Kimbo Slice Wins In UFC Debut (Kind Of)

Kimbo Slice made his official UFC debut tonight against UFC veteran, Houston Alexander. It was billed to be a knock-out, no-holds-barred brawl, but it was more like an episode of “Dancing With The Stars.” See who won the fight and see how Kimbo won this less-than-impressive fight.

Mixed-martial art purists dislike Kimbo Slice and everything that he stands for. He is an internet sensation and they dislike him for not having a ground game. Kimbo has been training with guys to improve his ground attack. In the fight against Alexander, Slice looks much improved with his ground attack. At one point in the 2nd round, he nearly had a rear-naked choke, but was barely out of position and couldn’t lock it in.

The match started off very slow, Alexander was circling the ring and Slice was not looking to make a mistake early. Nearly half of the first round went by and Slice didn’t even throw a punch and Alexander only landed one leg kick. The crowd was booing off and on throughout the fight.

The second round started out very slow again, but a lot of action started when Alexander missed a leg kick and Slice countered with a jab. The jab knocked Alexander off-balance and Slice slammed him to the ground. This is where Slice almost got a rear-naked choke, but he got front mount and did some ground & pound.

The third round was a joke and both fighters were very tired. Alexander did land a leg kick on Slice that looked like it may have re-injured his left knee, the knee that was causing him trouble in the Ultimate Fighter house.

The fight went to decision and Slice won in unanimous decision. This is the outcome that Slice needed, but he would have liked a knockout much more. Dana White has to be drooling for Slice to come out a winner. Expect Slice to start to jump up the ranks in the heavyweight division now that Brock Lesnar is out for awhile with an abdominal condition.

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