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2014 NBA Championship Betting Odds

Tim Duncan Funny San Antonio Spurs NBA Championship OddsNow that the NBA regular season is over, ‘real’ basketball begins. We will no longer hear about tanking or listen to Bill Simmons flip every NBA discussion into something Boston Celtics-related.

The NBA Playoffs should be fun this year. The Miami Heat have looked vulnerable during the regular season. There’s handful of teams that have a realistic shot at winning the Larry O’Brien trophy.

The first round has some nice matchups. Warriors/Clippers, Grizzlies/Thunder and Trail Blazers/Rockets all have my interest peaked.

Can the Pacers rebound from a late-season slump?

Here are the 2014 NBA Championship betting odds.

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Smart Bet: Indiana Pacers’ Eastern Conference Win

Paul+George+Indiana+Pacers+All-StarAre you looking for an NBA postseason bet that still has value? Pretty difficult, right?

The Miami Heat are on a terrific winning streak, but it could end at the end on Sunday when the Indiana Pacers play in Miami.

Betting against Lebron James takes a lot of guts, but there’s no value in any postseason Miami Heat bet. The Heat’s odds to win the Eastern Conference (-300) and their NBA Championship odds are (-110). Do you really want to tie up your money for three months in a bet that doesn’t win you much money?

I’ll explain why an Indiana Pacers bet to win the Eastern Conference is the smartest bet for the NBA Playoffs. Continue reading

Top 10 YouTube Videos of NBA Flops

Flopping is a hot button issue in today’s NBA. Indiana Pacers coach Frank Vogel was fined 15k for saying that the Miami Heat were the biggest flopping team in the league. David Stern was interviewed during Game 1 on the Pacers/Heat series and said that it needs to stop. Flopping was never an issue until Vlade Divac perfected the art of flopping in the late 1990s. It was frowned upon then, but over the years, it is now an accepted practice by most players. The best players in the league (Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul) all do it and I decided to give you some proof.

Here are the Top 10 best YouTube videos of NBA flops.

Chris Bosh flopping against the Chicago Bulls
Lebron James also flops against the Chicago Bulls
Vlade Divac flopping compilation
Baron Davis flops against Mehmet Okur
Raja Bell & J.R. Smith’s “double flop”
Raja Bell commits another “double flop” with Manu Ginobli
Omer Asik’s Mega-flop
Deshawn Stevenson flops against Indiana Pacers
Rudy Fernandez’s ghost flop
Pau Gasol’s Flop Mixtape


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Amar’e Stoudemire Hates Fire Extinguishers

When an athlete is able to play at the highest level in their sport, it can be hard to lose. You are used to dominating at every level, then you hit a wall and can’t seem to get over the hill. Players deal with their frustration differently. You can hit the gym, talk it over with teammates, or forget it and move on. If it was only that easy for a certain member of the New York Knicks. A moment of frustration could end the season for Amar’e Stoudemire or Amare Stoudemire (for those who lack an apostrophe on their keyboards).

I promise that no fire extinguishers or their cases were hurt in the writing of this blog post.

The New York Knicks lost to the Miami Heat (104-94) in Game 2 of their best-of-seven playoff series. This is the second defeat in a row. They were dominated in the fourth quarter with ease. Most say that this was a “must win” game for the Knicks. They now face an an incredible challenge to come back in this series.

Yahoo! reports┬áthat while exiting the court, Stoudemire punched the glass of a fire extinguisher case. He cut his hand and later left the arena with a heavily bandaged hand and his arm in a sling. It was reported that there was a great deal of blood in the Knicks locker room and that a paramedic that to assist in helping him with his injury. Stoudemire later tweeted, “I’m so mad at myself right now, I want to apologize to the fans and my team, not proud of my actions, headed for home for a new start.” The extent of his injury has not be reported yet, but due to the amount of blood and the bandage/sling medical equipment, it could be substantial.

It is unknown if Stoudemire is healthy enough to play in the rest of the series or if he will receive any discipline for his destruction of the arena’s property. He was just recovering from a back injury and he would join Jeremy Lin, Iman Shumpert, and possibly Baron Davis on the injured list. Davis missed the first-half of this game after his own back injury flared up on him. It is unknown if Lin will be able to play in this series and Shumpert will be out until next season with a torn ligament.

The Knicks have a nearly improbably task ahead of them. If they win one game in this series, I would consider it a moral victory. Carmelo Anthony can only do so much and he’s already maxed out. I will continue watching this series for Steve Novak, a “White Boy of the Year” nominee. They can go into the 2012-13 season with a decent draft pick in a very deep draft, a healthy Jeremy Lin, and either Mike Woodson or a new coach. They will be a better team next year, if they can stay healthy…and Stoudemire stops trying to fight fire extinguishing equipment.

Photo credit goes to Timothy Burke for his hilarious Photoshop talent. Go to Deadspin for his awesome photo and video work.


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Can Indiana Pacers Make The Playoffs?

The Indiana Pacers are currently 22-28 and hold a one game lead for the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference. They have a good shot landing anywhere from the 6th seed to the 11th seed in the conference. They are on a roll since firing Jim O’Brien and promoting Frank Vogel to head coach. Depending on what other teams do before the trading deadline, can the Pacers finally make the playoffs with Reggie Miller?

Since Frank Vogel took over head coaching duties, the Pacers have only one loss to the Miami Heat. They were leading much of that contest, but lost in the last minutes of the game. Vogel has done away with the “small ball” that O’Brien was trying the last few weeks he was in power and has been starting Tyler Hansbrough &

Josh McRoberts at that position. He also said that he will start playing rookies Paul George & Lance Stephenson more. George has been playing a lot off the bench, but Stephenson has yet to see minutes this year. Indiana has responded and are playing with a fire and passion that was lost under O’Brien.

Larry Bird has been held under fire the last few years. He has been scrutinized about the personnel that he has acquired and seems to have changed his focus this year. He went with the best players available in the draft and didn’t choose the “good character” guy over a risk. Stephenson was a huge risk, but in the 2nd round, not so much. I still think he could be a factor on this team, but he hasn’t been given a shot. He could be useful in the D-League, but the Pacers haven’t been apt to use that option in the past.

The Pacers have a few chips that they could try to move before the trading deadline. Mike Dunleavy, T.J. Ford, and Jeff Foster all have expiring contracts and are very capable players. Dunleavy has been starting, Foster has been coming off the bench, and Ford has been a healthy scratch. All three players can contribute to any team, but doesn’t seem like the Pacers have them in their current or future plans. If they could get a serviceable power forward or defensive help for any of those guys, Bird should jump on it.

It looks like Indiana will be fighting the Knicks, Bobcats, Sixers, Bucks, and Pistons for the last three playoff spots in the East. The Bobcats and Pistons have been rumored to be sellers at the trading deadline, so that could end those teams hopes of making the playoffs. You never know what surprise team will jump up the standings after some trades. Can the Pacers make the playoffs this season? Absolutely, they have as good of a shot as any of the mid-level teams in the East. Will they make it out of the first-round? That is another story…I don’t want to be positive right now.


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The Most In-Depth San Antonio Spurs Analysis On The Web

The San Antonio Spurs are currently battling the Dallas Mavericks in the first-round of the NBA Playoffs. I breakdown every aspect of the San Antonio Spurs, probably the most in-depth analysis of the San Antonio Spurs on the internet. Enjoy.

Matt Bonner….good.

Manu Ginobli gots a bald spot.

In-depth analysis complete.

For the second-best Spurs analysis on the web, please go to Project Spurs.
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Home Sweet Home

Home-court advantage has played a very significant role in the NBA playoffs this season. In the conference semi-finals the home team is 15-1 (the Orlando Magic had to mess up the perfect record). The Celtics did look like the team to beat, until they arrived in Cleveland. Boston appeared like they had too many 23 cent pizzas on thursday and look sluggish. Lebron James hasn’t played very well at all, yet they tied the series 2-2 tonight. The Celtics are getting flashbacks of the Atlanta series, but Cleveland is an actual NBA team, not an NBA D-League team that currently plays in Atlanta. Ray Allen has disappeared and Pierce looks like Antoine Walker lately. If the trend of home teams winning stays true, this series should go seven games.

The New Orleans/San Antonio series looked like a possible sweep after the first two games. Tim Duncan played like Jerome James and he wasn’t getting help from Manu Ginobli’s bald spot or Mr. Eva Longoria. Chris Paul was playing his best in the biggest games of his career so far. Peja Stojakovic was forgot that he was washed up and playing like he did while with the Kings. Unfortunately for the Hornets, Duncan woke up and the Spurs had hard to beat at home. The Hornets/Spurs series appears to be a possible seven game series.Kobe Bryant at the Lakers have their hands full with the Utah Jazz. The Jazz didn’t show up in Los Angeles, but Utah only lost four games at home all season. Kobe injured his back in Game 4 and had to stand up during the post-game conference. If Kobe isn’t 100% for Game 5, I think Utah could sneak a win and clinch the series in Utah. David Stern will probably hate to see Utah advance, but Andrei Kirilenko started actually playing again and he will break you.

The Detroit/Orlando series will not go seven games. Orlando is a good team, but Detroit’s experience is proving to be too much for them to handle. The Magic will be a contender next season, but Dwight Howard needs another big man to help him in the low-post. Howard’s offensive skills start and end with his dunking ability. If they draft or sign a free-agent who can score 15 a game and can hit a 20-foot jumper, Howard will benefit. They need a player like Mehmet Okur, who can take shots from the outside that would leave Howard one-on-one to fight for the rebound.

I would like to see Jazz/Hornets and Celtics/Pistons Conference Finals, but I am afraid I couldn’t stomach another Pistons/Spurs in the NBA Finals. They are both good teams and deserving to be there, but I would like to see something new and fresh. I feel like the NBA Finals have been stuck on repeat the last few seasons and I want to push the shuffle button and see what happens.

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NBA Remembers That Atlanta Has A Franchise

I can’t remember the last time that I watched an Atlanta Hawks game before these playoffs. I guarantee that Dominique Wilkens and/or Spud Webb were still sporting Hawks jerseys. When did TBS stop airing Atlanta’s games? Almost every game was on TBS, usually right after Atlanta Braves games. I think the point when they stopped airing the games on TBS, I stopped watching the Hawks. To be honest, the only time I remembered that they existed was when they picked the ping-pong balls out for the NBA Lottery.

The Atlanta Hawks are such a young team, but filled with solid college players, except Josh Smith, who went pro from high school. Al Horford, Josh Childress, and Mike Bibby seem to play very well together. No one expected that Atlanta would win one game, let alone force a seventh game. I am liking what I am seeing in this series, the boys are becoming men.I know the NBA are foaming at the mouth for a possible Celtics/Lakers NBA Final, but at the same time, a young, talented, underdog story can be good for the league as well. If Atlanta shocks the world and beats Boston, they may not beat Cleveland, but they are setting themselves up to build on their success this year. Al Horford looks like the real deal and was shafted by not getting Rookie Of The Year. Kevin Durant may have had the point totals, but Horford has had a better well-rounded year and made his team competitive.Somebody wake these guys up! I know they are making some crazy money, but isn’t the post-season the reason these guys wanted to play together? In Game 6, Ray Allen looked nervous, Paul Pierce was hot-headed, and Kevin Garnett was the only one that showed up to win this series. You cannot win an NBA playoff game if the opposing team reaches the free-throw line 20 more times than you. These three guys may be showing people the real reason why neither of them have won an NBA championship, they disappear when it matters.

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