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Every NBA Free Agency Signing (So Far)

Rajon Rondo Sacramento Kings 2015 NBA Free AgencyWe’ve previously explained the NBA moratorium period when we discussed the messy DeAndre Jordan contract situation. It is now over and NBA free agents are able to officially sign their new contracts.

There have been a plethora of trades including guys like Roy Hibbert, Lance Stephenson and Luke Ridnour (many times), but we are only covering the free agent signings that have been reported so far.

The only huge free agent news so far has been centered around LaMarcus Aldridge’s big decision and DeAndre Jordan’s blunder. Those guys are getting all the press, but a ton of talent that has already changed hands.

(I hope you enjoy our ‘awesome’ MS Paint edit of Rajon Rondo.)

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2014-15 NBA Team Preview: Boston Celtics

Hot Sexy Boston Celtics Cheerleaders 2014 Team Preview NBA BlondeSince Bill Simmons is currently on suspension, someone has to step up and write a Boston Celtics team preview, right?

The Celtics were really hoping to land one of the first two picks in last year’s NBA Draft, but Cleveland got lucky once again (and Philadelphia/Milwaukee were both stupid bad).

Head coach Brad Stevens didn’t do anything to make us think the stage is too big for him. That is all Boston really wanted to see in his first year. They are in the middle of a rebuilding process, so win-total expectations were very low.

We will be posting a team preview for every team up until the start of the regular season.

Here is the 2014-15 NBA season preview for the Boston Celtics.

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2013 NBA Player Prop Bets & Picks

Lebron James Paul George 2013 NBA PropsThe 2013 NBA season tips off next week and we couldn’t be more excited. We love football, but I grew up in Indiana, so I was born with a basketball in my arms.

The preseason NBA player prop bets give you great value for your money, if you can wait 8-9 months for your payoff.

The favorites are no surprise. Lebron James has the best odds of winning the MVP award and the same with Kevin Durant and the scoring title. The is little to no value in picking either Lebron or Durant even though they are expected to have great seasons.

We go through all the NBA player prop bets and pick the ‘smart bet’ and the ‘long shot bet’ for each category.

Will Derrick Rose bounce back and win another MVP award? Will Steve Nash become an assist machine without Kobe Bryant on the court?

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Could Boston’s ‘Big Three’ Be Back Next Season?

The Boston Celtics had a nice five-year run with Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, and Paul Pierce leading the team. They won a championship and had three other deep runs in the NBA playoffs.

Boston lost to the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals and fans heard the team’s death rattle. Garnett and Allen are free agents this summer and even Pierce’s future in Boston is questionable.

Rumors are swirling about what GM Danny Ainge will do this off-season. Could he blow the team up and rebuild around Rajon Rondo or sign Allen and Garnett for one last run? The duo will have plenty of suitors, but would they give Boston a hometown discount?

Gary Washburn of had an interesting article about the moves Boston could make this off-season. He seemed pretty optimistic about the ‘Big Three’ staying together for the next season or two, if they took a pay cut. The Celtics could offer Garnett a two-year deal with the incentive being an extra guaranteed year. Allen would have to sign a much smaller contract with a lesser role, most likely being a 3-point specialist. Boston would have enough money to re-sign Jeff Green, who is coming back from heart surgery.

Washburn’s scenario is plausible, but could Garnett and Allen ignore the temptation of signing with a team who has a better chance at winning a title?

Buck Harvey of the San Antonio Express-News reported on Sunday that the San Antonio Spurs will take a long look at Kevin Garnett this summer. The Spurs were only two wins away from making it to the NBA Finals and an extra piece. Garnett alongside of Tim Duncan is a scary thought for Western Conference teams.

Ray Allen will also have his share of suitors. A 3-point specialist is in high demand, but he wouldn’t be getting a lot of money. He would be signing with a new team strictly for the opportunity to raise another banner. The Indiana Pacers, Oklahoma City Thunder, Miami Heat, and Chicago Bulls all need a player with Allen’s skill-set. The Bulls would be an interesting fit with Richard Hamilton and Allen both coming off screens. It would be a defensive nightmare for teams, but both players have lost a step.

My money would be on Ainge orchestrating a maneuver that keeps the ‘Big Three’ in Boston for at least one more season. Boston has three of the first 51 picks in this year’s NBA Draft, but could use the D-League system and to keep a player or two down there to keep roster spots open.

Boston already has a young core of players waiting on the bench. Avery Bradley, JaJuan Johnson, and E’Twaun Moore could be productive players in the league. Bradley has already shown his worth as a spark plug who can play both sides of the ball. A full season of a Bradley/Rondo backcourt could lead to another deep playoff run, even without Garnett and Allen.

If Ainge decided to blow up the team, he wouldn’t have to do a lot. If he chose to move some pieces for elite talent, Boston has assets…especially with the amount of draft picks they own in this very deep draft.

Let’s hope that Ainge makes a decision without flipping a coin…even if it would be much easier.

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Chris Bosh Out for Game 4

The Miami Heat will have to find another way to stop the Boston Celtics from scoring in the paint. Miami coach Erik Spoelstra said that Chris Bosh won’t play Sunday. He has not advanced enough in his recovery from his lower-abdominal strain. They will keep evaluating him in hopes of him returning later in the series.

Boston scored 58 points in the paint during Game 3, the most they have scored in a playoff game since 2008. Kevin Garnett looked like he was in his twenties again by scoring 24 points rather easily. Rajon Rondo has even had success hit floaters and scoring in the paint.

Since Game 4 of their series with Indiana, Miami have done a great job in overcoming the absence of Bosh. Can they do it again in Game 4?
It is hard to replace Bosh’s 18 points and 7.9 points per game that he averaged during the regular season. Miami’s bench isn’t strong since an overwhelmingly large portion of their salary cap is distributed to Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, and Bosh. Joel Anthony, Udonis Haslem, Juwan Howard, Eddy Curry, and Ronny Turiaf are the available power forwards and centers on the team. Center Dexter Pittman is still suspended due to his flagrant foul on Lance Stephenson that occurred during Game 6 of their series with the Indiana Pacers. Haslem, Anthony, and Turiaf have been rotating in and out of the game filling the Heat’s power forward and center positions.

During the regular season, Boston struggled to put up points on a regular basis. They are a great defensive team and have won games because of it. Their identity had to change when Avery Bradley went down with a shoulder injury. He was their defensive spark plug and will miss the remainder of the playoffs. Rondo increased his scoring with an unprecedented offensive output in Game 2 of the series. Boston is being more aggressive and leaving everything out on the court. Coach Doc Rivers apparently knows when to push the accelerator.

Game 4 of the series takes place Sunday at 8:30pm EST.

Get your popcorn ready! (I hope Terrell Owens doesn’t own that trademark)

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2009-10 NBA Preview: Boston Celtics

The Celtics went 62-20 last year and somehow it seemed like a disappointing year. The Celtics lost to the Orlando Magic in seven games in the 2nd round last season. The Magic just matched up very well against Boston last year, but the Celtics signed Rasheed Wallace and Marquis Daniels. Are the veterans on the Celtics a year wiser or just another year older? They are getting up there in age, can they win another title before the window closes? Here is the 2009-10 NBA Preview for the Boston Celtics.

Additions/Subtractions – Can I add Kevin Garnett in this section, because without him, the Celtics were just a good team, not great. If he isn’t 100% from the knee injury, they have insurance in the form of Rasheed Wallace. He didn’t have a good season last year, but with Sheed, he needs to be motivated and on a contending team for a team to get 100% effort. He will help this team immensely with or without a healthy Garnett. Another nice acquistion was the addition of Marquis Daniels. He had a very good season for the Pacers last year and he can score points when needed. Stephon Marbury and Leon Powe are the two main subtractions from last year’s team, but only Powe will be missed, but Wallace is an upgrade at that position.

2009-10 Expectations – It’s a championship or bust for Boston this year. This team doesn’t have many more seasons with this current squad and really has to go all-in or this season. Kevin Garnett is hungry again and he has a chip on his shoulder. He has to prove that he is still dominant and he is 100% healthy, so expect maximum effort from KG this year. Paul Pierce and Ray Allen fell apart toward the end of last season. Age could be creeping up on them, but Rajon Rondo picked up the slack and had the best stretch of his career during the playoffs last season. This team is loaded with veterans wanting to win a ring, if they can keep Wallace in check and keep the technicals down, Boston could be the team to beat in the East or the entire NBA.

2009-10 Prediction – Kevin Garnett may not have a great 1st half this season, but by the 2nd half, he should be 100% and putting up ridiculous numbers. I worry about Pierce and Allen, but with the addition of Wallace and Daniels, they can spell them so the minutes don’t creep up on them by the end of the year. This team is going to go far this year, they have more length at the SF and SG positions to compete with Orlando and they seem to have Cleveland’s number.

2009-10 Win Total – 64-18

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Re-Do – 2006 NBA Draft

You can’t really grade a draft in any league until 3 years later. I did a “re-do” post a year ago with the 2005 NBA Draft, you can see that HERE.

The NBA just had their draft last week and it will take a few seasons to see if they work out. The 2006 NBA Draft has had only one all-star so far, but a few stars are starting to emerge. The teams didn’t seem to know who they wanted during the draft, 5 out of top 10 picks were traded. Toronto had the first pick in that draft, would they still pick Andrea Bargnani? Here is what the 2006 NBA Draft Lottery would look like if it were held today. Continue reading

It’s Been Too Long My Friends…

I just wanted to post a picture of Katy Perry, I still have a crush. Anyways, it’s been too long since I last posted, I’m in the middle of a lot of things and I have had zero time to work on it. I’m in the middle of moving the national headquarters of America’s White Boy to another apartment, plus one of my roommates had to pay her court fines (don’t drink and drive, folks) and she isn’t going to pay the internet bill. So until mid-July, I am stuck using very inconsistent wireless internet. Instead of posting a thousand new posts about things that I would like to talk about, I am going the cheap route and throwing you some bullet-points.

– The Cubs are still awesome
– Whoever the Bulls pick #1, they will wish they had picked the other guy
– Apparently Asian pitchers are never taught to run the bases (Yankees are finding out the hard way)
– If Chris Lofton goes undrafted, it’s a shame
– Rajon Rondo is a beast
– Glen Davis should always keep his shirt on
– Rocco Mediate isn’t a pool cleaner
– Kobe knows how Shaq’s ass tastes
– Carlos Zambrano can feel pain
– Lou Pinella and Ozzie Guillen will put out a rap album and it will be better than the last Jay-Z album (not hard to do)
– Katy Perry shouldn’t marry the guy from Gym Class Heroes, she must not have gotten the memo of my availability
– The new Alkaline Trio album is very good
– ESPN Fantasy Focus Podcast is my new addiction (they read an email of mine last week)
– I did not receive a million dollars from Vince McMahon of the WWE
– Jay Bruce isn’t curing cancer
– Jermaine O’Neal will be traded before the NBA Draft, Pacers will still be bad
– During the NBA Draft you will hear multiple comparisons of European prospects are the next A) Dirk Nowitzki B) Pau Gasol C) Tony Parker, but in fact none will be.
– No one watches the NHL Draft (I actually attended last year’s, so sad)
– Price Fielder, Bartolo Colon, C.C. Sabathia, and Sidney Ponson can win a tug-of-war contest against the entire Tampa Bay Rays 40-man roster
– Gemma Atkinson is a one-percenter
– Kevin Garnett either thanked ‘Sota, as in Minnesota, or he thanked ‘soda,’ which would lead me to believe that he loves Barq’s Root Beer, A LOT!
– Frisky Dingo is hilarious (Boosh!)
– I still don’t know why Soulja Boy and Ice T are yelling at each other, it’s like watching Dustin Diamond yell at one of kids on “Josh & Drake”
– The Josh Hamilton for Edinson Volquez trade will go down as one of the most evenly balanced trades this decade

On a personal note, please let me give everyone a word of advice. Never sign a year lease with two females, they will hate each other within 6-months, the last 6 months will leave you scared of women, annoyed, and without internet.

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