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2014-15 NBA Team Preview: Atlanta Hawks

atlanta-hawks-cheerleader-brandy-blair-hot-sexy-blonde-NBAI doubt many fans buy NBA League Pass to watch the Atlanta Hawks games, but they are sneaky good. They won’t ‘wow’ you with flash, but if you like three-point shooting, you loved watching them last season.

Jeff Teague impressed many NBA fans with his play against the Indiana Pacers in the playoffs. He held his own against players with much more playoff experience. I look for him to keep improving and possibly be in play for a spot on the All-Star Game roster.

The major key to Atlanta’s success is Al Horford’s ability to stay healthy. He’s had two torn pectoral muscles derail back-to-back seasons. If he stays healthy, it’s hard to omit Atlanta from the playoff picture.

We will be posting a team preview for every team up until the start of the regular season.

Here is the 2014-15 NBA season preview for the Atlanta Hawks.

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Re-Do – 2007 NBA Draft

You can’t really judge any professional sports draft until after three years. I have done “NBA Draft Re-Do” posts since the 2005 Draft and they are always eye-opening. When you start to weed out the busts and players that never achieve their potential due to injury, sometimes you’re left with mixed bag. This year was not different, luckily I didn’t have to add Josh McRoberts as a potential NBA Lottery pick, that would have been ugly. Does Greg Oden even make the cut? Here is my 2007 NBA Draft Lottery, if the draft were held today.

After taking out guys like Brendan Wright, Acie Law, Spencer Hawes, and Yi Jianlian from the draft, after pick #6, it starts to get ugly, you have been warned. Continue reading

2009-10 NBA Preview: Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta has went from laughing stock to playoff team in the matter of five seasons. They have built their team through the draft and hiring head coach Mike Woodson has improved this team greatly. Can the Hawks surpass Boston or Cleveland this season? Is Jeff Teague a potential Rookie Of The Year candidate? Is Horford/Smith/Williams the best young front-court in the league? Here is our 2009-10 NBA Preview for the Atlanta Hawks.

Additions/Subtractions – Atlanta seems to have finally turned the corner and became a perennial playoff team. They didn’t make too many moves this off-season, in hopes of their young talent developing. They did trade Acie Law and Speedy Claxton to Golden State for guard Jamal Crawford. They also improved their back-court by signing Juan Dixon and drafting Jeff Teague. They are building around their young talent and their team is shaping up pretty well.

2009-10 Expectations – The Hawks had one of their best seasons since Dominique Wilkins was winning slam-dunk contests. They hope to build on a 47-35 season last year and make a leap into the 2nd-round of the playoffs and beyond. A potential starting line-up of Mike Bibby, Joe Johnson, Marvin Williams, Josh Smith, and Al Horford gives them one of the best line-ups in the East. When you add in Jeff Teague into the mix, they have one of the youngest and best rotations. I really like them this year and could surprise some people. They are in the 2nd-tier of good teams in the East and they could possibly move into the same conversation as Orlando, Cleveland, and Boston. If everyone can stay healthy, this team can do some major things this year.

2009-10 Predictions – Jeff Teague was a steal where Atlanta drafted him. He will be the future point guard of the Hawks and a season under the wing of Bibby can only make him better. He will be a first-team All-Rookie and will finish in the top-5 in the Rookie Of The Year voting. Al Horford, Josh Smith, and Joe Johnson will have career years and possibly two of the three will be named to the All-Star team. They will improve on their 47 win total last year and if everyone can stay healthy, their ceiling of wins could be around 55 this year. Don’t sleep on Atlanta, they will have a great year, if only they can get some fans in the Atlanta area to go to games.

2009-10 Win Total – 53-29

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NBA Remembers That Atlanta Has A Franchise

I can’t remember the last time that I watched an Atlanta Hawks game before these playoffs. I guarantee that Dominique Wilkens and/or Spud Webb were still sporting Hawks jerseys. When did TBS stop airing Atlanta’s games? Almost every game was on TBS, usually right after Atlanta Braves games. I think the point when they stopped airing the games on TBS, I stopped watching the Hawks. To be honest, the only time I remembered that they existed was when they picked the ping-pong balls out for the NBA Lottery.

The Atlanta Hawks are such a young team, but filled with solid college players, except Josh Smith, who went pro from high school. Al Horford, Josh Childress, and Mike Bibby seem to play very well together. No one expected that Atlanta would win one game, let alone force a seventh game. I am liking what I am seeing in this series, the boys are becoming men.I know the NBA are foaming at the mouth for a possible Celtics/Lakers NBA Final, but at the same time, a young, talented, underdog story can be good for the league as well. If Atlanta shocks the world and beats Boston, they may not beat Cleveland, but they are setting themselves up to build on their success this year. Al Horford looks like the real deal and was shafted by not getting Rookie Of The Year. Kevin Durant may have had the point totals, but Horford has had a better well-rounded year and made his team competitive.Somebody wake these guys up! I know they are making some crazy money, but isn’t the post-season the reason these guys wanted to play together? In Game 6, Ray Allen looked nervous, Paul Pierce was hot-headed, and Kevin Garnett was the only one that showed up to win this series. You cannot win an NBA playoff game if the opposing team reaches the free-throw line 20 more times than you. These three guys may be showing people the real reason why neither of them have won an NBA championship, they disappear when it matters.

A Sports & Entertainment blog that focuses on absurdity in sports, snarky banter, updates on Tim Tebow’s virginity, and decent sports gambling advice.