Who Will Sign Chad Ochocinco?

The New England Patriots released Chad Ochocinco today. He struggled with the offense last season and lacked chemistry with Tom Brady. The Patriots signed Jabar Gaffney and Donté Stallworth in the off-season, two wide receivers who have already played with Brady. Their signings made Ochocinco expendable.

Ochocinco is in great condition and is known to be all business behind the scenes. He keeps his nose clean off the field and didn’t do any of his usual outlandish antics with New England.

The league is full of teams in need of a veteran receiver, which one will pull the trigger on Ochocinco?

ESPN Insider had a post earlier today about possible teams that could make a run at signing Ochocinco. They listed St. Louis Rams, Minnesota Vikings, Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns, and Miami Dolphins as teams in the market for a veteran receiver. These teams are full of young receivers, but they also have young quarterbacks who need a reliable receiver as a safety net.

Out of the teams that ESPN lists, Miami would be the best fit. Not only would Ochocinco make their season of HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’ watchable, but he would be the best receiver on the team. The Dolphins have a short-term question at quarterback, so they have bigger issues at hand.

Ochocinco has ties to the Miami area. He went to high school in Miami Beach and he currently spends a lot of time there. He is engaged to ‘Basketball Wives’ Evelyn Lozada, the former partner of former NBA player Antoine Walker.

I would put money on his agent getting in contact with Miami, whether they want him is another issue. I believe Ochocinco has a year or two left on his legs. I am crossing my fingers that the Indianapolis Colts take a gamble on the veteran.
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