Song Of The Day – Emery (Party Song)

Tooth & Nail Records has a great track record of discovering talent. T&N started out as a predominantly Christian label, but currently are denying that they are a strictly Christian label. Most of their bands do admit that they are Christians and some of them have faith-based songs, but don’t paint them into a corner. MxPx, Underoath, Classic Crime, Joy Electric, mewithoutyou, Anberlin, Mae are all started on Tooth & Nail Records, as you can see, they have a pretty good track record.

I first heard of Emery back in 2003. I received a pre-release of their album “The Weak’s End.” I received the album with many others and it kind of got lost in the shuffle. I ended up finding the album a few months later and once I listened to it, it stayed in my cd player for a long time. Screamo was just a beginning genre at that time and their incorporation of keyboards made them just a little different than the rest. I would compare them to the band Silverstein, if you like them, you’ll like Emery. Emery released their latest album in late 2007/early 2008, it’s called “I’m Only A Man,” it’s a step in a new direction with more slower-tempo songs than previous albums.

Here is the video for “Party Song.”

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