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2014-15 NBA Team Preview: Golden State Warriors

Jessica Alba Golden State Warriors NBA season PreviewGolden State had a weird off-season. They were coming off a 51-win season and they ended up firing head coach Mark Jackson and hiring Steve Kerr, who hasn’t coached a day in his life. Should we expect Golden State to keep on their upward trend or will there be some growing pains with Kerr in charge?

The Warriors kept their roster pretty much the same. They added a few pieces, but their starting five and key role players are mostly the same.

In the competitive Western Conference, did Golden State make a mistake by not trading David Lee or Klay Thompson to fill a need?

We will be posting a team preview for every team up until the start of the regular season.

Here is the 2014-15 NBA season preview for the Golden State Warriors.

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Post-Draft Rumors: Shaq To Portland?

The Draft is the unofficial start to the off-season for the NBA. After the dust settles and the draft day trades get finalized, you start to hear rumors of players opting out, trades that didn’t happen, and rumors of players on the move. The post-draft activities is no different from past years, all of the above is happening.

After Shaquille O’Neal was traded to Cleveland, he mentioned that there could have been a trade that sent him to Portland. He told Steve Kerr that he didn’t want to play in Portland, so all the talk stopped there. The deal was proposed back in February, before the trading deadline last season. How would that trade work? Cleveland made the trade work with expiring contracts that totaled near the total of Shaq’s salary. Portland didn’t have cap space then, but had the expiring contract of Raef LaFrentz is now off the books. If the same trade would have been proposed a couple of weeks ago, it would have been difficult for Portland to make it. Martell Webster and Joel Pryzbilla could have been sent, but it’s all clearly speculation and not sure if the final numbers would have worked out.

Hedo Turkoglu finally sent word to the Orlando Magic that he will definitely opt out of his contract. He would be the prize of this year’s free agency class, but he could try and see if they can settle on a long-term deal to stay in Orlando. The trade for Vince Carter could have sealed Turkoglu’s fate, there may not be enough money to sign their post-season stud.

Is he or isn’t he? The rumors have been swirling about where Amare Stoudemire will end up. Rumors were circulating that Stephon Curry was going to be part of a deal that sent Stoudemire to Golden State, but Don Nelson has been vocal that Curry is staying in Oakland. We should know more this week about the fate of Amare Stoudemire.

Is Ricky Rubio staying in Spain or will he face the cold in Minnesota? A decision should be made in the next few weeks. The New York Knicks are rumored to be working on a proposal to land the talented point guard. If Rubio ends up in New York, you could possibly put an end to the rumor that Steve Nash will sign with the Knicks when he becomes a free agent.

America’s White Boy’s official NBA team, the Indiana Pacers, are saying that they will be very active this off-season. They drafted Tyler Hansbrough and A.J. Price, but those picks didn’t fill any pressing needs for the team. They are shopping T.J. Ford around in hopes of finding another point guard. They have plenty of expiring contracts, but with the state of the economy, don’t look for them to be buyers and taking on extra payroll. They are setting up for a run at a few free agents in a year. They need another young scorer to match up with Danny Granger.

A rumor that is starting to gain steam is Ben Wallace will be traded from Phoenix to New Orleans for Tyson Chandler. The Hornets need to get rid of Chandler’s multi-year deal and Wallace is in the last year of his deal. He has even said that he may retire, if that is true, the Hornets could buyout his contract and save some money.

With free agency starting on Wednesday, Glen “Big Baby” Davis could be looking for a starting job. He said that he is in a position to make more money and maybe even a starting gig. Davis was crucial in the Celtics run last year and with Garnett’s status still up in the air, they should try and work out a deal.

Wondering where Baylor’s Curtis Jerrells may end up? It looks like he will be playing for Dallas on their summer league team. He could end up with a spot on the Mavericks or more likely, this is a gig to showcase his skills and possibly land on an NBDL squad.

Other undrafted free agent landing spots…Temple’s Dionte Christmas accepted a spot on the 76ers summer league team. BC’s Tyrese Rice will be playing for Washington, UConn’s Jeff Adrien will be playing for Memphis, and Gonzaga’s Josh Heytvelt will suit up for Golden State on their summer league team. Gonzaga’s Jeremy Pargo could end up on Portland’s summer league, but no official word as of today.

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The 2009 NBA Draft Live Blog

I am running a live blog update during the 2009 NBA Draft. Click on the title of this post to view the up-to-date information and analysis on the NBA Draft. What are the odds that both the Jazz and Pacers pick white boys? I’m not a betting man (at least that’s what I tell my mother), I would bet the house.

7:27 – Why does Dick Vitale is wearing a shirt that matches his skin color…orange.


7:37 – I’m suprised that the Clippers really waited this long to announce their pick. Donald Sterling was probably with a few of his “asian friends” and forgot what time it was.

The Los Angeles Clippers pick Blake Griffin

7:43 – I wonder if Griffin grew out his hair, would he look like Delonte West?

7:45 – Stu Scott is interviewing Mike Dunleavy. Everytime Dunleavy is on ESPN, Bill Simmons sheds a tear

The Memphis Grizzlies pick Hasheem Thabeet

7:46 – Can a tailor actually make suits that fit these guys? There is just too much fabric on suits for guys over 7 feet. They look like they are wearing stilts.

7:50 – Thabeet just explained the difference between soccer and basketball. I’m glad that I watched this or I would have never known.

The Oklahoma City Thunder pick James Harden

7:52 – Ricky Rubio was just shown clapping as if someone just stole his girlfriend.

7:53 – Is there enough points to go around in OKC? Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Jeff Green, and James Harden will put up some nice offensive numbers.

7:55 – Harden is the early leader for the worst suit of the night. His bowtie screams Joakim Noah and his shirt/vest combo screams Hakeem Olajuwon.

The Sacramento Kings pick Tyreke Evans

7:57 – Evans and Griffin appear to be wearing the same suit. I like this pick, he’s tall and can get into the paint. The Kings really don’t have anyone else on their team, they are probably 3-4 years away from being competitive.

8:01 – ESPN is showing the resume of David Kahn, the new GM for the Minnesota Timberwolves. I have seen high school graduates with better credentials to be a GM.

The Minnesota Timberwolves pick Ricky Rubio

8:04 – Rubio’s suit was probably made by some European designer and cost a lot of money, but he looks like he’s either going to a funeral or re-fill my drink.

8:06 – This is either a Ricky Rubio interview or a promo for the movie “Bruno.”

8:07 – They are comparing Rubio to ‘Pistol’ Pete Maravich and Steve Nash. Are they setting this kid up for disaster?

The Minnesota Timberwolves pick Jonny Flynn

8:10 – If Jonny Flynn drops a “passion bucket” in his interview here, the Minnesota Timberwolves will be the official team of the Dan Patrick Show. Is the NBA going to have two balls on the court now? I don’t quite understand going point guard/point guard here. Is there going to be a trade coming up?

8:14 – Ouch! No “passion bucket” reference, but he did say “overflowing passion”…close enough.

The Golden State Warriors pick Stephen Curry

8:16 – The Knicks fans boo, but I think Curry will fit well in Oakland. Doesn’t the Knicks have enough tweener guards? Trust me Knicks fan, you need more than Curry.

8:19 – I bet Curry gets carded everywhere he goes. The kid looks 15 years old and he was just picked in the NBA Draft.

The New York Knicks pick Jordan Hill

8:21 – Get used to the boos Mr. Hill, you’re going to be hearing them every night.

8:23 – Hmmm, a PF/C chosen by the Knicks #8 from Arizona…Channing Frye? How did that turn out for you guys? Oh, ouch!

The Toronto Raptors pick DeMar DeRozan

8:27 – The ESPN crew is going to have a hard time trying to talk up DeRozan. He had a bad year at USC for a guy expected to be a stud.

8:29 – DeRozan has a family with healthy issues AND he had to play under Tim Floyd. I don’t know which one to feel more sorry for him about.

The Milwaukee Bucks pick Brandon Jennings

8:33 – I love “Young Money”‘s flat-top. I am crossing my fingers that that hair-style will come back soon. By the way, it was rumored that he was going to drop in the 20s, I guess they were wrong. He sounds like he could be the next T.J. Ford, since he doesn’t have much of an offensive game.

8:36 – A player who struggled in Italy and did bad on his SATs…sounds like it could end horribly.

The New Jersey Nets pick Terrence Williams

8:38 – This kid could be my new favorite player. He looks like his suit is made out of satin. I heard this kid wears Spongebob socks and a Barbie backpack. I may need to get this guy’s jersey.

8:41 – The first awkward moment of the night. Williams kept talking as they cut to a shot of the crew.

The Charlotte Bobcats pick Gerald Henderson

8:45 – The Bobcats continue their solid “when all else fails, pick a guy from UNC or Duke, it could help attendance” plan.

8:46 – I can’t say this enough, but I hate the term “Basketball I.Q.” What the hell doesn’t that even mean?

The Indiana Pacers pick Tyler Hansbrough

8:50 – If you read the beginning of this post, I won. The team photo for the Pacers now looks like the 1940 Fort Wayne Pistons. The Indiana Pacers are still official team of “America’s White Boy.”

8:53 – All kidding aside, I think the Pacers needed a point guard, but Hansbrough will be a good player for the Pacers. Indiana could get a point guard in the early second round. This draft is deep at that position.

The Phoenix Suns pick Earl Clark

8:56 – Haha! Bradon Jennings randomly shows up. That was weird, it completely threw off the entire ESPN crew.

8:57 – Clark was #10 on the “Best Players Available” by Jay Bilas. I don’t like this pick here, they need to get a point guard to take Steve Nash’s spot when he leaves.

8:59 – The Pistons are picking next, can they just forfeit this pick? I doubt they really need to add more payroll at this point.

The Detroit Pistons pick Austin Daye

9:02 – The Pistons just drafted a Tayshaun Prince clone, but unfortunately he isn’t as talented.

9:04 – Jay Bilas said that Daye needs to get tougher. Maybe the Pistons need to send him to Jay Glazer for some MMA training, ala Matt Leinert.

9:06 – Dick Vitale loves the Tyler Hansbrough and Stephen Curry picks? I’m shocked! He just predicted that Curry would win Rookie of the Year. Every time he complains about players who leave college early and get picked on potential, he sound like a mean, old man that was just served cold soup.

The Chicago Bulls pick James Johnson

9:09 – Yikes, I don’t like this pick. Wake Forest had a stacked team and many blame Johnson for the team not living up to their potential. Apparently the kid didn’t get along with his teammates.

9:12 – I was going to say something about how Steve Kerr looks weird, but then my power went out. There is a bad storm oustide here in Columbus,OH.

My power went out for 5 hours….I guess that concludes the live portion of my “live coverage”….maybe next year. I am going to list the rest of the NBA Draft picks and some analysis.

The Philadelphia 76ers pick Jrue Holiday

Holiday is a few years away from being an impact player. The Sixers have a young team, they might be able to wait on him.

The Minnesota Timberwolves pick Ty Lawson *trades pick to Denver

Great, a “future considerations” trade for a mid-1st round pick? That proves how weak this draft is.

The Atlanta Hawks pick Jeff Teague

Teague is a combo guard that can score. I thought the Pacers was trying to move up to take him, but Atlanta is re-building their backcourt with him and trading for Jamal Crawford.

The Utah Jazz pick Eric Maynor

I like this pick. The Jazz are content with Deron Williams at point, but Maynor will be a key reserve off the bench.

The New Orleans Hornets pick Darren Collison

This is a bad pick by New Orleans, they already have a small point (Chris Paul), they would have been better suited to get more size at that position.

The Portland Trail Blazers pick Victor Claver

The Blazers missed out on Ricky Rubio, but picked up his countryman. The passed up DeJuan Blair here, good idea, the kid doesn’t have any ACLs.

The Sacramento Kings pick Omri Casspi

He was the other buzz-word European in this draft, other than Rubio. His name has been floating around for a few years. He has a great motor and doesn’t quit.

The Dallas Mavericks pick B.J. Mullens * traded to Oklahoma City

The Thunder are loading up on talent, but Mullens will take a few years to see what he can do.

The Oklahoma City Thunder pick Rodrique Beaubois *traded to Dallas

This kid has had upside, length, explosiveness, all the token adjectives to describe a draft pick.

The Chicago Bulls pick Taj Gibson

I like this pick, Gibson will replace Ben Gordon, it’s doubtful that he will re-sign.

The Memphis Grizzlies pick DeMarre Carroll

He had a good month last season and it translated into a 1st round. Mizzou came out of nowhere this year and a lot of it is because of this kid.

The Minnesota Timberwolves pick Wayne Ellington

This draft is the T-Wolves draft. If Ellington would have came out last year, he would have been a lottery pick.

The Los Angeles Lakers pick Toney Douglas *trade to New York

Douglas would have been a good fit for the Lakers, but even better for the Knicks.

The Cleveland Cavaliers pick Christian Evenga

Danny Ferry is trying to duplicate what he learned at San Antonio. Evenga will probably stay overseas and be ready in a couple seasons. He was a teammate of Ricky Rubio, he better thank him for helping out his game.

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Lazy Saturday

After a long week of looking at Excel spreadsheets and dealing with office politics, I needed a nice day of watching sports and eating junk food. I was looking forward to today since around this time of years there are great college basketball games and the college bowl seasons begins. I was very encouraged by the college basketball games, but extremely sad about the bowl games taking place today. First off let’s talk about the lackluster bowl games of the day.

Eagle Bank Bowl – Wake Forest vs. Navy – I’ve never heard of Eagle Bank and probably won’t after today. I predicted that Wake Forest would win this game and it wasn’t really much of a game. I turned away from the game after the first quarter.

New Mexico Bowl – Fresno State vs. Colorado State – This is a pretty sad name for the game, I guess the state of New Mexico needed to put their name on a Bowl game to boost tourism. I can’t think of one reason why I would want to visit New Mexico, even after I used wikipedia and google.

MagicJack St. Petersburg Bowl – South Florida vs. Memphis – First, MagicJack is a product that you see advertised around 2:30am on Sunday nights. You plug it in your computer and you suddenly have a landline phone, this product will be gone by this time next year. Secondly, this game was played at Tropicana Field, probably the worst place to play a baseball game and now probably the worst place to play a football game. I watched the first half of this game and kids were hitting the turf and coming away with knee injuries ever 5 minutes. The highlight of the game was the sideline reporting work of Rob Stone. I’ll take a dude sideline reporter instead of Erin Andrews if he brings the funny. Do you think George Selvie is a solid NFL prospect or just a product of playing B talent on a year-round basis? Just curious, discuss this with friends.

Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl – BYU vs. Arizona – This game hasn’t came on yet, but I will predict a blowout by BYU. Also, it has been snowing in Las Vegas, so sadly there will not be any showgirls on the sidelines.

After seeing those Bowl games, I instantly went to look at the college basketball schedule and same some gems. I thought that this day would be saved by some college hoops, but as of 6:30pm, it has been very bad. (Note: I didn’t get the Michigan State vs. Texas game in my region)

Duke vs. Xavier – This was supposed to be a marquee match-up with the number six team facing the number seven team in the country. Either Duke is the real deal or Xavier is horrible. This wasn’t even a game, I started watching the next game.

Minnesota vs. Louisville – This game was one of the best of the day. Louisville came into the game ranked #9 and Minnesota was undefeated, but haven’t played any elite teams. I like to think that this game was the battle of the ex-Kentucky coaches. I wanted to see Ralph Sampson’s kid, but he doesn’t play a lot, but the way Minnesota played, they didn’t really need him. It was a good game and both of these teams should have solid seasons.

Davidson vs. Purdue – I’m a big Stephen Curry fan, but maybe a bigger Sonya Curry fan, just kidding. I started this blog about the time that Curry was going off in the NCAA tournament last year. I haven’t had the chance to see him play this year and I was excited to see him play against Purdue…my excitement ended with a 21-0 Purdue run to begin the game. Davidson looked like a team undeserving of the hype and Purdue looked like a team finally “getting it.”

UConn vs. Gonzaga – I actually wasn’t supposed to get this game, but since the Davidson/Purdue game was a blow-out, they switched over to this game of a game. My favorite announcer, Gus Johnson, was on the mic and throwing down some memorable lines. He blamed the officials for being “overly-officious,” if that’s even a word, and he said that one of the players was a pitching prospect for the “Kansas City Chiefs,” clearly Gus Johnson doesn’t broadcast baseball. This game turned out to be the kind of game that I was waiting for all day. Gonzaga had the advantage throughout the game, but Jim Calhoun worked his magic and got the line-up in the game that got them back in it. After A.J. Price blew it on the free-throw line (I found out that he’s only a 37% free throw shooter, that’s worse than Shaq and Chris Dudley), he made an amazing 3-pointer to force the game into overtime. I need to find this moment on YouTube, because Gus Johnson blew a load. UConn dominated in overtime and they won the game, which was surprised me, the game was in Seattle and the Huskies had issues even getting there.

Memphis vs. Syracuse – I am watching this game now and it is a good one. I actually wanted to watch this game to see Tyreke Evans. He was supposed to go to Kentucky, but decided on Memphis. Memphis misses Derrick Rose and Joey Dorsey, but they are loaded with young talent again this season. These teams should both have decent seasons and make the NCAA tourney easily.

Oklahoma vs. VCU – This is the late game of the day, I want to see Eric Maynor and Blake Griffin, they are both going to be playing in the NBA next year. Griffin will most likely be a top three pick and Maynor will playing in the NBA somewhere, but his draft stock is still to be determined. Maynor has turned it up against talented teams and first made a name for himself a couple seasons ago in the NCAA tournament against Duke. VCU has a good team this year with a win against Kentucky under their belt. Oklahoma was my pre-season pick to make the Final Four this season, they probably won’t win it all with North Carolina looking unbeatable, but they will have a memorable season.

Since I do not have the NFL Network I will be unable to watch the Dallas Cowboys vs. Baltimore Ravens game. It will probably be a good game and I hope Tony Romo and Jason Witten have monster games, my fantasy football championship depends on it. I will probably end up watching some NHL hockey, the Columbus Blue Jackets play at the Phoenix Coyotes, I hope the Columbus BJs play well(something that I call them and hope it catches on). Here is to a weak Saturday of sports to all my fellow couch potatoes.

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It’s Been Awhile Pt. 3

I’ve been on and off of here for the last two months and I am going to be more active since college basketball will be in full force very soon. A lot more stuff to annoy and praise with the upcoming NBA, College Football BCS debacle, NFL season wind-down, and NHL. I can’t wait until Mel Kiper and Todd McShay invade ESPN every five minutes, they need their own show.

I know what you’re thinking, the last two times that I had a post called “It’s Been Awhile” you used it as an excuse to post a picture of a girl that you have a celebri-crush on…I will explain.

– “Tim Lincecum shirtless” google term has been directing tons of traffic to my blog, so I figured that I needed to actually have a picture of Tim Lincecum, well, shirtless. People must have a need for shirtless photos of Ryan Braun, Evan Longoria, B.J. Upton, Brady Quinn, Grady Sizemore, Gabe Kapler, and even C.C. Sabathia to get directed to my blog with the term “shirtless” after their name. I need to boost traffic and with football and basketball season going, here are players that I’m sure will make my blog better. Reggie Bush, Allen Iverson, Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford, Chris Paul, Lebron James, Jay Cutler (really?), Tom Brady, Terrell Owens, Tony Romo, Matt Leinart, Vince Young, Brett Favre, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, Ladianian Tomlinson, Michael Beasley, Matt Ryan, and for good measure, Grady Jackson.

– My fantasy football teams are all over .500 and I am leading 2 of the 4 leagues I am in.

– Spicy Chicken Nuggets at Wendy’s are not as good as the regular chicken nuggets.

– Sonic Drive-Thru is my new vice. I love that I can get jalapenos on basically anything I want.

– The Mobsters game on Myspace is very addictive.

– Sam Bradford will be a better NFL quarterback than Colt McCoy and Graham Harrell.

– Logan’s Roadhouse is currently paying my bills.

– Greg Oden plays like Dikembe Mutombo without the finger wave.

– The Indiana Pacers might actually be a .500 team. Danny Granger looks like the real deal.

– Brett Favre has probably cost the Jets at least two wins, they would be 9-1 if Chad Pennington was the QB.

– Girls are getting very risky with their facebook photos.

– I think 90% of my friends dressed up as sluts at Halloween and brag about it.

– Texas Tech’s offense looks like every other Texas Tech offense the past ten years. I’m sure Kliff Klingsbury is pissed that the Red Raiders never had a defense when he played.

– Accountemps piss me off.

– The new Emery EP is very good.

– Showtime have two great series on their channel. “Dexter” and “Californication” are must-see television shows.

– Real Chance At Love is better than Rock of Love Charm School, but that is just one man’s opinion.

– Fantasy Focus Football podcast isn’t as good as the baseball podcast, but still amazing.

– Oklahoma Sooners basketball team will be very, very good this season.

– You will see a lot of Stephen Curry this season, I’m pretty sure every non-conference game of Davidson is televised nationally.

– Andre Dawson deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

– Chauncey Billups will flourish on the Denver Nuggets and Allen Iverson will have trouble in Detroit.

– Fantasy Hockey is very hard to play, especially when you barely watch the sport.

– On the other hand, Fantasy Basketball is extremely easy when you have Chris Paul and Danny Granger on your team.

– I still like to stare at Katy Perry.

– I don’t understand the buzz about “Twilight,” I think “Role Models” would be a better movie to watch.

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Curry Says "Not Right Now" to NBA

Many of the pundits on ESPN and other media outlets have an opinion on whether Stephen Curry should go pro. Skip Bayless said that his draft stock can only go down at this point. Bayless is clearly just talking about money, ’cause he can learn a lot from an extra year or two in college. His family isn’t exactly needy, I’m sure his father took care of the money he earned in the NBA and Curry does need to learn to handle the ball a little better.I watched most of the Kansas/Davidson game and the biggest thing that stood out was that Davidson has Curry listed as 6’3. I find that very hard to believe. I can’t see him being any taller than a flat 6’0. Plus the kid can’t weigh more than 150-160lbs. it’s impossible that he could survive an entire year in the NBA at that weight.

If Curry can learn to play point guard over the next season or two, he will set himself up to improve the possibility of him having a lengthy NBA career. If he were to go to the NBA after this season, he runs the chance of turning into Randolph Childress or Khalid Reeves. Childress and Reeves both had amazing runs in the tournament and drafted high in the NBA Draft. Neither of them could live up to the hype that was projected by their incredible performances in the tournament. Curry is doing a smart thing and I find it hard for people to second-guess his decision.

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Stephen Curry Is Better Than Your Better

Davidson may not be a Cinderella team, since many people expected them to come out and give Gonzaga a game, but wow. Stephen Curry was lights out. I used to think that Chris Lofton was the best pure-shooter in college basketball, but this game may have changed my mind. Curry had 40 points with 30 points coming in the second-half. Before the game I thought he was a Earl Boykins-type player, but looks like he’s more of a playmaker than Boykins ever was. Curry can easily put Davidson on his shoulders and do some memorable things in this tourney. They could possibly face Georgetown in the next round. Georgetown doesn’t have much guard-play, but Hibbert clogs up the paint and offensive rebounds will be minimal. I look forward to the possible match-up in the 2nd round.

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