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Review – "WWE: Undertaker – The Streak" DVD

The Undertaker has the most impressive winning streak in professional wrestling history. He has won every match he has wrestled in at Wrestlemania. He is a perfect 20-0 and counting.

“WWE: Undertaker – The Streak” is a compilation of every match The Undertaker has ever wrestled at Wrestlemania. The four-disc set is a must-have for any professional wrestling fan. This collection is something a fan could watch for years to come and show it to their children.

If you’re a fan of The Undertaker, buying “The Streak” can save you hundreds of dollars and precious time. You may already own most of the Wrestlemania DVDs, but to watch The Undertaker’s matches, you will not have to locate them and find his match. You will now have every match at your fingertips. If you’re only an The Undertaker fan, you will not have to buy a few of the Wrestlemania DVDs that you wouldn’t normally own (although I recommend buying the WWE’s Wrestlemania box-set). Continue reading

Review: WWE Allied Powers DVD & Summer Slam Anthology DVD

We promised you plenty of reviews this week and here is a double dose for your eyes. WWE Entertainment recently provided us with a few DVDs to review and they were great. “Allied Powers: The World’s Greatest Tag Teams” DVD set is full of nostalgic and current WWE tag teams. The commentary of the series was done by John Morrison and The Miz, and Bill Simmons was right, there is a lot of unintentional comedy.

The “Allied Powers” set is three-discs long and has so many good matches. You have matches by Degeneration X, The Hart Foundation, The Killer Bees, The Kozlov Brothers, Demolition, The Fabulous Freebirds, The Legion of Doom, The Smoking Gunns, The Dudley Boys, and many more. You have pretty much any notable tag team from AWA, WCW, WWE, ECW, and World Class Wrestling. There are plenty of matches and also a lot of highlights featuring certain tag teams. You can really get lost watching the matches, I wanted to go grab my WWF thumb-wrestlers and re-create a matches with my Hillbilly Jim and Junkyard Dog figures. Okay, not really, but it’s a must-buy for any WWE fan that has watched wrestling for any amount of years. Continue reading