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2017 NFL Wild Card Playoff Games – Betting Picks Against Spread

giants-boat-party-wild-card-game-post-spread-picks-against-nfl-americas-white-boyI’m limping into the postseason after back-to-back near-.500 weeks against the spread.

I’ve already done pretty darn well picking games against the spread in the postseason. I find it to be easier than picking the games straight up. Injuries will play a huge factor this week as two teams are playing backup quarterbacks.

Three of the four playoff games are being played outdoors, so check weather reports before kickoff.

Will the teams that finished hot this year stay hot when the pressure is on?

Will the backup quarterbacks make a name for themselves and pull off upsets this weekend?

We pick every NFL Wild Card Weekend game against the spread.

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2016 NFL Week 17 – Betting Picks Against Spread

matt mcgloin Week 17 Oakland Raiders playoffs NFL YODAI finished 9-7 last week and suffered a few bad beats. I want to end the regular season with a strong week, but Week 17 is usually a crap shoot.

I’ve spent the last couple days battling a horrible flu. I did have a chance to study who may sit Week 17. I also explain which teams still have something to play for this Sunday.

A lot of weird stuff happens during the last week of the season. We are almost guaranteed to have some receiver or running back have 200+ yards or some backup quarterback pull a ‘Matt Flynn’ and throw for a ton of yards. Can Raiders backup QB Matt McGloin be this year’s Week 17 surprise?

We pick ever NFL game against the spread and throw out a few upsets in Week 17 of the 2016 NFL season.

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2016 NFL Week 16 – Betting Picks Against Spread

americas-white-boy-week-16-nfl-picks-against-the-spread-2016-ezekiel-elliott-salvation-army-gamblingI finished 9-6-1 last week after betting on a lot of covers. It worked in my favor and most of the favorites did well against the spread last week.

Betting games late in the NFL season does pose a few extra things to consider than betting early season games. Not only do you have to factor in weather issues, but a team’s motivation to win could be a huge factor. If a team has nothing left to play for, it could hurt their performance against the spread.

Also, you don’t want to make motivation the ‘end all, be all’ factor. Players on bad teams are still playing for contracts this offseason and roster spots next year. You have to toe a thin line at this point in the season.

We pick ever NFL game against the spread and throw out a few upsets in Week 16 of the 2016 NFL season.

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2016 NFL Week 15 – Betting Picks Against Spread

funny america's white boy nfl picks 2016 week 15 against the spread bettingI finished 9-7 and felt pretty good about it. I had a weak outing the previous week, so it’s good to get a positive week in the books to bounce back.

It is going to be brutally cold in the Midwest this weekend, but thanks to domes, it really only affects the Green Bay/Chicago game.

I’m feeling pretty strong on a lot of the favorites this week. I’m not a huge fan of taking favorites this late in the year, but there were some favorable lines this week. There are just a few double-digit point spreads that give me pause, but they are against teams that have already packed it in for the season.

We pick ever NFL game against the spread and throw out a few upsets in Week 15 of the 2016 NFL season.

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2016 NFL Week 14 – Betting Picks Against Spread

andrew-luck-americas-white-boy-week-14-nfl-picks-against-the-spreadYour boy had a rough week. I finished 6-9 and really whiffed on some of the early games. I’d like to thank the Colts for making sure I didn’t end up with ten losses last week.

I’m going to write it off as just having a bad week. I think many of the teams will bounce back this week. Vegas catches up with teams this time of the year, especially when teams are playing in-division rivals for the second time. 

I’ll rolling the dice with quite a few road teams this week. I think there are a lot of 50/50 games that could come down to the last few plays, so that explains why there are so many tight points spreads. Let’s hope for some covers this weekend.

We pick ever NFL game against the spread and throw out a few upsets in Week 14 of the 2016 NFL season.

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2016 NFL Week 11 – Betting Picks Against Spread

dak-prescott-dallas-cowboys-week-11-nfl-betting-picks-against-the-spread-americas-white-boy-gamblingAfter hitting on almost 70% of my picks the last five weeks, I hit a wall last week. I finished 5-7-2 after whiffing on many of the early games. I was lucky to make up for it and hit on some late games last week.

The Dallas Cowboys are officially rookie QB Dak Prescott’s team. Often-injured QB Tony Romo said this week that Dak deserves to be the quarterback. I guess this is one of the reason many top quarterbacks often have extremely crappy backup quarterbacks. The Cowboys had guys like Kyle Orton and Brandon Weeden for a reason, to appease Romo’s ego.

We pick ever NFL game against the spread and throw out a few upsets in Week 11 of the 2016 NFL season.

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Raiders Blow Broncos Away Despite Tantrum from Coach

nfl-latavius-murray-oakland-raiders-denver-broncosThe Broncos were supposed to have the most dominant defense in the league; as such, it was a bit of a surprise when they lost so resoundingly to the Raiders. Of course, people care more about Donald Penn’s tantrum than they do the NFL odds and analysis of the game.

Yet, it was quite the impressive showdown; and you would have expected the Raiders to celebrate their pending success. But, with 7:09 on the clock, Penn’s tantrum manifested the creative differences swirling behind the scenes.

Penn lost his mind after Broncos safety T.J Ward gave his team new life and made a diving interception at the 30. This was after Bruce Irvin dislodged the ball from Trevor Siemian, and Khalil Mack recovered at Denver’s 39-yard line.

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2016 NFL Week 8 – Betting Picks Against Spread

Joey-Bosa-Week-8-2016-NFL-betting-picks-against-the-spread-americas-white-boyI went 7-8 last week after whiffing on some road favorites. I definitely underestimated San Diego and Green Bay, but felt solid about the rest of my picks.

There are six teams on a bye week this week and an early game in London. There could be some weak football watching on Sunday if we are stuck with some blow outs.

Fall weather is in full force in the NFL, but I don’t think the weather will interfere in many games. Rain is expected across the Midwest, but I don’t see it affecting any bets. 

We pick ever NFL game against the spread and throw out a few upsets in Week 8 of the 2016 NFL season.

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