The Titans Should Trade For Brady Quinn

The trading deadline is tomorrow and the Tennessee Titans are currently sitting at 0-6 and seem hesitant about using Vince Young at quarterback. They are sticking with the Kerry Collins, even during their 59-0 beatdown from New England, Young made a brief cameo in the 4th quarter. They need help at quarterback, why not trade for Brady Quinn? It makes sense right?

They had a quick leash with Quinn after letting him start the first three games of the season. Derek Anderson appears to be their starting quarterback. The Cleveland Browns reportedly turned down a 1st round pick for Brady Quinn this offseason. They had a new coaching staff and they weren’t sure what they had in the young quarterback from Notre Dame. They would be lucky to get a 3rd-round pick for him right now.

I am proposing a deal that would be beneficial to both teams. The Browns would trade Brady Quinn to the Titans for Javon Ringer and a 6th round pick. The Titans already have Chris Johnson and Lendale White and Cleveland is in need of a young, game-changing running back. Quinn is a younger version of Kerry Collins, plus about 30 extra pounds of muscle. I think it would be good for both sides, why would they make this trade?

Tennessee clearly doesn’t think of Vince Young as their future franchise quarterback or he would have already taken over the team. In college, Quinn proved that all he needs is a good tight-end (John Carlson was his target at Notre Dame), a good running game, and a tall receiver (Jeff Samardzija at Notre Dame, but could be Kenny Britt for the Titans). He is a pretty accurate quarterback, but he has never received any significant playing time in the NFL and it would be worth the risk. If they keep losing games, they would get a top 5 pick and possible get a guy like Jake Locker or Colt McCoy. A top 5 pick that is a quarterback gets around 40 million dollars in guaranteed money. You can get Quinn at a bargain and his upside would be just as high as Locker, who didn’t even win a game at Washington last season.

On the other side of the coin, Javon Ringer was a touchdown machine at Michigan State last year. I watched plenty of his games and he reminded me of a Maurice Jones-Drew, without the definitive pass-catching ability. The Browns currently have the elderly Jamal Lewis, the injured James Davis, and a career back-up in Jerome Harrison. Ringer would help boost the offense and get the ball moving.

This deal makes sense from both sides. This deal is completely fictional and has no basis of fact or rumor. I was just thinking about what a waste of talent Brady Quinn is sitting on the sidelines and how the Titans doesn’t seem to want Vince Young playing, but Kerry Collins isn’t doing the job either. Either way, I would love for this trade to go down, but as we know about the NFL trading deadline, these types of deals rarely ever happen.

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