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Kevin Love Wins ‘Whitest White NBA Player’ Award

Kevin-Love-White-Guy-AwardI read this story and I knew it needed mention on the site.

In a preseason survey of all 30 NBA general managers, the NBA asks an odd question…but one they have asked many times previously.

“Which player makes the most of limited natural ability?”

Oh yes, that’s a real question. That sounds like something we would ask an NBA GM on a podcast.

Well, Kevin Love was the overwhelming answer to that question (he also won last preseason). He has actually won this distinction numerous times. Who are some of the players who also received votes in for this year’s ‘most unathletic, productive NBA player’ award? We list some of the names…and yes, you will not be shocked by the players who landed on this list.

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Adam Morrison Looks Like a Homeless Man…Again!

A few years ago, I posted a picture of Adam Morrison in the stands at a Gonzaga basketball game. He was looking like a shell of himself and probably had a fatty blunt rolled up behind his ear.

Mr. Morrison is back! I now present you with ‘Adam Morrison looks like a homeless guy Part 2’…after the jump.

Let’s do an ‘America’s White Boy Fashion Breakdown’…

  • He is sporting a goatee that would make Scooby Doo’s Shaggy jealous.
  • Notice the ‘shit under the jersey’ look made famous by every whiteboy ever.
  • He looks like he would drink a Four Loko with dinner.
  • How many cases of dry shampoo does this hippie have in his bathroom?

I can’t bash on Adam Morrison too hard. He is one of the reasons why I named my blog ‘America’s White Boy‘ years ago. He has helped me fill the blog with content…humorous content.

In a perfect world, Adam Morrison would still be playing ‘Halo 2’ against J.J. Redick on Xbox Live. I doubt if Morrison has upgraded his system to an Xbox 360.

Before I go, I just want to let the Brooklyn Nets fans know that this will be the face of your franchise if the team can’t strike a deal with Deron Williams. Let that marinate tonight and see how many gray hairs appear by morning.
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