The Reason I Watch Women’s Tennis

Ana Ivanovic won the French Open today. She is currently the #2 ranked women’s tennis player, but the #1 hottest in my book. Ivanovic is beautiful and she has the ability to win major grand slam championships. Maria Sharapova has that same double threat ability, but she hasn’t won anything lately. After the win today, Ivanovic will become the world’s #1 player, surpassing Justine Henin, who abruptly retired last month.

Ivanovic is only 20-years old, so she isn’t at her peak age. Women’s tennis players usually peak in their early 20s and fade out before their 28. The Williams’ sisters have dominated this sport for the last ten years, but they are both in the downside of their careers. The woman’s side of tennis needs a Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer to dominate, without a dominate player, every tournament is up for grabs. Ivanovic has the ability to dominate, but we’ll see if she can keep her focus as the demand for her will increase. She has already showed interest in modeling, which could distract her. I think a picture of her can distract me from pretty much anything.

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