Song Of The Day – The Cliks (Oh Yeah)

I first heard of this band about this time last year. I heard their song “Oh Yeah,” on the radio and they even played here in Columbus. I almost went to the show for a few reasons. The first reason is that I liked the song I heard on the radio and the second was that it was only 5 dollars. I ended up having to work that night and couldn’t make the show. I am probably lucky that I didn’t attend the show ’cause my head would have probably exploded.

The Cliks are made up of lesbians and transgenders. I didn’t know this when I planned on going to the concert. I think I would have had a great time, but I think I would have just been confused the entire time. Everyone needs to remember that I come from a very small town in Indiana (red state), and even though I think of myself as a very open-minded person (democrat), I think it would have totally blown my mind. When I heard “Oh Yeah,” I thought it sounded like a very angry female. I didn’t know any of the biography. I’m not sure if the rest of their album is good, but this song keeps getting playing on my media player ever once in awhile.

Here is the song “Oh Yeah,” by The Cliks

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