NFL Week 6: What We Learned

A lot of big fantasy football stars had big days today. Tom Brady, Ray Rice, DeAngelo Williams, and Randy Moss all had big days. A lot of good teams looked great and a few bad teams just looked horrible. A few surprises happened, but nothing that would jump off of the page, except for the Raiders beating the Eagles, I don’t know many people who would have predicted that. Here is what we learned during Week 6 in the 2009 NFL season.

– The Cincinnati Bengals aren’t as good as we thought they were. When the Bengals are favored in a game, they are 2-13 against the spread. They love the part of underdog, but when they are supposed to win, they choke.

– Matt Schaub is finally starting to play like a franchise quarterback. Sure, having Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels receiving balls helps, but Steve Slaton hasn’t done anything this year. The Texans are starting to look like a possible playoff team.

– The Patriots look like they are back to their 2007 form. They beat the Titans 59-0 and CBS actually changed the game to a more competitive game in the 3rd quarter. Tom Brady looks like he’s back and that only makes Randy Moss play even harder. Oh by the way, Laurence Maroney is alive, who knew? I liked him when he was a rookie, but he fell out of favor with the coaches and he was in a black void in New England.

– Tennessee needs to start Vince Young. Kerry Collins is nearly as old as Brett Favre and you have a lot of money vested in Young. You need to see what you have, or this season could be a complete loss. If this season ends and you still have no idea if Young can be a starter in this league, you’re not doing your job as talent evaluators.

– The Atlanta Falcons looked just as good as last week. The running game never got going, but Matt Ryan loves Tony Gonzalez.

– Jay Cutler still has some things to work out. He looks like he really loves Johnny Knox, but he can’t rely on him all game. I’m also worried about Matt Forte, he had another rough game against a solid team. It seems like he can only gain yards against the Lions, but I could probably put up a 100+ yard game against Detroit.

– Speaking of the Lions, they were without Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson…did they have a chance against Green Bay? It was a worthless game and the Lions didn’t put up a single point.

– I want to congratulate the Packers on beating up a the B-team that the Lions put out on the field. They should have put up Madden-like numbers in this game, but only beat them 26-0.

– We learned that Ray Rice is the true #1 running back in Baltimore and that the Vikings are a better team.

– The Vikings are truly Favre’s team. Adrian Peterson will not have a great fantasy year, because the gunslinger is calling the plays. Also, thanks to the pre-game, Peterson has a crazy shoe fetish.

– The Saints are a really good team. They beat the Giants and they put up a ton of points against them. I think we can put them as the #1 team in the NFC, they are even better than Minnesota.

– I know Eli Manning isn’t 100%, but the Giants got handed a really bad loss. Their defense should be ashamed, they are better than that.

– Mark Sanchez looked like a rookie today. He threw 5 interceptions and 4 of those were definitely his fault.

– The Bills surprised me today, even if Sanchez won the game for the Bills.

– The Browns are still bad, it doesn’t matter who is playing quarterback.

– Hines Ward had a good game against Cleveland, does that surprise you? The Ohio teams in the AFC have been padding his stats since he came into the league.

– Carolina can win, despite Jake Delhomme. They really put the handcuffs on him in this game. He only threw 65 yards and they clearly don’t trust him. Just keep handing the ball off to Williams and Stewart, Jake.

– Tampa Bay has to win a game at some point, right? I don’t know if I learned that today, but how could they drop this much in one season.

– Jim Zorn should have been fired three weeks ago, but he has job security. I learned that if you want to never be fired, make sure that you’re the only one that knows the passwords to the computers. They can’t get rid of you.

– I predicted that the Chiefs would win 6 games this season. I don’t look as dumb now, only five more to go!

– The Jaguars are bipolar, they need meds. You don’t know which team is going to be on the field.

– We learned that the Rams are almost an NFL team. It took them a little extra time to lose the game this week, congratulations Rams.

– I thought Seattle was back, but Arizona put the brakes on that. The Cardinals played a nearly perfect first quarter and it deflated Seattle’s hopes.

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