The White Boy Fantasy Update

It was a pretty slow newsday, so I will update you with my progress in my fantasy baseball league.

I’m currently tied for first in my league of 10 teams. I posted my draft results in a previous post and of course my team has changed since. I have picked up Mark Reynolds of the Arizona Diamondbacks and Carlos Gomez of the Minnesota Twins. Reynolds has already hit five homers and has a good amount of total bases. I remembered how Reynolds torched the Cubs in the playoffs and it’s hard for me to forget such a thing. I have him on the trading block currently in hopes of landing Brian Roberts. Roberts will help me more in the long run with his high average and stolen bases. The addition of Gomez came after the first game of the season. He was a speed demon on the bases. I added him when only 4% of people owned him in the ESPN leagues and now over 95% of the leagues have him picked up. I like to think that both of these players were my sleepers.

My pitching has been solid so far. My closers Corpas, Wood, and Gagne have been pretty rough. They have blown about as many saves than they have earned. My starters have been pretty decent so far. Zambrano, Lincecum, and Hudson have racked up some innings with a decent ERA. I’m not expecting many wins from Lincecum, since the Giants will be last in the league in runs scored.I’m pretty happy that I stayed away from the Detroit Tigers so far. A few of their players were sitting there as I drafted, but I couldn’t pick any specific player to pinpoint. I thought their offense was going to be so explosive that their RBIs were going to come randomly throughout the lineup. I knew their one weak spot was going to be Edgar Renteria. He played poorly in his lone season in the AL with the Red Sox. He has proven me correct so far this season.

This will be a long season for me, but I’m looking pretty good so far.

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