Kansas Proved Me Wrong

My bracket-skills need some work, I usually do pretty well in tournament pools, but this year was a bad year for your local area “White Boy.” I had UNC/UCLA in the final game with UCLA winning the dance. Even though I think that game would have been amazing, the Memphis/Kansas game didn’t disappoint at all. I watched a few games that Memphis and Kansas participated in this year and the games I watched, neither team impressed me. I saw Memphis lose to Tennessee and I barely paid attention to the Kansas games I watched ’cause I have never believed that Bill Self was that great of a coach. I’m no fool though, I’ve seen highlights almost daily of Brandon Rush or Mario Chalmers making some great plays on Sportscenter, but I have never given them much dap. The dap-o-meter reading was extremely high during the National Championship game. Especially after that amazing shot that Chalmers drained with guys in his grill.I have to confess that I wasn’t really into the National Championship game from the start. I don’t really have much love for either of the teams. My opinion on Memphis is that they are a bunch of thugs that will not end up with a diploma and Kansas play is more boring than entertained (most of the time). I was watched the game at the Winking Lizard tavern and I was just minding my own business and watching the game and talking to my friend, like a sane person. Anyways, there was a group of guys next to me that were really into the game, excuse me, REALLY into the game. I happened to be sitting next to the guy who was screaming directives and plays at the Kansas team, I believe this gentleman may have been what the experts call “drunk.” This made me start wanting Memphis to make this game into a blow-out, just to shut this guy up. They let me down, they actually made this game into one of the most entertaining Final Four games that I can remember. As we speak, John Caliperi is currently petitioning the league to ban the free-throw.

Do you think Chalmers and Rush will have decent NBA careers? I believe Chalmers plays a lot like Tayshaun Prince. He is long and has good range for a guy his size. He can also play defense, which is just a plus when you think about what he would bring offensively. The jury is still out on Rush. His brother Kareem Rush, was a great player at the University of Missouri, but hasn’t panned out as a pro. He is still in the NBA, but has been a bench player. I don’t like to compare siblings like that, but Kareem was a much better college player than Brandon. I hope the best for him.

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