It’s Official, Benson Is Still A Bust

The Chicago Bears had enough of Cedric Benson. He has been arrested twice for operating while intoxicated this offseason and he has refused to admit any wrong-doing. If Benson was Barry Sanders, the Bears would have been more apt to offer counseling or rehab, but since Benson averaged 3.4 yards per carry, they released him today.

Benson was a top-10 talent coming out of the University of Texas, but came into the league with an awful attitude. He missed his first spring training and lost his job to Thomas Jones. He ended up sharing time with Jones for two seasons and the Bears traded Jones before last season to see what Benson could do. They found out what he could do, and he couldn’t play running back for them.

You could sense that something was going to happen to Benson. You could even say that they were looking for an excuse to get rid of their bust of a running back. They drafted Tulane’s Matt Forte early in the draft and they like what they see in the young man. Benson has been soft in the league and has spent a lot of time on the shelf. I look for a team to give him a shot, granted it may be a few games into the season before he could play. I’m guess that the commish will end up suspending him for at least 4 games for his actions off the field. The NFL is turning into a 2-back system, so some team will need a change-of-pace running back or just looking for a backup. He will be signed before training camp, probably by a team who has little to no chance of making the playoffs.

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