson will rush for less than 800 yards

– Mark Sanchez will win Offensive Rookie of the Year

– Lance Briggs will win Defensive MVP

– Jim Zorn will be fired by Week 14

– Jason Witten will catch at least 13 TDs

– Drew Brees will break Dan Marino’s single-season passing yards record

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A Sports & Entertainment blog that focuses on absurdity in sports, snarky banter, updates on Tim Tebow’s virginity, and decent sports gambling advice.

Out On A Limb – 2008 NFL Predictions

Seems like all football analysts want to do is say some random thing that they think may happen this season and if they come true, they are awesome, if they don’t, they never mention them again. It sounds like a fun game, so I want to play. These are some predictions that seems out-of-the-box, but of course I will stay with tradition and brag if any of these become remotely true.

– I want to start off with the man in the picture, Brady Quinn. He will become the starter for Cleveland by week 8. Derek Anderson is a one-year wonder, much like Scott Mitchell was for Detroit in the mid-90s.

– Vince Young will end the season with more touchdowns than interceptions

– Larry Johnson will rush for 1600 yards and 17 touchdowns

– The Jets will win the AFC East

– Chad Johnson will lead the AFC in receiving yards

– Tom Brady will throw less than 30 TDs this season

– Kurt Warner will throw more than 30 TDs this season

– The Houston Texans will make the playoffs

– Matt Ryan will win Offensive Rookie Of The Year

– Adrian Peterson will only play in 10 games this season

– Shawne Merriman will get at least 8 sacks and play in at least 13 games.

– Drew Brees will lead the New Orleans Saints to win the NFC South

– J.T. O’Sullivan will throw for more than 28 TDs

– The St. Louis Rams will be better than 8-8

– The Kansas Chiefs will have the worse record in the NFL

– Marvin Harrison will retire after this season

– Daunte Culpepper will have signed with a team by week 6

– Nate Burleson will lead the Seahawks in receiving and TDs

– Rex Grossman will start at least 5 games this season

– Jerod Mayo will win Defensive Rookie Of The Year

– Marshawn Lynch will have a better fantasy season than Ladainian Tomlinson

A Sports & Entertainment blog that focuses on absurdity in sports, snarky banter, updates on Tim Tebow’s virginity, and decent sports gambling advice.