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2015 NBA Draft: Best Undrafted Players

2015 NBA Draft undrafted players brett comer florida gulf coastThe NBA Draft is only 60 picks, so many players fall through the cracks…especially in a year in which a draft is deep.

The 2015 NBA Draft wasn’t the deepest draft in recent memory, but that doesn’t mean every potential NBA player was all drafted. It’s not the end of the road for these players. They will just need to work a little harder to attain their dream.

Many of these guys will be signed to play in the NBA Summer League. They can showcase their skills in hopes of earning a invite to training camp. Unfortunately for most, they will end up playing overseas or in the NBA Development League. There are still a few every year that surprise everybody and beat the odds to earn an NBA contract.

Here are the best college and international players who went undrafted during the 2015 NBA Draft.

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2015 NBA Mock Draft: Early Lottery Edition

Karl-Anthony Towns 2015 NBA Mock Draft Kentucky Wildcats Jahlil OkaforThe 2015 NBA Draft has been hyped as a two-man draft with the top prizes being Kentucky’s Karl-Anthony Towns and Duke’s Jahlil Okafor. I believe both big men will go onto have nice NBA careers, but this draft is deeper than most people think.

I believe Ohio State’s D’Angelo Russell and Duke’s Justise Winslow could both be future NBA All-Stars…but just like any other player, they need to be in the right situation to develop.

Don’t worry international basketball fans, there’s plenty of overseas talent in this year’s draft. You have Croatian Mario Hezonja and Latvian Kristaps Prozingis as the top talents from Europe. Also, there’s an American high schooler Emmanuel Mudiay who went to China in lieu of going to college.

Here’s our early 2015 NBA mock draft for the NBA lottery selection.

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2014 NBA Mock Draft: Who Will be #1?

Joel Embiid 2014 NBA Mock Draft Cleveland CavaliersNow that the NBA season is over, let’s focus on the NBA Draft. I personally think the NBA Draft is the best draft in any major sport. There’s usually more trades, the impact of these rookies is usually felt immediately and it doesn’t go on and on like the NFL Draft.

You will begin to hear a lot of rumors about what’s wrong with these prospects. You rarely hear anything positive until a day or two before the draft. Teams know how to leak information to attempt to hurt a player’s draft stock. It’s all smoke and mirrors at this point.

I try to forge through the piles of trash out there and give you where I think the player will be drafted. I personally wouldn’t draft a few of these players in the lottery, but it’s the NBA and there are a lot of bad General Managers in the league.

Here is my 2014 NBA Mock Draft for the first round.

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It’s Time For Cleveland Fans To Move On

I missed the game when it was on tonight because of a medical problem, but I found a feed online and watched Cavs/Heat game in its entirety. I knew it was bad when the Cavs starting lineup consisted of Joey Graham and Anthony Parker, guys who should be a #9 and #10 guy on a contender. The game could have been worse if Lebron didn’t sit out the entire 4th quarter. All Cavs fans should have tried to attend the game, because I hope everyone who watched this game got it out of their system, because it is now time to move on.

Lebron James came back to Cleveland and was showered with boos and expletives. He deserved every decibel of noise the fans gave him. I’m not even a Cavs fan, but I can relate to a passionate fanbase that yearns for a championship, I’m a Chicago Cubs and Indiana Pacers fan. If Reggie Miller left to go to the Knicks during his prime, I would have been in the crowd the next time he played in Indianapolis and given him everything I could dish out. Saying that, after the initial visit, even by halftime, the boos should start to go away. The wound is very fresh in Cleveland, but look at your lineup, you have holes from 1-12. The team isn’t good and they are actually over-achieving right now. A record of 7-11 was not expected by any experts at the start of the season, some actually predicted that a record of 20-52 could be their season record. I’m sure the Cavs will make moves to improve their team and it will look quite different by the end of the season. Anderson Varejao looks like a player that many teams would like and Cleveland can get depth in return.

The Heat have looked mediocre at times this year and no one can be sold that they are a championship team this year. Any team with size dominates them in the paint and grabs a ton of second-chance points. Roy Hibbert looked like Patrick Ewing against the Heat last week. Two or three years down the road, the Heat will be a beast of a team and veterans will want to go there to win a ring and play for the league minimum. I know that’s the last thing Cavs fans want to hear, but we know this is true. This has been a trend for years, just look at how loaded from top to bottom the contending teams are. Contending teams are magnets for veterans looking for jewelry.

Cleveland fans has been battered, chewed up, and spat upon by Lebron and his entourage. I hope tonight was the start of your therapy sessions. It’s time to move on and think about the future. You will most likely end up in the Lottery in the upcoming draft (it’s not a bad thing, you need to reload). Harrison Barnes, Jared Sullinger, and many other guys could be there when you pick. This year’s draft looks like it could be a pretty good class. Who knows maybe Ohio’s own Jared Sullinger will be your next savior.


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