Collins Found Out Jordan Isn’t Playing Anymore

Contrary to previous reports, it looks like Doug Collins is no longer a candidate for the Chicago Bulls coaching vacancy. Someone must have told Collins that Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen are no longer on the team. I’m glad that he is no longer a candidate, I didn’t think that the players on the Bulls roster would benefit from having Collins as the coach.

I’m guessing that Avery Johnson has to be in the running for the job. He had a lot of success with the Mavericks and he deserves another shot. As a player, he played under Greg Popovich, he can coach a defense and he was an assistant coach under Don Nelson, so he can coach offense. I think he brings a great balance to a team, but the expectations in Dallas were too high. The expectations in Chicago wouldn’t be a “win a championship or be fired,” as long as he makes the playoffs consistently, his job would be safe. Chicago, please hire Avery Johnson, you would have a good coach and some amazing soundbites.

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