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UFC Botches New Women’s Weight Class

cris-cyborg-justino-ufc-145-featherweight-beltThe UFC announced that they will be starting a new women’s weight class at 145 pounds and will crown a new champion at UFC 208. The inaugural 145-pound belt will either go to former Welterweight champion Holly Holm or Germanie de Randamie.

Cris ‘Cyborg’ Justino is the only reason why Dana White even thought of making a 145-pound class, but she is not in this match. Hell, she may not ever fight at 145 pounds again. In her two fights at 140 pounds in the UFC, she had to cut a ton of weight and her body nearly shutdown both times. In my opinion, she has too much muscle mass to fight at anything below 155 pounds on a semi-regular basis.

If you’re confused by that title match pairing since there is a glaring omission. This is one of the reasons why the 145-pound Featherweight weight class will be a huge failure.

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Ronda Rousey Huge Favorite Over Miesha Tate

Ronda Rousey UFC Miesha Tate titleIt’s safe to say that everyone saw Ronda Rousey’s 34-second knockout of Bethe Correia last weekend. It was nearly short enough to post the video on Instagram and Vine.

Rousey’s next opponent is Miesha Tate, the only fighter to take Rousey into the second round. MMA fight odds are still quite lopsided. CEO and head oddsmaker Joey Oddessa has Rousey as a 11/1 favorite.

These fighters have already face each other twice before, once in Strikeforce and again in UFC, with Rousey winning both bouts. Tate did stretch the second fight into the second round after avoiding multiple armbar attempts from Rousey in the first round.

Do you think Tate could pull off what seems impossible right now, and defeat Rousey in their third fight?

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Sports Crush: Holly Holm

Holly-Holm2It appears we love female MMA fighters on We’ve previously posted Sports Crush articles about UFC’s Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate.

Our focus in this post is Holly “Preacher’s Daughter” Holm. She’s fairly new to MMA, but is an accomplished boxer and kickboxer. She’s held titles in both sports.

Holm recently improved her MMA record to 4-0 after kicking Allana Jones in the head and knocking her out in a Legacy FC 21 bout. If she keeps improving, UFC’s Dana White will definitely offer her a contract. She’s already proven herself outside the octagon in kickboxing.

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UFC: Nick Diaz Claims Georges St-Pierre Takes Steroids

Nick DiazNick Diaz just made UFC 158 a lot more interesting.

Diaz (26-8) faces Georges St. Pierre (23-2) for the welterweight title this weekend. On a radio show after the press conference Diaz made some startling allegations. He claimed GSP takes “plenty of steroids.”

This comes after GSP called Diaz the most disrespectful fighter in the UFC.

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Sports Crush: Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey is more than just a pretty face. She is a mixed-martial artist with a focus on judo. She won the bronze medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. She then moved into MMA fighting at the beginning of 2011. She currently holds an undefeated record of 6-0.

She is the first female fighter in the UFC. UFC President Dana White recently awarded her the Bantamweight Championship. She is due to face Liz Carmouche at UFC 157. The fight shares top billing with Dan Henderson vs. Lyoto Machida. Rousey has defeated every opponent in the first round, so please time out your bathroom breaks accordingly.

After Ronda “Rowdy Rousey” defeated a past “sports crush” Miesha Tate, she had my attention. And if she didn’t already have my respect, she went on Jim Rome’s new show and said, “I try to have as much sex as possible before a fight.”

Yep. She’s a keeper. Follow her on Twitter at @RondaRousey.

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UFC 151 is Cancelled, Who Will Jon Jones Fight at UFC 152?

This has to be the craziest day in UFC history and a fight didn’t even take place.

Dan Henderson, who was supposed to face Jon “Bones” Jones for the light heavyweight title at UFC 151, injured his knee and is unable to fight. UFC president Dana White scrambled to put a fight together and asked Chael Sonnen to fight Jones on short notice. He accepted, but Jones didn’t want to risk his title by only having eight days to prepare for Sonnen.

Sonnen used his mic skills and called Jones out, but Bones shrugged it off.

White cancelled UFC 151 due to a lack of a main event.

The next UFC pay-per-view will be UFC 152 on September 22nd in Toronto. Who will Jones fight at the event? We have the answer and it’s a strange trip.

After Jones refused to fight Sonnen, White decided to offer Lyoto Machida a title shot at UFC 152. He earned a title shot after beating Ryan Bader impressively just three weeks ago.

Machida’s people prematurely accepted the fight, but said they would have to run it by him. He was currently in a remote location in his native country of Brazil. It was hours until they were able to reach him, but he turned down the fight. He earned a title shot and I understand that he wouldn’t want to rush into it.

According to, Vitor Belfort will move back up to 205 pounds from middleweight to face Jones at UFC 152 in Toronto. He has been preparing for a bout against Alan Belcher for UFC 153 in Brazil. He will now step out of that fight and move up a weight class to compete for the light heavyweight title against Jones.

It has been a wild day. You should expect some more chatter from Sonnen to keep escalating from this incident. It will be interesting to see if it will turn into something big.


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Sports Crush: Miesha Tate

“The Ultimate Fighter” could be getting…hotter?! A rumor that’s floating around is that the competition could be getting its first ever women’s season of TUF. The rumored coaches are Miesha Tate and current Strikeforce bantamweight champion Ronda Rousy. Rousey beat Tate to win the title back in March.

Miesha Tate is a Gina Carano-esque beauty who could kick your ass. Don’t let her nickname of “Cupcake” fool you, she’s an excellent mixed-martial artist. Tate is 12-3 and has a fight tonight with Julie Kedzie (16-10).

She’s my current Sports Crush and you can follow her on Twitter at @MieshaTate.

If you’re on the fence about watching Strikeforce tonight on Showtime and Showtime Extreme, let me help you make up your mind by showing you a photo gallery of Miesha Tate. Continue reading

Kimbo Slice Wins In UFC Debut (Kind Of)

Kimbo Slice made his official UFC debut tonight against UFC veteran, Houston Alexander. It was billed to be a knock-out, no-holds-barred brawl, but it was more like an episode of “Dancing With The Stars.” See who won the fight and see how Kimbo won this less-than-impressive fight.

Mixed-martial art purists dislike Kimbo Slice and everything that he stands for. He is an internet sensation and they dislike him for not having a ground game. Kimbo has been training with guys to improve his ground attack. In the fight against Alexander, Slice looks much improved with his ground attack. At one point in the 2nd round, he nearly had a rear-naked choke, but was barely out of position and couldn’t lock it in.

The match started off very slow, Alexander was circling the ring and Slice was not looking to make a mistake early. Nearly half of the first round went by and Slice didn’t even throw a punch and Alexander only landed one leg kick. The crowd was booing off and on throughout the fight.

The second round started out very slow again, but a lot of action started when Alexander missed a leg kick and Slice countered with a jab. The jab knocked Alexander off-balance and Slice slammed him to the ground. This is where Slice almost got a rear-naked choke, but he got front mount and did some ground & pound.

The third round was a joke and both fighters were very tired. Alexander did land a leg kick on Slice that looked like it may have re-injured his left knee, the knee that was causing him trouble in the Ultimate Fighter house.

The fight went to decision and Slice won in unanimous decision. This is the outcome that Slice needed, but he would have liked a knockout much more. Dana White has to be drooling for Slice to come out a winner. Expect Slice to start to jump up the ranks in the heavyweight division now that Brock Lesnar is out for awhile with an abdominal condition.

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