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2017 NFL Fantasy Football Start/Sit – Week 8

A lot of teams are on bye week and you may need to fill a few holes in your lineup.

Arizona, Green Bay, Jacksonville, L.A. Rams, N.Y. Giants and Tennessee are all sitting this week out. I can already tell a lot of people will be looking for streaming options for running backs in Week 8.

Here is our Fantasy Football Sit/Start for Week 8 of the 2017 NFL season…and enjoy our weird fabulous MS Paint masterpiece of Eagles QB Carson Wentz.

I want to explain what I mean by “sit” and “start.” Of course you are going to start some of the guys i say to bench this week, because you probably used high draft picks or a lot of money in an auction for them. My ‘sit’ players are guys I am just not completely sold that they will have good weeks. If you have a guy that you are on the fence about, maybe this will help you pick between the players.

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2015 NFL Team Preview: Washington Redskins

weird funny washington redskins nfl 2015 season team previewI’m sure Washington owner Dan Snyder would like a do-over and avoid mortgaging his future to trade up to draft quarterback Robert Griffin III. His tenure has been marred with injuries, fumbles and mediocrity. If there was ever a quarterback that needed a change of scenery, it would be RG3.

Washington officially starts the ‘Kirk Cousins era’ this year. Will it be as forgettable as the ‘Patrick Ramsey era’ or will he lead the team to a winning record?

The NFC East will be a beast again this season. The Giants, Eagles and Cowboys are all favored to contend for a playoff spot. It will be that much harder for the Redskins to be respectable.

Here is the 2015 NFL team preview for the Washington Redskins.

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Fantasy Football Start/Sit – Week 3

jay-cutler-kristin-cavallariWeek 2 was a bounce back week for many stars who disappointed in the first week of the season. You had players like James Jones, Pierre Garcon and Calvin Johnson all had big fantasy weeks after having a subpar Week 1.

I hope I helped out fantasy owners last week. I had some good calls, but missed on Garcon and Lacy (due to injury). I feel confident that this week’s edition of Fantasy Football Start/Sit will help fantasy owners win in Week 3.

Will Reggie Bush and Ray Rice play this weekend? Is Roddy White still a decoy? Will Trent Richardson contribute right away for the Colts? We try to answer those questions and many more. Continue reading

NFL: Early 2012 Fantasy Football Sleepers (Team-By-Team)

If you are a serious fantasy football player, it is time to start researching for sleepers. There is still a lot of off-season left, but the draft is over and most of the impact free agents have already signed. I pick one sleeper on every NFL team and give team-by-team analysis at this point in the off-season.

Some of the choices are no-brainers, but a few of the teams only have very deep sleepers. I didn’t focus much on quarterbacks, since nearly every team has already named a starter for next season. A lot of incoming rookies and slot receivers made the list.

The sleepers I list below consists of running backs, wide receivers and tight ends who could impact their teams and your fantasy league this season. Let me know if you have your own fantasy football sleeper that didn’t make the list. I will make sure to give you credit when I update this list during training camp. Continue reading

Would Peyton Help Groom Tim Tebow?

As Peyton Manning is in Denver talking with the Broncos, we all wonder how this will affect Tim Tebow. It isn’t a guarantee that Manning will sign with them, since he will most likely visit a few more teams. Would Manning be afraid of the backlash that comes with blocking Tim Tebow from starting? Would he accept the role of mentor? What can Tebow learn from one of the games best quarterbacks? A lot of questions are still in the air, but one thing is known, they are both fierce competitors.

Manning has never been on a team with another quarterback that could start in the NFL. I think he has helped groom some of his back-ups in Indianapolis, but it wasn’t his job. When the Colts were winning 12 games a year, Jim Sorgi or Curtis Painer would play a lot in the last few games of the year. Manning would have a headset on and he would be calling plays. He was able to do that because he had no threat at losing his job. I’m guessing that he enjoyed watching someone that he helped mold and call plays for him. Saying all of that, the situation in Denver would be quite different.

Drafting Tim Tebow in the first-round and having the ground-swell of support from Denver’s fans, has been a problem for the Broncos front-office. John Elway has since taken over the operations and he wasn’t in charge when Tebow was drafted. Football bloggers and mainstream journalists were waiting to see if Elway would him a shot. After a watching the first few games last year, Elway thought that they had nothing to lose and unleashed Tebow. Was Elway hoping that he would fall on his face? Elway’s in a position that he has to leave Tebow alone or the fanbase will turn on him. The only way out of this would be if he signed Peyton Manning.

Denver’s defense was very solid last year and rookie Von Miller was exceptional. In a weak AFC West, the Broncos are built to win now. They have the cap space to sign Manning and maybe a few of his old teammates (Reggie Wayne, Pierre Garcon, and/or Dallas Clark). The fanbase would realize that Manning would be the best choice to lead this team…right now.

What can Tebow learn from being Manning’s back-up? First, he would probably be in less pictorials with his shirt off. I’ve seen Tim Tebow shirtless more times than I have seen myself nude. After that is addressed, he can learn to become a better passer. Manning helped build an offense around his strengths. Tom Moore was a huge help in doing that, but he started to learn defenses and call audibles at the line. This what Tebow needs to learn the most from Manning. If he can recognize defenses, he can go in the huddle and call one passing play and one QB option play. He can see what the defense gives him and then signal to his teammates which play he’s calling. If he perfected that, Tebow would be more of a threat than Michael Vick…assuming that Tebow learns how to throw more accurately.

Will Manning groom Tim Tebow if he signs with Denver? I’m assuming that it would be a condition in his contract. What if Manning finishes his career there, in three or four years, and hands the keys to Tebow and he stinks? It wouldn’t completely tarnish his reputation, but it wouldn’t look good. Brett Favre never had that problem with Aaron Rodgers, even though he had nothing to do with Rodgers’ success.

The apprenticeship that Tebow would receive from Manning would be priceless. They are both fierce competitors, Tebow just needs someone to mold him. He will not be fixed over night, so Manning would be the perfect stopgap.

Seriously bro, put on a shirt!

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2010 NFL Week 1 – Fantasy Football Sit/Start

I’m back with this season’s weekly post when I announce who will be fantasy football studs and duds. I made it to the championship game in every fantasy football league I was in last season. I helped a lot of people last season and I got a lot of great feedback from readers. Here are my players to sit and start for Week 1.

I want to explain what I mean by “sit” and “start.” Of course you are going to start some of the guys i say to bench this week, because you probably used high draft picks or a lot of money in an auction for them. I am just not completely sold that they will have good weeks. If you have a guy that you are on the fence about, maybe this will help you pick between the players.


Adrian Peterson – Favre isn’t 100%, Peterson should see a lot of work against the Saints.

Drew Brees – Vikings run defense is solid, but secondary can be throw on, if he’s given time.

Both Steve Smiths – They face each other this week and they are both solid starts. I think Matt Moore is an upgrade over Jake Delhomme.

Chad Henne – If Brandon Marshall can make Kyle Orton look good, imagine how good he will make Henne look this season.

Michael Turner – The Steelers defense will focus on stopping him and making Matt Ryan throw to beat them, but Turner is difficult to contain.

Rashard Mendenhall – Dixon is the QB and he will need a rushing attack and an option to dump the ball off, Mendenhall will have a nice game.

Calvin Johnson – When healthy, Johnson is a freak…he’s healthy and the Bears secondary is bad.

Matt Forte – I could be in the minority in thinking that Forte will have a nice season. He has nice hands and can catch the ball out of the backfield. Cutler will have to checkdown a lot to keep from throwing picks.

Cedric Benson – The Patriots front four is getting old and Benson should get the ball a lot.

Pierre Garcon – The Texans secondary is weak, all the Colts wide receiving corps should do well. Garcon has the hands and speed to do damage.

Chris Johnson – You used the #1 pick in the draft, you have to start him no matter the situation.

Jason Campbell – Redskins had him in handcuffs and the Raiders will let him use his cannon, even if his wideout options are weak.

Vernon Davis – He has turned to be Alex Smith’s #1 target and Seattle gave up a ton of TDs to tight ends last year.

Arizona Cardinals Defense – You have to start any defense that face the St. Louis Rams this season.

Tony Romo – He’s on the road in a big game, he has to be hyped for a game like this. He has many options to throw to and defenses will have to plan to stop Jones and Barber.

LaDanian Tomlinson – I know, I know…a bit risky. Shonn Greene is the #1 back, but I think LT gets in the end zone.

Green Bay Packers defense – Kevin Kolb looked good filling in for McNabb last season, but the Packers are going throw the kitchen sink at him.

Phillip Rivers – The Chiefs will be energized with a home Monday Night Football game, but their secondary is weak.

Both Mike Williams – DEEP LEAGUE START – You should start these in a standard league, but both Mike Williams (Tampa Bay and Seattle) are the only solid options on their teams at wideout.


Brett Favre – He has to prove to me that his ankle is well enough to do anything of importance before I can start him in a standard league.

Pierre Thomas – He will lose some carries to Reggie Bush and the Vikings run defense is top notch.

Brandon Jacobs – He seems to have a scaled back role in 2010 and Ahmad Bradshaw is set to take over #1 duties.

Any Buffalo Bills player – I know C.J. Spiller is a sexy pick this year, but they need so much help on offense, they can’t just rely on him.

Dennis Dixon – The Steelers would rather have Byron Leftwich at QB…that should tell you something.

Jay Cutler – The Bears O-line is bad, if the Lions can get pressure on Cutler, he’s going to throw picks.

Any NE Patriots RB – The backfield for the Patriots is so congested, it’s a crapshoot in trying to choose who to play.

Arian Foster – Steve Slaton and Derrick Ward are both on the roster. Slaton has had good games against the Colts, but Foster is a different type of back, a back that the Colts can stop.

Sam Bradford – He’s a rookie and has zero options at wide receiver. It will be a long season for the young quarterback.

Donovan McNabb – He’s a question mark to even play, so he’s too risky to take a chance.

Derrick Mason – Not sure why so many people are on his bandwagon this season. He’s up their in age and Boldin should get the most targets.

DeSean Jackson – The Packers secondary is good and will play against the big play. Jackson only seemed to score last season on big plays, he’s not a red zone target.

Ryan Matthews – I don’t trust a rookie running back in his first game, plus it’s on the road.

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Not Again! Bob Sanders Out For Year

Bob Sanders was the Defensive Player Of The Year just a few seasons ago, but he hasn’t been able to stay healthy since. He is under-sized and is a very physical player, which may lead to some of his past injuries. There is no doubt that the Colts are a better team with Sanders in the lineup, but they have done well without this year, but will this injury lead to the Colts’ defense being exposed?

It’s been a long time since the Colts have had a great player in their secondary. Jeff Burris was a good player and Ray Buchanan had a few good seasons, but went on to the Falcons and had his career years. Bob Sanders was the first elite defensive back that I can remember the Colts having since they moved to Indianapolis. He hasn’t stayed healthy since he signed his contract extension and it’s possible if he can’t stay on the field next year, he could see his way out of Indianapolis. The Colts no longer play the Tampa 2 and they have learned to play without him for most of the last few years. He is clearly a slow healer, unlike Dwight Freeney, who if he gets injured, seems to be back on the field the next week.

The Colts are currently undefeated, it’s not uncommon really, over the last few years this has happened a few times. They go through the first-half of the year undefeated, then they start to play divisional opponents a second time and then usually a tough game against the Patriots or Steelers and lose a few games. Injuries usually start to add up and a team that goes 8-0 in the first half, ends up as a 12-4 team.

The injuries that I am most worried about are the injuries to Marlin Jackson and Kelvin Hayden. Jackson injured his knee in practice for the second-straight season. He will miss the remainder of the season, an injury is that is similar to what occurred in 2008. Hayden will miss a few weeks with an injury, so he will miss the Patriots game. With these two guys out, they will have to start two rookie corners for the next few weeks. Tom Brady could be drooling by that time, since he has been known to go after rookie corners, but if he has two of them to carve up, it could be a long game for Indianapolis. Jacob Lacey and Jerraud Powers will be tested over the next few weeks.

I was worried about the Colts at the beginning of the year. Anthony Gonzalez suffered a knee injury in the first game and has yet to return. He had his knee scoped this week, so the timetable for his return may have been pushed back a few weeks. They have a nice young receiving corps and guys like Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie has stepped up in place of Gonzalez. He can afford to stay away and fully heal up, a luxury that members on the defense do not have.

The next few weeks will be a test for the Colts. They have two games against the red-hot Matt Schaub and the Texans, the Patriots, and the Ravens over the next four weeks. If they get past these four games, they only have the Broncos and Jets as possible teams to knock them out of the ranks of the unbeaten.

I don’t think this team should worry about staying unbeaten, if they know anything, a loss in the regular season doesn’t mean much, it looks like they will win the AFC South. A loss in the post-season will end their season, if they are going to have a bad game, they better have it in the regular season or another productive season will go up in flames.

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A Sports & Entertainment blog that focuses on absurdity in sports, snarky banter, updates on Tim Tebow’s virginity, and decent sports gambling advice.