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Indiana Pacers: Was Larry Bird a Bad Team President?

After the surprise 2011-12 season, Larry Bird left his position as team president of the Indiana Pacers. He cited health concerns, but did leave the door open for a return at some point.

Now that the dust has settled and Donnie Walsh is back doing his old job, we can analyze if Larry Bird was actually a good team president.

We can go back and look at his coaching hires, draft record and his ability to get the best in a trade. Enough time has passed to adequately assess his job as team president from 2003-2012.

Yes, we do bring up T.J. Ford. Continue reading

Adam Morrison Looks Like a Homeless Man…Again!

A few years ago, I posted a picture of Adam Morrison in the stands at a Gonzaga basketball game. He was looking like a shell of himself and probably had a fatty blunt rolled up behind his ear.

Mr. Morrison is back! I now present you with ‘Adam Morrison looks like a homeless guy Part 2’…after the jump.

Let’s do an ‘America’s White Boy Fashion Breakdown’…

  • He is sporting a goatee that would make Scooby Doo’s Shaggy jealous.
  • Notice the ‘shit under the jersey’ look made famous by every whiteboy ever.
  • He looks like he would drink a Four Loko with dinner.
  • How many cases of dry shampoo does this hippie have in his bathroom?

I can’t bash on Adam Morrison too hard. He is one of the reasons why I named my blog ‘America’s White Boy‘ years ago. He has helped me fill the blog with content…humorous content.

In a perfect world, Adam Morrison would still be playing ‘Halo 2’ against J.J. Redick on Xbox Live. I doubt if Morrison has upgraded his system to an Xbox 360.

Before I go, I just want to let the Brooklyn Nets fans know that this will be the face of your franchise if the team can’t strike a deal with Deron Williams. Let that marinate tonight and see how many gray hairs appear by morning.

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Possible White Boys The Pacers Can Sign

It’s a running joke here that the Indiana Pacers love their white guys. Larry Bird seems to have a crush on un-athletic white boys who “hustle” and are “scappy.” If David Eckstein played basketball, Bird would sign him today. There are plenty of eligible candidates out there that are of the pale variety, here are some options that could end up rocking the yellow and navy next season and beyond.

Brian Scalabrineunrestricted – Scalabrine was close to becoming a member of the Pacers before last season. Indiana and Boston tried to workout a sign & trade with Marquis Daniels, but Indiana refused to take Tony Allen. He had some past run-ins with authorities and the Pacers have been shy to take on players with a record since the Palace Brawl. I think Scalabrine would be a nice option once they trade Jeff Foster or Troy Murphy before the trading deadline this season.

Adam Morrisonunrestricted – I really wouldn’t know what to do if Bird signed Morrison. I think more Adam Morrison jokes have been posted on this site than about any other player. I guess it would be karma showing its ugly head that I would have to see him shoot 29% from the field as a member of the Pacers. Please God…don’t ever let him on the Pacers!

Joe Alexanderunrestricted – As much as I want a guy with the nickname “Vanilla Thunder” on the Pacers, I couldn’t stomach it. We already have a guy that can only hit a shot within 3 feet of the basket (Josh McRoberts) and he barely sniffs the hardwood. They might as well give him an ergonomic chair on the bench, wouldn’t want him to have circulation issues.

Steve Novakunrestricted – The Pacers already have an older version of Novak and his name is Troy Murphy. Murphy has improved his rebounding over the last few years, but Novak will always be known as the “tall kid that could hit 3-pointers when Dwyane Wade was at Marquette.”

Shavlik Randolphunrestricted – NO MORE DUKE PLAYERS! The Pacers love Duke players and I can’t stand it. I dislike Duke and somehow I am tricked into liking them because they are on the Pacers. It’s a cruel, cruel trick the world plays on me.

Brian Cardinalunrestricted – Is it sad that Cardinal is 6’8 and it wouldn’t surprise me if he couldn’t get touch the net? He looks like he should be playing on your father’s recreation league team. I don’t know how he ever managed to make it in the NBA, but he has been paid very well over his career.

Chris Quinnunrestricted – I actually wouldn’t mind if the Pacers signed Quinn. He reminds me of Travis Diener and he did a decent job with the team. They need depth at point guard and I don’t know if transforming Lance Stephenson into a point guard is the correct move.

Jason Williamsunrestricted – Speaking of decent point guard options, Williams would probably be the leading candidate in this bunch. I doubt he would want to play in Indiana, but I think he still has some tread on his tires. Plus, imagine if Indiana signed Joe Alexander and Williams, you would have a “Vanilla Thunder” and “White Chocolate” combo, sounds like a Blizzard at Dairy Queen.

Louis Amundsonunrestricted – Out of all these candidates, I believe Admundson could receive a Brian Cardinal-like contract from a team that fell in love with his play the last few weeks of the season. He had a productive portion of the season when Robin Lopez was banged up. The Pacers probably won’t be able to afford him and I think Phoenix should probably lock him up.

Travis Dienerunrestricted – He already had his shot with the Pacers. He filled in as a nice option at the time, but clearly he wasn’t in their long-term plans. Maybe he can be a minimum contract option for the Heat. He did play with Wade and Novak at Marquette with success.

Well, I know the Pacers don’t have much room under the salary cap and signing a player this off-season could be a long-shot. Once they trade their expiring contracts before the deadline, they could be in need to sign cheap replacements, so these guys could end up on the team if they don’t land with another team this off-season.

I can’t say this enough, please, please don’t sign Adam Morrison. I mean look at the guy!

Larry Brown Doesn’t Know What "Long Term" Means

Larry Brown just took the job as the coach of the Charlotte Bobcats. This will be his 9th NBA team he has coached, not counting NCAA or ABA teams. He last coached the New York Knicks, which was a complete disaster. It proved that a team full of 2-guards can’t compete in the NBA. Charlotte isn’t a bad job to take, even if the team has never made the playoffs. He will only end up staying there a few years, so he will expect a quick turnaround.

Charlotte had its best overall season this year, but it wasn’t good for Michael Jordan, who runs the team. The team has Adam Morrison (who was hurt the entire year), Emeka Okafor, and Gerald Wallace as their cornerstones to build around. The team will get a pretty good lottery pick in this year’s draft, but could be better off by trading it for some veteran help. Brown has a track record of not being “rookie-friendly,” and he will be hard-pressed to try and find some vets via free agency. The team is full of Wooden Award winners, but they haven’t played at a high-level together. The addition of Jason Richardson last summer helped the team on the offensive end, but with Adam Morrison being on the shelf all year, they should be a pretty explosive duo next season.

I’m going to make a bold prediction that the Charlotte Bobcats will make the playoffs next season. They were only a few games out of the 8th spot in the Eastern Conference this year and I look for a few veterans to sign this summer. Who knows, maybe they can swing a trade for Allen Iverson and maybe he’ll even practice.

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Adam Morrison Is Homeless

I’ve been a fan of Adam Morrison since the first time I saw him play at Gonzaga. I liked how he was a tall guy who could shoot from long range. The crying incident in teh NCAA tournament knocked him down a few pegs, but that crappy ‘stache he rocks evens himself out. This is Adam Morrison today.I’m beginning to think that he lives in a cardboard box outside the Charlotte Arena. I know that he is recovering from a knee injury and hasn’t playing for the Bobcats this season, but wow. I know he’s only around 23 years old, but I’ve seen 14 year old Mexican boys that can grow a thicker mustache than Morrison. You would think that it would have thickened over the last couple of years, but it may have peaked. Also, look at that hair! He kind of looks like Jim Morrison. I was expecting him to grab the headset from Billy Packer and start singing “L.A. Woman.” I’m sure it would have been more entertain than hearing Packer’s play-by-play.

A Sports & Entertainment blog that focuses on absurdity in sports, snarky banter, updates on Tim Tebow’s virginity, and decent sports gambling advice.