Out On A Limb: 2009 NFL Predictions

A lot of surprises will happen this season and it’s only normal that I do this post. My 2008 Prediction post had some that were correct and I was happy how it turned out. I was way off on a few, but these are predictions that The 2009 NFL season starts on Thursday and it’s about that time where I take a shot in the dark and try and predict the future, the future Bobby, Yes, all the way to the year 2009. Sorry about the lame homage to Conan, I love that guy.

– I want to start off with the man in the picture above. I believe Matthew Stafford will throw 20 TDs and over half of them will be to Calvin Johnson.

– B.J. Raji will win the Defensive Rookie Of The Year

– Bob Sanders will only play 4 games this year

– Tom Brady will throw 40 TDs this year

– The Detroit Lions will be 0-5, until they win a game

– LaDanian Tomlinson will bounce back and rush for 1600 yards

– Byron Leftwich will lose his starting job by Week 6

– Donald Brown will end the year with more rushing hards than Joseph Addai

– Deon Butler will have more than 7 TDs this year

– The Kansas City Chiefs will win 7 games this season

– The Green Bay Packers will hit a wall and win only 5 games in 2009

– The Arizona Cardinals will go 8-8 and Matt Leinart will start at least two games

– Phillip Rivers will win the Offensive NFL MVP

– Willie Parker will end the year with double the amount of rushing yards than Rashard Mendenhall

– Marvin Harrison will sign with a team by Week 4

– Michael Vick will score at least 8 TDs in some form this season

– The Eagles will be the NFC Champions

– Brady Quinn will throw more than 24 TDs this year

– Chad Ochocinco will lead the league in receiving yards

– The Denver Broncos will win only 4 games and Josh McDaniels will be fired

– Jay Cutler will throw 15 interceptions, but will throw 32 TDs

– The San Diego Chargers will win the Super Bowl

– Adrian Peterson will rush for more touchdowns than Brett Favre will throw

– Dwight Freeney will lead the league in sacks

– The Houston Texans will finish 8-8 again, thus not having a winning season

– The New York Jets will throw more passing TDs than the New York Giants

– Terrell Owens will catch less than 7 TDs this season

– Jim Caldwell will win more games than Raheem Morris and Jim Schwartz combined

– Alex Smith will throw at least 5 TDs this season

– Matt Cassel will throw more interceptions than touchdowns

– Larry Johnson will rush for less than 800 yards

– Mark Sanchez will win Offensive Rookie of the Year

– Lance Briggs will win Defensive MVP

– Jim Zorn will be fired by Week 14

– Jason Witten will catch at least 13 TDs

– Drew Brees will break Dan Marino’s single-season passing yards record

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