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Indiana Pacers: Was Larry Bird a Bad Team President?

After the surprise 2011-12 season, Larry Bird left his position as team president of the Indiana Pacers. He cited health concerns, but did leave the door open for a return at some point.

Now that the dust has settled and Donnie Walsh is back doing his old job, we can analyze if Larry Bird was actually a good team president.

We can go back and look at his coaching hires, draft record and his ability to get the best in a trade. Enough time has passed to adequately assess his job as team president from 2003-2012.

Yes, we do bring up T.J. Ford. Continue reading

Whatever Happened To J.J. Redick?

I usually never compliment Duke, sorry Lake. I was raised a Kentucky basketball fan and ever since Laettner’s shot, I’ve wanted to drive to North Carolina and take a dump at half-court in Cameron Indoor. Anyways, J.J. Redick was probably one of the best college basketball players I’ve ever seen. He had one of the purest outside shots since Reggie Miller. I expected a lot from him when Orlando drafted him last year. I live in Ohio now and I don’t see a lot of Magic games, but I never see him on ESPN and he’s buried in the box score. Is he going to turn into a poor man’s Jason Kapono?

J.J. Redick Airballs A Lay-Up

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