The Pacers Need To Miss Playoffs

The Indiana Pacers is not only the America’s White Boy’s favorite team, but they can nearly put in a starting five of all white boys. I don’t mean European white boys, these boys are corn-fed, All-American, drive a pick-up truck, white boys. Jeff Foster, Mike Dunleavy, Troy Murphy and Travis Diener held down the fort while Jermaine O’Neal was on the shelf for most of the season.

The purpose of this post is that sometimes losing is winning. The Pacers are last in the league in attendance and seem to not know what is happening with the future of the team. Donnie Walsh, their former president, left for the Knicks position and they seemed to have traded away their best players last year (Al Harrington and Stephen Jackson). I’m still pretty fumed about that trade. Indiana traded their number 1 pick to the Hawks for Al Harrington and then they trade him to the Warriors with Jackson, mid-season, for Dunleavy and Murphy. I know it makes the team a little more “Indiana,” meaning this state is pretty darn white, but we need a few guys who can straight hoop.Currently, the Pacers are two games back with four games remaining. I believe they need to tank the last few games and earn a lottery pick. I don’t see any progress being made by making the playoffs and getting torched by the Celtics in the first round. This draft class is looking to be pretty deep with very talented underclassmen and they need to reap the benefits. The Eastern Conference is horrible and it wouldn’t take much to get this team back in the 5th-6th seed contention for next year. O’Neal has looked good since coming back from an injury, but they need to look to trade him. I think he is bored there and wants to play for a contender (aka a Western Conference team). They should have pulled the trigger last season by trading him to the Lakers for Lamar Odom or Andrew Bynum, but they wanted both of them. That trade will never happen now, so I suggest trading him for a first round pick or a mid-level player with an expiring contract.If the Pacers are serious about building a winning team, they need to ship off some of their pieces and earn some young talent. They drafted Danny Granger and Shawne Williams over the past few seasons and they need some athletes around them.

I suggest trading a 2nd round pick to the Orlando Magic for J.J. Redick. The Magic already have enough 3-point shooters and Larry Bird has never met a white boy that he didn’t like.

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