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Toy Crazy: Mattel’s WWE Elite Series 34

WWE Elite series 34 Rusev Doink Hulk Hogan Bad News Barrett Paige John Cena Mattel toysI’m a self-confessed vintage toy nerd. I collect vintage wrestling action figures from the 80’s & 90’s. I started purchasing some vintage toys out of nostalgia. Well, WWE and Mattel sucked me into their new stuff. I now buy a few figures a month.

WWE Elite Series 30Elite Series 31 & Elite Series 33 were all home runs (Elite Series 32…not so much). Well, Mattel released images of Elite 34 and they are definitely crazy awesome.

The WWE Superstars included in Elite 34 are Doink (Flashback), Hulk Hogan, Rusev, Paige, Bad News Barrett and John Cena.

Here are some pictures and a review of which accessories each figure will come with.

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Toy Crazy: The Definitive WWF LJN Checklist

Ultimate Warrior LJN 1989 Toy WWF WWE Action FigureI know we all had toys as a kid that either got destroyed or sold by your parents at a yard sale. Well, a lot of those toys now go for big money on eBay. In particular, the WWF LJN line of toys from the 80’s.

The WWF LJN line had figures of recognizable fame (Hulk Hogan, Andre The Giant, Bret Hart, Macho Man, etc). They made standard 8-inch figures, Bendies, 16-inch figures, thumb wrestlers & even Stretch Armstrong-like toys.

Many collectors like collecting LJNs because there are many variants in the line. Many aren’t widely-considered variants, but just slight production errors. Once LJN went out of business in 1989, Canadian toy company Grand Toys took over production for the last series.

I contacted a few hardcore WWF LJN collectors and spoke to them about variants and decided to make a definitive list for those collecting action figures and the posters that accompany the standard figures (yes, there are even poster variants).

Here is the definitive WWF LJN checklist with all the widely accepted known variants for the standard figures, Bendies, Thumb Wrestlers, 16-inch figures, Stretch wrestlers and Posters.

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Best 15 Pay-Per-Views Available on WWE Network Right Now

Macho Man Ricky Steamboat Wrestlemania 3 WWE Network WWFThe WWE Network has finally launched. The launch wasn’t exactly smooth. Xbox 360 doesn’t quite work yet, but all other platforms seem to be functioning now. It took a few hours for me to get through to buy it. MLB Advanced Media is in charge of the streaming and everything on the back end. They released a statement and said they never planned for the amount of first day subscribers. This caused the issues they are still sorting out.

Well, for those who put down $9.99, you have nearly the entire WWE, WCW & ECW pay-per-view library at your fingertips. It’s a bit overwhelming at first, so we try to make it easier on you and pick out the best 15 PPVs currently available to stream on the WWE Network.

We had to narrow down the list from 30-40 to give you the best of the best. This list is in no particular order, but Macho Man vs. Ricky Steamboat on Wrestlemania III is a must-see.

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Ten Wrestlers Who Deserve to be in WWE Hall of Fame

The 2013 WWE Hall of Fame class has been announced, well the headliners at least. Mick Foley, Bob Backlund, Trish Stratus, and most importantly, Bruno Sammartino are set to be inducted in Madison Square Garden before Wrestlemania 29.

Sammartino is the biggest name in the upcoming class. He has been dead-set against being inducted, but finally accepted the induction. He believes the current state of professional wrestling feeds the bottom denominator. He has been vocal about the vulgarity in “sports entertainment” and vowed to never accepted an induction invitation. I don’t know what changed, but I’m glad he will finally be in.

Here is a list of ten wrestlers, or wrestling factions, that need to be in the WWE Hall of Fame and the likelihood of their inductions happening in the next five years. Continue reading

Review: WWE Allied Powers DVD & Summer Slam Anthology DVD

We promised you plenty of reviews this week and here is a double dose for your eyes. WWE Entertainment recently provided us with a few DVDs to review and they were great. “Allied Powers: The World’s Greatest Tag Teams” DVD set is full of nostalgic and current WWE tag teams. The commentary of the series was done by John Morrison and The Miz, and Bill Simmons was right, there is a lot of unintentional comedy.

The “Allied Powers” set is three-discs long and has so many good matches. You have matches by Degeneration X, The Hart Foundation, The Killer Bees, The Kozlov Brothers, Demolition, The Fabulous Freebirds, The Legion of Doom, The Smoking Gunns, The Dudley Boys, and many more. You have pretty much any notable tag team from AWA, WCW, WWE, ECW, and World Class Wrestling. There are plenty of matches and also a lot of highlights featuring certain tag teams. You can really get lost watching the matches, I wanted to go grab my WWF thumb-wrestlers and re-create a matches with my Hillbilly Jim and Junkyard Dog figures. Okay, not really, but it’s a must-buy for any WWE fan that has watched wrestling for any amount of years. Continue reading