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Are the Lakers Planning a Big Move this Offseason?

kobe bryant los angeles lakers lamarcus aldridge nba demarcus cousins kevin love goran dragicThe Los Angeles Lakers were an embarrassment last season. After major injuries to Julius Randle and Kobe Bryant, the roster was full of D-League talent and aging veterans. If you pay close attention to sports betting odds, the current outlook for next season doesn’t look great either.

The Lakers are not used to being in this position. They always just restock instead of doing a long-term rebuild. Kobe doesn’t have much time left, so he is certainly in management’s ear in hopes of winning one more title to tie Michael Jordan’s ring count.

They are now trying to free up enough cap space to make a run at some of this offseason’s top free agents. They gained $9 million more by declining Jordan Hill’s team option.

Which free agents are the Lakers targeting this Summer?

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2014-15 NBA Team Preview: Cleveland Cavaliers

Drake Cleveland Cavaliers Funny Manziel LeBron James NBACleveland has been busy this off-season. Not only did they get Johnny Football playing down the street, but LeBron James came back home…and brought some of his friends with him. Kevin Love, Shawn Marion and Mike Miller all tagged along in hopes of winning a ring in Cleveland.

In order for Cleveland to get their new crew, they had to trade the last two #1 overall picks (Anthony Bennett & Andrew Wiggins) and shed a handful of contracts for pennies on the dollar. They clearly love their roster and hope it is good enough to win the city’s first professional championship since Jim Brown won an NFL Championship with the Browns.

We will be posting a team preview for every team up until the start of the regular season.

Here is the 2014-15 NBA season preview for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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2014 NBA Mock Draft: Who Will be #1?

Joel Embiid 2014 NBA Mock Draft Cleveland CavaliersNow that the NBA season is over, let’s focus on the NBA Draft. I personally think the NBA Draft is the best draft in any major sport. There’s usually more trades, the impact of these rookies is usually felt immediately and it doesn’t go on and on like the NFL Draft.

You will begin to hear a lot of rumors about what’s wrong with these prospects. You rarely hear anything positive until a day or two before the draft. Teams know how to leak information to attempt to hurt a player’s draft stock. It’s all smoke and mirrors at this point.

I try to forge through the piles of trash out there and give you where I think the player will be drafted. I personally wouldn’t draft a few of these players in the lottery, but it’s the NBA and there are a lot of bad General Managers in the league.

Here is my 2014 NBA Mock Draft for the first round.

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2014 NBA All-Star Weekend: Betting Odds

Paul George Dunk Contest Indiana Pacers NBAThe first-half of the NBA season is nearly complete and NBA All-Star Weekend starts this Friday.

The most anticipated events are the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest and Foot Locker Three-Point Shootout on Saturday and the actual All-Star game on Sunday.

The betting odds for these three events are very interesting. There are a few favorites in each event, but some underdogs interest me. You could get a bit lucky and win a nice chunk of change.

Will Lebron James and Kevin Durant battle for the All-Star game MVP? Is the second time’s the charm for Paul George in the Slam Dunk Contest? Can Stephen Curry hold off defending champion Kyrie Irving in the Three-Point Contest?

Here are the odds for All-Star Game MVP, Slam Dunk Champion and 3-Point Shootout winner.

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2013 NBA Player Prop Bets & Picks

Lebron James Paul George 2013 NBA PropsThe 2013 NBA season tips off next week and we couldn’t be more excited. We love football, but I grew up in Indiana, so I was born with a basketball in my arms.

The preseason NBA player prop bets give you great value for your money, if you can wait 8-9 months for your payoff.

The favorites are no surprise. Lebron James has the best odds of winning the MVP award and the same with Kevin Durant and the scoring title. The is little to no value in picking either Lebron or Durant even though they are expected to have great seasons.

We go through all the NBA player prop bets and pick the ‘smart bet’ and the ‘long shot bet’ for each category.

Will Derrick Rose bounce back and win another MVP award? Will Steve Nash become an assist machine without Kobe Bryant on the court?

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Kevin Love Wins ‘Whitest White NBA Player’ Award

Kevin-Love-White-Guy-AwardI read this story and I knew it needed mention on the site.

In a preseason survey of all 30 NBA general managers, the NBA asks an odd question…but one they have asked many times previously.

“Which player makes the most of limited natural ability?”

Oh yes, that’s a real question. That sounds like something we would ask an NBA GM on a podcast.

Well, Kevin Love was the overwhelming answer to that question (he also won last preseason). He has actually won this distinction numerous times. Who are some of the players who also received votes in for this year’s ‘most unathletic, productive NBA player’ award? We list some of the names…and yes, you will not be shocked by the players who landed on this list.

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Re-Do – 2008 NBA Draft

I have done a few of these “Draft Re-do” posts and you really can’t judge any professional sports’ drafts until after three years. You always have a few late-bloomers that still makes you look at a draft and wonder “why didn’t my team draft him?”

The 2008 NBA Draft class is full of All-Star selections, an MVP, and a few guys who blossomed during the NBA Playoffs. You also have a few  players that didn’t materialize in the NBA. The last time you heard Joe Alexander’s name was when David Stern called his name as the 8th pick. Overall, this draft class is quite deep and much better than the top-heavy 2007 draft class. There are a few guys that we’re still waiting for them to peak, but I’m optimistic that they will come through. Does Michael Beasley and O.J. Mayo make it into the Lottery during our re-draft? Continue reading

Up & Down – NBA Draft Prospects

I know the NBA draft is a few months away, but the NCAA tournament is fresh in my mind. I’m sure that a lot of stuff will start to come out about the player’s personal lives until draft time that may sway the teams from picking them, but I don’t want that to affect who we love. We also listed a few players that are down on at the moment. I’m not saying that we don’t think these players will be bad NBA players, but they are clearly over-rated.

Players We Love

Derrick Rose– I think there is a chance that Rose will be picked #1 overall. If the Heat end up with that pick, it will be hard to pass up on the guy. They could end up with an all-Chicago-area backcourt of Wade and Rose. I’m sure Beasley could be very effective with Miami, but a scoring point guard is hard to find in the NBA.

Michael Beasley– Everyone I know think Beasley is the best player in this draft. I think Beasley and Rose are kind of 1a and 1b, because they do different things. They are two players that are hard to compare. Beasley plays like Dwight Howard, but with a nice jumper. He is a definitely a game-changing player and can turn any team in the East into a playoff team.

Kevin Love– Love has amazed every scout that has laid eyes on him. He is more than just a regular big man, Love brings skills that sets him apart from other bigger guys in the draft. His cynics say that he isn’t athletic enough to play in the NBA, but he will end up being a threat whenever he touches the ball. He will be in the league for many years.

Players We Don’t Love

Eric Gordon– I hate doing this to a fellow Hoosier, but he totally tanked at the end of the season. I know Indiana was going through a lot of turmoil, but this could be a sign of things to come. If Gordon is stuck in a situation where his team is losing or plays for a coach that he has no confidence in, Gordon won’t give his best. In his lone NCAA tournament game, he played in his worst game. I’m not 100% sold that he has the “character” to play in the NBA right now, he should have stayed another year and dominated.

O.J. Mayo– Mayo has been a possible #1 pick since he was a sophomore in high school. His choice of going to USC surprised everyone and he had a good freshman year. He is another player that could have benefited from staying another year, albeit he would have to play for Tim Floyd. Floyd is not a good teacher, Mayo should have went to a program with an established winner. Mayo needed a Roy Williams or Coach K-type of coach to guide him to mature into his potential. Mayo will be a top-10 pick, but at this point he is clearly coasting on his name alone.

Hasheem Thabeet– I watched a few UConn games this year and at times Thabeet looked very dominant. His defensive abilities are superb, but he is so raw on the offensive end that he may never be a double-double kind of player. At this point he can be compared to Ben Wallace or Dennis Rodman, but without the ability to grab rebound that isn’t supposed to get. Thabeet is 7-3, he will get a lot of rebound just due to his size, but will never be quick enough to grab as he potentially should. If Thabeet can learn to play in the post, he could have a Dikembe Mutombo kind of career, but that could be wishful-thinking.

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