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2015 NCAA Football – Week 12 Betting Picks Against Spread

indiana hoosiers michigan wolverines november 2015 college football picks against the spread america's white boy ncaaLast week’s game were a lot of fun to watch. There were a load of tight games, but the Indiana/Michigan topped them all. I love any game in which Jim Harbaugh freaks out on the sideline. I watched the entire game and it was exactly the type of game I expected…completely bonkers.

I went 13-7 last week against the spread. Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State and Notre Dame are still sitting at the top of the College Football Playoff rankings this week. Iowa and Oklahoma State need huge games to crack that group.

We at ‘America’s White Boy’ pick against the spread for all the big college football games on Saturday (November 21st, 2015), and pick some smaller conference games as well. Enjoy!

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2014 March Madness: #8 Memphis vs #9 George Washington

Joe Jackson Memphis Tigers 2014 NCAA TournamentWe are picking every NCAA Tournament game in an effort to help you fill out your bracket and win your office pool.

The move to the American Athletic Conference was a smart move by Memphis. They are playing better teams and they are going into the tournament more prepared than when they were in Conference USA.

The Atlantic 10 was the best mid-major in college basketball. A half dozen teams made it into the NCAA Tournament and they are well represented. George Washington faced tough competition and they’re ready.

Senior guard Joe Jackson has scored over 1,500 points in his four seasons at Memphis. He has only won one NCAA Tournament game. Is this the year Memphis makes a deep run?

Who do you think will win? We help you fill out your bracket.

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Kansas Proved Me Wrong

My bracket-skills need some work, I usually do pretty well in tournament pools, but this year was a bad year for your local area “White Boy.” I had UNC/UCLA in the final game with UCLA winning the dance. Even though I think that game would have been amazing, the Memphis/Kansas game didn’t disappoint at all. I watched a few games that Memphis and Kansas participated in this year and the games I watched, neither team impressed me. I saw Memphis lose to Tennessee and I barely paid attention to the Kansas games I watched ’cause I have never believed that Bill Self was that great of a coach. I’m no fool though, I’ve seen highlights almost daily of Brandon Rush or Mario Chalmers making some great plays on Sportscenter, but I have never given them much dap. The dap-o-meter reading was extremely high during the National Championship game. Especially after that amazing shot that Chalmers drained with guys in his grill.I have to confess that I wasn’t really into the National Championship game from the start. I don’t really have much love for either of the teams. My opinion on Memphis is that they are a bunch of thugs that will not end up with a diploma and Kansas play is more boring than entertained (most of the time). I was watched the game at the Winking Lizard tavern and I was just minding my own business and watching the game and talking to my friend, like a sane person. Anyways, there was a group of guys next to me that were really into the game, excuse me, REALLY into the game. I happened to be sitting next to the guy who was screaming directives and plays at the Kansas team, I believe this gentleman may have been what the experts call “drunk.” This made me start wanting Memphis to make this game into a blow-out, just to shut this guy up. They let me down, they actually made this game into one of the most entertaining Final Four games that I can remember. As we speak, John Caliperi is currently petitioning the league to ban the free-throw.

Do you think Chalmers and Rush will have decent NBA careers? I believe Chalmers plays a lot like Tayshaun Prince. He is long and has good range for a guy his size. He can also play defense, which is just a plus when you think about what he would bring offensively. The jury is still out on Rush. His brother Kareem Rush, was a great player at the University of Missouri, but hasn’t panned out as a pro. He is still in the NBA, but has been a bench player. I don’t like to compare siblings like that, but Kareem was a much better college player than Brandon. I hope the best for him.

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