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It’s Been Awhile – Part 5

Hey guys, have you noticed that I’ve started writing again? I started this blog 4 years ago this month and I have taken five extended breaks from writing. Every time I take a hiatus, I feel the need to tell people why I decided to take a break. Here it goes…

I’ve always been “too honest” on this site and I can tell you guys that my passion for writing…it faded. I had a day job, a girlfriend, a busy social life, yet I kept writing here and for a few other sites. Over the last year and a half, I’ve had a few losses in my life and it increased my “fuck it” impulse. It’s not that I didn’t want to write, I couldn’t. The picture above is a photo of me that a friend shot in Vegas.┬áIt exemplifies how I felt about writing. I would sit at my laptop and my mind would be blank.

It’s not like I completely quit writing, I tried. I have been working on a short story for a few years now. I would have days where I would write, but they were few and far between. I’ve had a few freelance gigs and helped start a local nightlife site, but I didn’t get any joy from it. I know that this needed to change and I tried everything to try to re-boot my system, I even became a vegetarian for two months. I didn’t want my passion to die, so I kept trying new things and it slowly came back.

I can say that, as of today, my passion bucket is once again full. My mind is full of ideas and I’m ready to start making the magic happen again. I have agreed to write for a few other sites, as well as rejuvenating my own. I started this blog because of the NCAA Tournament and the phenomenon that happens every year. One unathletic whiteboy becomes the nation’s underdog…America’s White Boy. I started it with the idea of being the underdog. This site went from an idea to getting over 50k uniques a month. I hope to start that process again today.

Now that I’ve said all of that, this is the portion of this post where I list all of the things that I’ve learned since I’ve been gone.

– I’ve realized that the Cubs will never win the World Series

– Soccer moms listen to Bon Iver while they do “hot yoga”

– I’ve spent a lot of time drinking craft beer…a lot of time.

– I really love “Jungleland” by Bruce Springsteen, here’s a live version from 1975.

– My attempt at being a hardcore soccer fan, it never really happened. I don’t wake up early enough on the weekends.

– I finally watched “The Silence Of The Lambs”, so I now get a lot of old jokes & parodies of Buffalo Bill.

– I hate accounting. I really hate accounting.

– I’ve watched a lot of TV. I really like “Community”, “Parks & Recreation”, “Always Sunny In Philadelphia”, “New Girl”, & “The Big Bang Theory”

– You should “Like” me on Facebook.

– I hope to join together with some friends and start a podcast soon.

– Ryan Braun probably got away with taking steroids.

– 2011 was a pretty shitty year.

– I watch a lot of Josh Krajcik videos on YouTube.

– should be so much better than it is. I love long-form sports journalism & Chuck Klosterman. The site shouldn’t be named after Grantland Rice, it should be named after Will Leitch.

– I’m still addicted to Twitter @ Sweetbob.

– I think I personally know at least 100 “social media experts”, yet many lack any real-life social skills.

– I’m signed up for Google+, but I rarely use it. The only people who add me are from Sri Lanka or a country in the Orient.

– This past football season, I got over 100,000 uniques from Google from people searching for the terms “Tim Tebow Virgin” & “Tim Tebow Naked/Nude”. I used to just get a lot of hits from the term “shirtless” followed by popular baseball players’ names.

– I hate that a lot of sites are starting to use the “Bleacher Report” model of using “Top 10” lists or using slideshows to increase traffic.

– I’m no longer jaded by the music industry. I’ve realized that “the machine” is dying and independent artists are gaining more control of their lives.

– I really want to watch Wrestlemania this year.

– If you love drinking beer, you should be on Untappd.

– I think A&W Root Beer is the best root beer. I will fight anyone to the death if they tell me otherwise.

– I have been writing jokes for a stand-up routine. I have a lot of material…I just need to try it out on people.

– Twitter has ruined my grammar. I kind of have a hardcore “passive voice” problem. (English nerds will get that joke)

– Christina Aguilera is slowly turning into Snooki.

– I read something by Mark Twain, every day.

– If you play Christmas songs on a jukebox in February, everyone at that bar will hate you.

– I’m a huge fan of mash-ups, but I have a hatred for dub-step.

– My next phone will be an iPhone, I’ve grown tired of my Android…also, I would like to have Instagram.

– I like The Format more than the band, Fun.

– I’ve watched 95% of the Indiana Pacers games this year, watch out for them in the playoffs.

– Anthony Davis’s unibrow will get drafted #2, after Anthony Davis himself.

– Last week, I successfully groomed Nugget, my shih tzu.

– I have the best friends that a guy could have. I haven’t been around them that much in the last year, but I hope that will change soon. I think about you guys everyday.

Finally, I’ve always ended these posts with a picture of a hot girl. I did it just to make my girlfriend mad, since I’m single, I don’t feel the need to do it. Instead, here are some photos that crack me up and/or I want to put on the back of my business card.

Thanks for hanging in there with me!

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Lazy Saturday

After a long week of looking at Excel spreadsheets and dealing with office politics, I needed a nice day of watching sports and eating junk food. I was looking forward to today since around this time of years there are great college basketball games and the college bowl seasons begins. I was very encouraged by the college basketball games, but extremely sad about the bowl games taking place today. First off let’s talk about the lackluster bowl games of the day.

Eagle Bank Bowl – Wake Forest vs. Navy – I’ve never heard of Eagle Bank and probably won’t after today. I predicted that Wake Forest would win this game and it wasn’t really much of a game. I turned away from the game after the first quarter.

New Mexico Bowl – Fresno State vs. Colorado State – This is a pretty sad name for the game, I guess the state of New Mexico needed to put their name on a Bowl game to boost tourism. I can’t think of one reason why I would want to visit New Mexico, even after I used wikipedia and google.

MagicJack St. Petersburg Bowl – South Florida vs. Memphis – First, MagicJack is a product that you see advertised around 2:30am on Sunday nights. You plug it in your computer and you suddenly have a landline phone, this product will be gone by this time next year. Secondly, this game was played at Tropicana Field, probably the worst place to play a baseball game and now probably the worst place to play a football game. I watched the first half of this game and kids were hitting the turf and coming away with knee injuries ever 5 minutes. The highlight of the game was the sideline reporting work of Rob Stone. I’ll take a dude sideline reporter instead of Erin Andrews if he brings the funny. Do you think George Selvie is a solid NFL prospect or just a product of playing B talent on a year-round basis? Just curious, discuss this with friends.

Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl – BYU vs. Arizona – This game hasn’t came on yet, but I will predict a blowout by BYU. Also, it has been snowing in Las Vegas, so sadly there will not be any showgirls on the sidelines.

After seeing those Bowl games, I instantly went to look at the college basketball schedule and same some gems. I thought that this day would be saved by some college hoops, but as of 6:30pm, it has been very bad. (Note: I didn’t get the Michigan State vs. Texas game in my region)

Duke vs. Xavier – This was supposed to be a marquee match-up with the number six team facing the number seven team in the country. Either Duke is the real deal or Xavier is horrible. This wasn’t even a game, I started watching the next game.

Minnesota vs. Louisville – This game was one of the best of the day. Louisville came into the game ranked #9 and Minnesota was undefeated, but haven’t played any elite teams. I like to think that this game was the battle of the ex-Kentucky coaches. I wanted to see Ralph Sampson’s kid, but he doesn’t play a lot, but the way Minnesota played, they didn’t really need him. It was a good game and both of these teams should have solid seasons.

Davidson vs. Purdue – I’m a big Stephen Curry fan, but maybe a bigger Sonya Curry fan, just kidding. I started this blog about the time that Curry was going off in the NCAA tournament last year. I haven’t had the chance to see him play this year and I was excited to see him play against Purdue…my excitement ended with a 21-0 Purdue run to begin the game. Davidson looked like a team undeserving of the hype and Purdue looked like a team finally “getting it.”

UConn vs. Gonzaga – I actually wasn’t supposed to get this game, but since the Davidson/Purdue game was a blow-out, they switched over to this game of a game. My favorite announcer, Gus Johnson, was on the mic and throwing down some memorable lines. He blamed the officials for being “overly-officious,” if that’s even a word, and he said that one of the players was a pitching prospect for the “Kansas City Chiefs,” clearly Gus Johnson doesn’t broadcast baseball. This game turned out to be the kind of game that I was waiting for all day. Gonzaga had the advantage throughout the game, but Jim Calhoun worked his magic and got the line-up in the game that got them back in it. After A.J. Price blew it on the free-throw line (I found out that he’s only a 37% free throw shooter, that’s worse than Shaq and Chris Dudley), he made an amazing 3-pointer to force the game into overtime. I need to find this moment on YouTube, because Gus Johnson blew a load. UConn dominated in overtime and they won the game, which was surprised me, the game was in Seattle and the Huskies had issues even getting there.

Memphis vs. Syracuse – I am watching this game now and it is a good one. I actually wanted to watch this game to see Tyreke Evans. He was supposed to go to Kentucky, but decided on Memphis. Memphis misses Derrick Rose and Joey Dorsey, but they are loaded with young talent again this season. These teams should both have decent seasons and make the NCAA tourney easily.

Oklahoma vs. VCU – This is the late game of the day, I want to see Eric Maynor and Blake Griffin, they are both going to be playing in the NBA next year. Griffin will most likely be a top three pick and Maynor will playing in the NBA somewhere, but his draft stock is still to be determined. Maynor has turned it up against talented teams and first made a name for himself a couple seasons ago in the NCAA tournament against Duke. VCU has a good team this year with a win against Kentucky under their belt. Oklahoma was my pre-season pick to make the Final Four this season, they probably won’t win it all with North Carolina looking unbeatable, but they will have a memorable season.

Since I do not have the NFL Network I will be unable to watch the Dallas Cowboys vs. Baltimore Ravens game. It will probably be a good game and I hope Tony Romo and Jason Witten have monster games, my fantasy football championship depends on it. I will probably end up watching some NHL hockey, the Columbus Blue Jackets play at the Phoenix Coyotes, I hope the Columbus BJs play well(something that I call them and hope it catches on). Here is to a weak Saturday of sports to all my fellow couch potatoes.

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