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It’s Been Awhile – Part 5

Hey guys, have you noticed that I’ve started writing again? I started this blog 4 years ago this month and I have taken five extended breaks from writing. Every time I take a hiatus, I feel the need to tell people why I decided to take a break. Here it goes…

I’ve always been “too honest” on this site and I can tell you guys that my passion for writing…it faded. I had a day job, a girlfriend, a busy social life, yet I kept writing here and for a few other sites. Over the last year and a half, I’ve had a few losses in my life and it increased my “fuck it” impulse. It’s not that I didn’t want to write, I couldn’t. The picture above is a photo of me that a friend shot in Vegas.┬áIt exemplifies how I felt about writing. I would sit at my laptop and my mind would be blank.

It’s not like I completely quit writing, I tried. I have been working on a short story for a few years now. I would have days where I would write, but they were few and far between. I’ve had a few freelance gigs and helped start a local nightlife site, but I didn’t get any joy from it. I know that this needed to change and I tried everything to try to re-boot my system, I even became a vegetarian for two months. I didn’t want my passion to die, so I kept trying new things and it slowly came back.

I can say that, as of today, my passion bucket is once again full. My mind is full of ideas and I’m ready to start making the magic happen again. I have agreed to write for a few other sites, as well as rejuvenating my own. I started this blog because of the NCAA Tournament and the phenomenon that happens every year. One unathletic whiteboy becomes the nation’s underdog…America’s White Boy. I started it with the idea of being the underdog. This site went from an idea to getting over 50k uniques a month. I hope to start that process again today.

Now that I’ve said all of that, this is the portion of this post where I list all of the things that I’ve learned since I’ve been gone.

– I’ve realized that the Cubs will never win the World Series

– Soccer moms listen to Bon Iver while they do “hot yoga”

– I’ve spent a lot of time drinking craft beer…a lot of time.

– I really love “Jungleland” by Bruce Springsteen, here’s a live version from 1975.

– My attempt at being a hardcore soccer fan, it never really happened. I don’t wake up early enough on the weekends.

– I finally watched “The Silence Of The Lambs”, so I now get a lot of old jokes & parodies of Buffalo Bill.

– I hate accounting. I really hate accounting.

– I’ve watched a lot of TV. I really like “Community”, “Parks & Recreation”, “Always Sunny In Philadelphia”, “New Girl”, & “The Big Bang Theory”

– You should “Like” me on Facebook.

– I hope to join together with some friends and start a podcast soon.

– Ryan Braun probably got away with taking steroids.

– 2011 was a pretty shitty year.

– I watch a lot of Josh Krajcik videos on YouTube.

– should be so much better than it is. I love long-form sports journalism & Chuck Klosterman. The site shouldn’t be named after Grantland Rice, it should be named after Will Leitch.

– I’m still addicted to Twitter @ Sweetbob.

– I think I personally know at least 100 “social media experts”, yet many lack any real-life social skills.

– I’m signed up for Google+, but I rarely use it. The only people who add me are from Sri Lanka or a country in the Orient.

– This past football season, I got over 100,000 uniques from Google from people searching for the terms “Tim Tebow Virgin” & “Tim Tebow Naked/Nude”. I used to just get a lot of hits from the term “shirtless” followed by popular baseball players’ names.

– I hate that a lot of sites are starting to use the “Bleacher Report” model of using “Top 10” lists or using slideshows to increase traffic.

– I’m no longer jaded by the music industry. I’ve realized that “the machine” is dying and independent artists are gaining more control of their lives.

– I really want to watch Wrestlemania this year.

– If you love drinking beer, you should be on Untappd.

– I think A&W Root Beer is the best root beer. I will fight anyone to the death if they tell me otherwise.

– I have been writing jokes for a stand-up routine. I have a lot of material…I just need to try it out on people.

– Twitter has ruined my grammar. I kind of have a hardcore “passive voice” problem. (English nerds will get that joke)

– Christina Aguilera is slowly turning into Snooki.

– I read something by Mark Twain, every day.

– If you play Christmas songs on a jukebox in February, everyone at that bar will hate you.

– I’m a huge fan of mash-ups, but I have a hatred for dub-step.

– My next phone will be an iPhone, I’ve grown tired of my Android…also, I would like to have Instagram.

– I like The Format more than the band, Fun.

– I’ve watched 95% of the Indiana Pacers games this year, watch out for them in the playoffs.

– Anthony Davis’s unibrow will get drafted #2, after Anthony Davis himself.

– Last week, I successfully groomed Nugget, my shih tzu.

– I have the best friends that a guy could have. I haven’t been around them that much in the last year, but I hope that will change soon. I think about you guys everyday.

Finally, I’ve always ended these posts with a picture of a hot girl. I did it just to make my girlfriend mad, since I’m single, I don’t feel the need to do it. Instead, here are some photos that crack me up and/or I want to put on the back of my business card.

Thanks for hanging in there with me!

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