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2017 NCAA Football – Week 2 Betting Picks Against Spread

I went 14-10-1 last week against the spread. Some of my late Saturday afternoon picks were close, but didn’t fall in my favor. I did hit on most of the marquee games. I fell into a trap of picking a few large spreads against mid-major teams. Big programs often don’t take those games very serious, thus falling short of the large point spread.

We have already lost a few marquee players for long periods of time. Make sure you keep an eye on the injury reports cause a few backup quarterbacks are playing this weekend.

A couple Heisman candidates stumbled in Week 1. Will USC QB Sam Darnold right the ship? Will Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield become the Heisman favorite with an elite performance against Ohio State?

We at ‘America’s White Boy’ pick 25 college football games against the spread in Week 2 of the NCAA Football season (September 9th, 2017). We also focus on small conference games and Thursday night games.

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Betting Picks: 2017 College Football Over/Under Season Wins

The 2017-18 NCAA football regular season has already started (sort of). There have only been a few games played and most teams start the season late this week or over the weekend.

I have had a pretty confident on these regular season wins prop bets, but just wanted to be 100% sure a guy like USC’s Sam Darnold or Penn State’s Saquon Barkley didn’t suffer a major injury during a preseason scrimmage.

I’ve been working on these picks for quite awhile. I’d work on it for a few days and then come back to it. I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to picking over/under totals.

There are a lot of even win totals, so if I pick ‘PUSH’, it’s mostly just advising you to avoid betting on this team, since the win total will most likely be the real win total. I don’t want you to basically loan your betting site x-amount of dollars just to get back the same amount in early-December.

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