Toy Crazy: Mattel’s WWE Elite Series 30

WWE Elite 30 Animal Hawk Lex Luger Batista Brock Lesnar RybackI’m a self-confessed vintage toy nerd. I collect vintage wrestling action figures from the 80’s & 90’s. I had a hard time getting into new action figures. I started purchasing the old toys I had as a kid out of nostalgia. Well, the WWE finally figured out a way to suck me into their new products…release quality figures of wrestlers I grew up watching.

As soon as I saw the line-up for Mattel’s WWE Elite Series 30, I basically just threw my money at my laptop screen. I’m a sucker for the Legion of Doom (otherwise known as The Road Warriors) and the Lex Express-era patriotic Lex Luger is just icing on the cake.

I let you know when these will hit the shelves, and which accessories come with each figure in Mattel’s WWE Elite Series 30.

wwe elite 30 Hawk Legion of Doom Road Warriors

wwe elite 30 Animal Legion of Doom Road WarriorsHawk & Animal of the Legion of Doom – It comes with their iconic spike shoulder pads and gauntlets. I was hoping they would come with vintage tag team titles, but as of right now, those only exist on the Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard figures Mattel released in their WWE Legends figure line. Collectors have been using custom belts and tag belts that came with older WWE figures made by Jakks Pacific.

wwe elite 30 Lex Luger Lex ExpressLex Luger – I was expecting an American flag to come with this figure, but since Antonio Cesaro came with a U.S. flag a few series ago, they struggled to find an adequate accessory for Luger. They decided on dumbbells, which is just odd. The figure looks cool, but it is lacking in the accessory area.

wwe elite 30 Batista The AnimalBatista – Speaking of lacking in the accessory area, Batista doesn’t come with any at all. They spent the extra money on him by adding new detailed tattoos. He got plenty of new ink since his last run in the WWE, so I guess I understand. I will probably hold off on getting this one. I’m waiting for the inevitable ‘Bluetista‘ figure.

wwe elite 30 Brock LesnarBrock Lesnar – Lesnar Elites have been ‘peg warmers’ lately. This figure is much better. The ‘Eat – Sleep – Conquer – Repeat’ shirt and pants are a nice touch. They also fixed his calves, so he doesn’t look like he has bird legs.

wwe elite 30 RybackRyback – This is the figure out of this series that will be sitting on the shelves the longest. His other two Elites can be found around the internet at below retail price, even though they were released a year ago. The new shirt and vest are a nice touch and this one is definitely better than his previous Elites, but it won’t sell immediately. Maybe if they actually pushed him, they would sell (I’m looking at you, WWE Creative).

Mattel’s WWE Elite Series 30 figures technically come out mid-to-late August, but you probably won’t see them at your local Toys “R” Us or Target until late September at the earliest. If I see a figure I want early, I pre-order on Ringside Collectibles. They come in perfect condition and aren’t slobbered on by children at a department store.

Elite Series 31 was recently announced to have Jimmy & Jey Uso, Vader, Dean Ambrose, Kane and The Rock. It’s possible we will get a first look at these figures at the San Diego Comic-Con held later this month. Elite Series 32 may even be announced at the Mattel/WWE joint conference at SDCC (my fingers are crossed for Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair or Razor Ramon).

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